There literally 0 cons to avoiding women

there literally 0 cons to avoiding women
>can't be falsely accused of anything
>don't have to engage in petty social games
>don't have to worry about your life being ruined from one bipolar hormonal moment on her part
prove me wrong
>inb4 "muh kids!" "muh legacy!" "have sex!"

remind me again why i should actively seek female companionship when it seems society has only empowered them to keep men under the control of a feminist agenda?
why shouldn't i focus on things that fulfill me and make good use of my time?
>bro you're not fulfilled unless you get married and have kids!
some people have never liked kids, even when they were kids
face it normalfaggots, you lack the internal dialogue/ability to introspect to understand that everyone is not like you and (You) are not the authority on how other people should live.
fuck normalfaggots, fuck polfaggots, fuck trannyfaggots, fuck racefaggots, fuck janniefaggots, fuck stormafaggots, fuck redditfaggots, fuck (((them))), and fuck (You)

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You don't get to touch boobs and cum deep in vaginas which really fucking slaps op you should try it some day when you're older.

This isn’t a blog faggot. Nobody cares, more pussy for us.

had GF for 5 years, 29yo now. It's over rated.
Also fuck you obvious underage kid.

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"You lack the ability to see that not every one is like you"

And then you proceed to dump all over people who want to pursue what you do not want.
How bout stop trying to convince every one you are voluntarily celibate, and just live your life? Cause I'm getting big time incel vibes from you.

OP here
I actually got this pasta fresh from /r9k/

Oh why if you love the incel life? Maybe go be single instead of blaming your problems on other people? Maybe stop lying about the fact that you've had sex online.

Listen there is a feminist agenda but i would dare say 95% of women don't buy into it, almost all women I know want to find a partner maybe have some kids and not have to work, some are career driven but they find a balance. Im fortunate I found a loving wife, we argue every now and then and have sex 1-2 times a week, we have 3 kids and for the most part everything is great. I would say for advice if you feel you can't trust her the relationship inst worth pursuing. To me trust is the number one factor in a relationship.

I have been married for almost 11 years and love my wife like no one else on this Earth and if I could do it all over again, I'd would have never spoken to her and stayed single.

Eh you say that, i don't believe you though, the older you get you realize you want someone to be by your side on your deathbed. Who's that gonna be then?

I prefer the company of women. I only have 1 male friend. Im married with no kids

Do you endulge in porn and masterbation, OP?
What do you do for sexual pleasure?
I want to know so I csn be like you, but I still need to keep my dick happy

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If I were single I'd be dead by 55 doing something stupid

Not communicating with half the planet can make life inconvenient. Humans thrive off helping eachother, this is what some call society.

Give examples of death bringing stupid things, please

>Dumb frog poster

No one cares you avoid women. We can tell by looking at you. Don't come back here though begging for advice on how to marry the girl at starbucks because she asked for your name...

Society means there should be some semblence of social cohesion. There is no such thing between modern men and women

>There is no such thing between modern men and women

Yeah there is. Go outside more.

I disagree, I get along with both well, and I have mentally profited of social interaction with either. Maybe you just have bad luck.


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Give me an example, mr. I go outside and bang a dozen by noon.

Or maybe youre from a smaller community where diversity isnt eating away at the fabric of your common values.

Er any normal interaction involving women? Women don't hate men, they are normally very friendly if you smile at them and joke with them. Generally speaking being a socially adjusted guy makes them happy. I don't know why your life is so shitty, but please stop crying about it. Other people aren't the problem user, its you.

My life isnt shitty, I think youre assuming Im OP.
The reason Im telling you things arent as great as they can be is because I remember a time before all of this shit, where people (men and women) did vet along better.
Because of that I have an actual metric I can use to determine how things are going. I live in a costal part of the USA. Shit moves fast here. If you arent seeing what Im explaining to you then you must be from some slow moving small community in a rural part of the world.
What barometer, behaviors and or tenants in our society are you using to determine the health of our society?

You are looking back with rose tinted glasses and not realising that today people are cheap. All interactions in big cities are fast paced and faceless. It's not just women, I'm not sure why you singled them out. Perhaps you spend too much time on dating apps and you gathered your 'metric' from there. Go outside, smile at women, make eye contact and be cheeky with them. Just understand that bar maids, cashiers and other forward facing customer service girls are being paid to be nice and want you to move on so they can serve the person behind you. They aren't being shitty, they just don't have the time for some old bloke wearing rose tinted glasses.

I love people like you, you post the same retarded response showing that you've clearly never spoken to a woman in any capacity above a friend. Because they're all insane

that is also wrong, I basically live in a muslim rapefest / feminazi carnival, but I get along well with people, even if there's also a lot of other people I disagree with

>All interactions in big cities are fast paced and faceless.
And that trend is being exported to all corners of the earth, breh. Big cities set the trends that bleed into communities like yours. Females get online and want everything they see those fat niiger women have and most, MOST not all are willing to do all the wrong things to get there.
Society is losing religion, family and community.
Do you go to church every sunday?
Do you knowALLof your neighbors?
How often do you sit at a dinmer table with your folks?

The fact that you can easily describe your community as a muslim rapefest femnazi carnival tells me that its not that things are doing fine, rather, that you choose to ignore all of the bad things closing in on your world.

If this is really how you feel, then yeah, you should absolutely avoid all women. forever.

I guess just buy a fuck doll, and live your life, dude.

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>Females get online and

Ah okay, I was bang on with the dating apps angle. I'm not going to try reason with you. The tangent you went on made you seem drunk and upset. My advice to you is less screen time. You grew up without it, you can live without it. This anger isn't healthy, because no one else cares. You are mad about nothing. I hope you feel better soon.