Is there a sex doll that isnt annoying to clean up

is there a sex doll that isnt annoying to clean up

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sounds like a good business venture... self-cleaning sex doll! It would be sick if... you had to like put detergent of some sort in it, sit it on the toilet and it cleans its and shits in the toilet

that's called a girlfriend

i said not annoying??

most manufacturers offer a removeable insert option that you can take to the sink like a fleshlight/onahole that slips in behind the pussy mound or labias. which dolls are you looking at?

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if you get a fixed in vagina doll you can just sit it on a towel and use art daubers or some other kind of contraption to clean it out. best ive seen are clipping tiny spinges to locking forcepts.

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foudn a pic

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i'm not familiar with dolls actually but i'm considering it

i have one on the way so im a little excited and doing research lol

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i'll take any recommendations
hmm how effective is it at keeping it clean

on my previous two dolls i did somethign similar by hotgluing sponges on the ends of chop sticks and it worked great, but this time i ordered some long forcepts which are also on the way

whats the minimum i should spend on a doll?

probably like 800 for TPE, 1500 for silicone. heres the copypasta:

doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so
TPE: (1-3k)
dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, approved vendor 1-2k) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)
d4e (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
axb (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, not sure on quality) 500-2k

dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)
gynoid? (4-6k)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800)

3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) eh

what material do you prefer

ive only had experience with TPE but in general people say silicone can have better details and textures while TPE feels better to fuck and is softer. IMHO with a light baby powdering TPE feels almost exactly like human skin.

>that isnt annoying to clean up

Well done you've achieved a state or total laziness. Not only can you not be arsed to find a woman to have sex with, you can't be arsed to clean out your sex doll you bought with autismbux. I bet your fat and ginger too.

>is there a sex doll that isnt annoying to clean up

Use a condom.

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He's probably too shy to buy em. OP use a pressure washer.

nobody cares

Yes, it's called a woman
Autonomous cleaning
Cooks food
Cleans house
Economically dependent on you, still cheaper though than alternatives
Marry a young and pure girl and she's going to become the mother of your children

If you attract only annoying girls you're a beta

theyre called hookers

Cheaper to get hookers a couple times as well


I bring mine to the car wash, I get out of the house and it's fairly easy with that kind of equipment.

Rate my sex doll b

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