Feet thread of the year

feet thread of the year

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Bump, sorry I don't have sauce

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Jazzy has become such a brat!

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has she?

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Indeed she has, but please, do post more!

Jade may be a bit of a bratty slut, but her soles are amazing

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Bumping for more Hawklady06 / feetbyjennifer, I used to be really into her back in the day and i saw some anons had some of her stuff in a thread earlier today

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When girls post their feet for everyone

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But she's OUR bratty slut.

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White toenails get me instantly hard as fuck.

Goddess Jen

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Newfag/retard, learn Rule #1 of a footfag thread.

It's FACE with feet or GTFO!

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this fyi, white toenail polish is the most commonly used color to cover yellow toenails from fungus

in fact most girls use toenail polish to cover fungus
the problem is that the toenail polish makes the fungus grow even more

everybody knows this

otherwise, they put nothing on them at all

That’s not even remotely true since some people just want the feet. Personal preferences

We'vecall seen Jade's face/feet, retard

uh... or they just want their toes looking pretty... bare toenails are wack.


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more soft feet no old wrinkly hard skined ones!

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more of her face stuff pls, and not the ones that always get posted pls

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Holy shit, more? Her feet are 10/10

fuck off you closeted homo

you are so afraid of jerking off to a guy that you need a face

some of the best pictures have no face

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>But she's OUR bratty slut.
I wouldn't go that far. She's a leftist pos. Hot AF though.

You don't make the rules, faglord.

Sorry to break it to you, but most hot chicks dont like trump. Pretty sure jade doesnt give two shits about politics either.

> footslut
> leftist

Who the fuck cares? All I want from her is her feet. I couldn't care less who she votes for.

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Most hot girls are too dumb for politics. The ones who are into politics are still too dumb for it.

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totally agree

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My cousin's feet, the picture I take today, what do you think?

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more of this set?


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who is she? any more scrunched up soles?

i hope theres a story behind that one

My girl

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any footjob vids? lucky