Would you respect a girl less if she had sex with a black guy?

Would you respect a girl less if she had sex with a black guy?

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If i was extremely insecure about myself then yes, so yup.

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This girl gets posted all the time. She's a gutter slut and doesn't reflect the general population of white women

African, yes.
African American, not so much.


>respecting women

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I'd be anxious about the size difference

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What does it matter who she has sex with since I’m not getting fucked either way?

Nah, the only way I'd respect a woman less was if she fucked OP. Not that anyone would ever do that. Except another faggot, of course,

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I'm not judging her for the nigger as much as I'm judging her for cheating on her boyfriend?

Yes. Would dump immediately.

nothing is less attractive, id rather hear she was into horses
or even into killing, slicing open, and crawling into a dead horse to fuck on top of its eviscerated guts would be less gross than if she briefly considered fucking a nigger.

Brit W from Nashville. She goes by lolitsbrit7 on kik. She's a pay slut

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Who wouldn't?

Maybe he's into that

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I wouldn't. If you go to college you can use your ID to check out statistics about penis size (normally paid papers for regular people). You won't find niggers at the top like expected. However you WILL find chinks at the bottom.

Google scholar or similar can help but the best most in depth stuff is hidden behind subscriptions to academia.

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yes ofc. why would you have to ask?

wishful thinking

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what a slut

This lmao. Growing up in a mostly white school we had 3 black guys in gym class, each somehow bigger than the rest of us. Coincidentally also fucked most of the girls

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lol I think you are the one doing some "wishful thinking" faggot

Oh I forgot that your 3 guys you knew once invalidated statistics, continue on then user.

But otoh I'm a 39 year male virgin so maybe my answer is of no importance.

Most statistics are BS, stereotypes exist for a reason

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Depends really. If he's a nigger I wouldn't have any respect. Just like I don't have any respect for girls fucking roid freaks, white trash and so on.

So does brainwashing.

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Lol guy posting black dick gifs is defenitley telling real stories and not just homosexual fantasies

Is that her boyfriend? Does he know about this?

Depends on his nigger levels

I am Chris Hanson with dateline NBC

>Most statistics are BS
Sure, to those too dumb to understand their meaning.

For instance, I would bet that you cannot define standard deviation without googling the definition. Its ok, most people that don't like statistics wouldn't know, but its hard when they accurately define our would but people dismiss them from lack of understanding.

What you are experiencing is confirmation bias, and why statistics are important. You belive something and you see examples of it and it confirms your preconceived notion. Then you see something that contradicts your reality and you dismiss that as an anomaly. I can find a small dicked black man for every big one you can find and a lot of those giant dicks are not even real.

But you keep being you, its cute.

My girlfriend's first boyfriend was black.
I'm cool with it, she can't take my whole dick without gouging her cervix.

WOW- it is amazing what a lil bit of cash and some good pot will get a desperate chuppie teen to do. She LOVED the attention and the fuck. I just must wonder what she told her ob-gyn about how cause her holes are ruined and how the infection was shared from her ass to pussy to mouth to ass to pussy and ass to pussy again- she didnt learn athing in high school health class LOL


Even if she is black herself.


It's not possible for me to respect women less.

Sounds like a beta lossless virgin.

>See this imageboard (random section).


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I wouldnt really care

Heck yea

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Burn the coal, pay the toll.

They can fuck a nigger all they want, but don't expect to be welcome in my home afterwards.

Lol. There is literally no way I could respect women less than I respect them now
>no respect

LMAO this.

Why didn't you save her?

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I'd marry Brit shes beautiful

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because too hot

That's the white man's job after the black man deposited his seed

because it's the future

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Respect less? No.

I wouldn't have anything to do with her anymore though, as it would prove we have opposing values and standards.

I would.still be nice and courteous to her if we were forced to interact, though.

Ask her how many times she's been beaten and see if there's a correlation

African, no. African American, yes.

I've known a lot of Africans, they're actually pretty cool and if they managed to get to the US (and stay) they're usually pretty well off or have decent careers. African Americans are garbage, who just want 'white wimmenz' and handouts.

>black guy
a Formed body of a black guy
BTW your pic on the right is a pornstar not related to the one on the left

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Her pussy is not the only thing stretched.


>getting paid for posting nigger bait 25/7
where can i sign up?

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I fucked some of them but I rather not think about it.
Now, for marriage or relationship. No, I will never be engaged to a unwhite lover.

shut up Nigger

Okay Sup Forums, black people are generally nice. NIGGERS are the problem.

And any man that respects himself will never be engaged to you after you degraded yourself like that.

Go back faggot.
To quote a rather famous movie:
See this? It means NOT WELCOME.

I'm not homosexual
Also, the girl I'm currently dating shares the same view.

Nice b8 m8.

honestly she has my respect for knowing what she likes, maybe if I’m lucky she will let me watch

I would not respect her at all

I'm not going anywhere.
So what?

>Would you respect a girl less if she had AIDS

aaa ... No ?!?

Yeah, I would. If she's willing to debase herself with animals just to make her daddy angry then she isn't respectable.

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Checked. You forgot to mention it was because they were 20.

Its just you don't understand how this site works. I think reddit is more your speed. This one is clearly too complicated for you.

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>deposited his seed

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yes of course, what's wrong with you?

I don't respect girls at all to begin with. Your asking this in the wrong place.