Post tall girls towering short people

Post tall girls towering short people

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Hotter if you know them.

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Like this

Shit. Forgot pic.

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A favorite

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Does it have to be girls?

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Are these girls taller than Dovregubbe trolls

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She is tall.

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Some are

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Are you serious, do you know how big Dovregubbe trolls are

Some of the smallest trolls. Barely bigger than a human.

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Like this?

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How tall are these girls compared to the Dovregubbe trolls

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Which one? Jennifer for scale.

And pic. Also, checked.

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Very much so

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What about the Tusseladd

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Laughable. Obviously.

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Ok, what abot the Jotne troll

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Please tell me there is a video.


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Fuck, I remember this one.

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my cousin and her tall friend, does this count since shes not towering over her currently? lol

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Definitely counts.

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careful not to trip on that railing

I wish tall women loved being dom mommies.
Instead they wear heels to attract men taller than them... must be depressing.

They exist. This is mine. 6'1 to my 5'6.

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