AOC love thread

AOC love thread

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She's doing more than anyone else in California to get the God Emperor re-elected.

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Like banning cows

gonna be a no from me

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>banning cows

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Never forget her legendarily evil *checks notes* work guarantee

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I wonder how much tip money she made on those sweet sweet jugaroos

I don't get the "end private prisons". The prisons aren't the ones incarcerating prisons and the inmates prefer private institutions to federal ones because they are significantly nicer and have far more amenities.

The retards in Queens and The Bronx who voted for her because she's a Hispanic woman don't like her. I'm a Bronx native, and I don't know a single person who defends her. A lot of the Hispanic people I've talked to about her even seemed embarrassed by her. They voted for her (or just supported her immediately after her election) because was "one of them", but now she's making them look bad and they regret their initial support of her. They say she's crazy, ignorant, entitled, spoiled, and they don't like how she labels all criticism of/resistance to her and her policies as misogyny and racism. I've heard things like, "Bitch, the people who are criticizing you are the same people who voted for Obama and then Hillary, and elect female and Hispanic politicians all the time. It ain't because of racism and woman-hating that they don't like you."

In particular, my oldhead from Cuba who has firsthand experience with communism/socialism is always yelling about this young, dumb, daydreamer who doesn't understand the catastrophe that is socialism, but she advocates for it because she's an idiot who hates America.

It's not "no more prisons" it's no more privately-owned prisons. And no, privately-owned ones are not nicer than the feds. Prisons should NOT be a source of profits.

>why abolish private prisons?
1. Private prisons send "high cost" inmates to state prisons, thereby making state prisons more expensive, and providing a false sense that private prisons save money.
2. Private prisons disproportionately house minorities and create a racial issues within prisons, which are already dangerous
3. There is a profit incentive to create recidivism; more criminals = more profits. Lower standards due to cutting corners for profits = higher recidivism = more profits.
4. Private prisons hire less staff to manage prisoners, in order to cut corners for a profit.

Profiteering off of criminal activity should always be prevented, where possible. Generating a profit via the incarceration of other human beings creates dozens of listable problems which you can find with an easy google search, including scientific papers supporting socialized prisons.

The state should be the ones responsible for more dangerous inmates anyway, they're more dangerous.
Don't most inmates prefer to be housed with their own race anyway?
Haven't heard about that.

I was just curious about it because everyone I spoke to would much rather be at a private institution than a state one. That was jail though not prison.

AOC and her ilk tried to screw Amazon after NY already made a deal with them and Amazon pulled their HQ. That's going to happen across the country when these morons have a chance to make the rules. I understand that a lot of naive young people bought overpriced degrees on credit without doing any research on their value, but having the government pick up the tab for these overpriced degrees obviously isn't the answer unless you're selfishly looking for an out by socializing your personal debt crisis. Socialized medicine sounds great, but there are going to be consequences. Everyone thought it was great that pregnant women and injured people get free care if they cannot afford it, but this unfunded mandate and cost obfuscation is the reason why the US healthcare system is cost inefficient. In summation, her platform essentially boils down to "the government will pay all your bills with rich people's money and everything is going to be fantastic". You'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to think that'll work.

I can't think of anything to love about her. Her politics are obviously canned bullshit. She's cute from one angle, and one facial expression.

I wouldn't even fuck her face to shut her up because of those massive donkey teeth.

You really love taking it up the ass from corporations that fuck their workers with low pay, don't you?

>2 decade old study
Dude you're not "just asking questions to understand" when you're digging for evidence to the contrary.

Amazon doesn't pay badly unless you're one of those faggots that think raising the minimum wage helps anything.

Is the Bronx a shithole?

If the workers do not like low pay, can't they go and work somewhere else?

You understand demand and supply don't you?


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The government will saves the banks asses by giving them money, I don't see why it's bad to do it for people

Dumber than a box of hair.

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I have to see her big long honkin feet in this position so badly my dick can't take it anymore.

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I genuinely admire her passion and commitment to bettering the lives of ordinary people. Just wish that her plans were based in the realm of what's possible as opposed to just how she thinks things should be. She really have no ideas that can be implemented and relies on emotional reasoning that just isn't helpful.

You can't "screw over" a company that pays zero taxes you fucking retard.

Post a link to where she said she want to ban cows. Challenge mode: don't link dailymail or theguardian.

>Fox news


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Lol I saw her in traffic yesterday on Canal rd. She was texing and driving.

>Cite your source
>Also don't use any sources I disagree with