What level are you Sup Forums

What level are you Sup Forums

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47 Alliance Herod

42 gnome mage

37 warrior

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WoW is fuckin gay

0 I am retired from mmo's because I can't stand them anymore.


59 undead mage, bigglesworth
crafting my archmage robes as we speak

120 6/8m orange parse warrior

i got to lvl 9 and then quit

60 + 18

Wow guess OP is a truly a fag... not standing solidarity with HK! Also enjoy your sensored game... I've been a wow fag from vanilla days back when it used to be 3 servers...

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Fucking retard at least spell censored right

fuck hong kong ching chong

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Sorry English is my 3rd language but at least I stand for human rights.

55 orc hunter

>english is my third language
Watching anime and k-pop doesnt mean you can speak the languages faggot
Also if you did support HK you'd do a little more than just post on Sup Forums

Go suck a Chinese dick you fucking faggot. Support HK or kill yourself

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I got to 40 some thing on a frost mage. Then realized to myself..."wait I already did all this gay shit on retail a million fucking times. Why am I doing it all over again?" And then I just up and quit.

Classic was definitely a huge waste of time for me. I dont even play retail any more. Actually if I'm not mistaken my subs not active any more.
I'm not even boycotting nor do I give a flying fuck about the gay chinese government or what ever faggot corporate entity wants to suck their dog eating dicks off. Warcraft classic was just fucking lame. Retail was MUCH better.

I've never played wow couldn't get into it? Should I try?

the only people playing classic are players who only do LFR on retail and parse grey

49 on niggerfogger

64 nightelve mage spec on arcane

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It’s free till lvl 20. so try!

60 druid on Gehennas, got most of my bis tank stuff

Nobody cares about your tutorial game mode.

38...cant get past that... is starting to be bored.

is there a blizzlike private server up right now for classic? Been playing a TBC but it's 2x xp

I complain cause on linux and too lazy to make it work

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says the grey parsing LFR hero

56 enh shaman

> It’s free till lvl 20. so try!
and then you pay lot$ or quit

having so many free-to-play mmorpgs around, wow is totally not worth it

swtor, rift, gw2...

60 bored as shit, stopped playing 3 weeks ago.

Game is dead.

Just hit 31 on my rogue last night, about to head to stranglthorn nam

nigger kill yourself

cancelled sub..

Game has been dying since TBC came out, wasn't that bad until the end of Wotlk though.
Flying mounts were a mistake.

I see no reason to go start playing this game again.
It will never again be as it was back then.
First lvl 60 popped up in 4 days. People know the game inside out.

So yea, lvl 0.

Level 47 undead mage Kromcrush

33 priest, been legitimately enjoying the game for the first time since wotlk (I've played for at least a month during every expack since tbc)
My sub dropped two days after the HK shit happened and honestly I didn't feel like I could hand Bliz more money after that. Here's hoping they make some apology that's decent enough for me to come back.

I’m going through my second play through in the ebonheart pact alliance.

48 Orc Warrior

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Classic is so fucking tedious, I can't understand how people have energy to hit 60..

I'm only 21 and already bored out of my fucking mind.

get a rope faggot

Yeah.. You pussy little faggots have got it easy nowadays. Don’t even get me started on Runescape, you pansy bitch.

you go nigger

19 horde huntard

stopped 4 weeks ago at 43. idk how you can enjoy classic but i guess it provides more content than retail until 8.3 hits.

stop reserving gear without ubrs key you fucking faggot zoomers

>plays wow
>calls others faggot
Jokes on you, I jerk off to women every day.

Cancelled my.subscription because fuck commie cock sucjers

54 priest + 33 rogue

Wish I didn't reroll but ain't doing everything a second time in 3 weeks either.
Fuck rogues and the god awful melee scripting. Every private was better than this.
Getting autoattacked after every single gouge, yeah no.

27 and then I said fuck it.

sure you did. i bet you cant even afford a sub. go suck some gook dick



Well if the God damned power would come back on I’d be lvl 40 but......

leveling undead warlock she's only 18

Lol nope, to busy spending money on tranni hookers

60 priest
29 mage
Horde on Sulfuras
Just waiting for honor to be enabled.

60 Shamz and 37 dr00d atm. 9 priest which will be leveled after dr00d. Blowme server.

like level 8 or so
i have barely had time to play


level 60 gnome prot warrior

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level 60 undead rogue

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level 42 white male human palachad

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I wish that was me
But my friends want horde, so Orc prot. warrior has to do

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52 alliance herod

Videogames are for degenerate manchildren


32 Undead Warlock


37.8 undead priest

Officer in what was a at least temporarily the best raiding guild on the server. I however am almost a month behind my fellow officers and raiders due to my motherboard dying and having to buy a whole new PC which took a little while.

hit 60 like 2 weeks ago, stopped playing since then because it's boring as shit.


>posts on 4chin

rofl 60 2 weeks ago gj no life

I did it so I could say I did it to shut pussy fags like you up who can't even manage to get there

Fking faggot

49, have been taking my time because I know from experience I lose all interest the moment I hit max level in mmos.

255 on my GM account, only level 6 on my human warlock just to see if the server software works properly.
Oh you mean officially? Na fuck that.