Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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Bend her over the washing machine and jam my dick straight into her asshole, pulling her hair back hard so shes looking me in the eyes upside down. Id fuk her untill I filled her ass right up


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Skull-fuck to get my cock nice and wet, make her undress and dance for me naked. After seeing those tits in motion grab her curly hair and bend her over to fuck her from behind until her legs give out.


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I'd slip my hand into her panties from behind and start playing with her. I would slowly work her pants down around her ankles and while she was too busy grinding her pussy on my fingers I would stick my cock in her ass and cum while she screamed from surprise orgasm

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Love hearing what people would do to my girl.

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the others too
so why should they give you a WWYD if you dont do the same?

Which teen and how? Cassidy(L) and Monique(R)

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More of cassidy

WWYD to Theadora Luty

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Wwydo to the slut on left?

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Wwyd to my gf

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Wwyd to Adair? Have more

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wwyd? r4r

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call the other chipmunks to get their whore out of my basement

Not what Jesus would do, I can tell you that much


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teach her how to spell.

Dead thread
Give me some good sluts to kidnap and impregnate, come on


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Now she looks cute
I would pull off those panties and start fucking her with no warning, pulling her hair and going harder and harder until I cum, then I would ask her to get me hard again with a footjob