What mouse do you use and why do you like it?

What mouse do you use and why do you like it?

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basic color changing mouse I got with color changing keyboard from The source. It works great and has great in hand feel. No real need for fancy stuff, yet. Otherwise when gaming I use a PS3 controller depending

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I got that mouse because my G500 was well past its expiration date and would not stop fucking up. It's ok, I guess. The thumb button placement is retarded, though.

I'm having problems with circulation in my palm and I think it's from using a standard mouse. Thinking of getting a vertical one. Any thoughts?

Logitech combo. I got the wave keyboard that came with a mouse and it's great for gaming.

Based yellow plastic

rival 310 is nice and simple.

>The thumb button placement is retarded, though.

dell. stole it from work...didn't cost me anything.

Razer DeathAdder it's a nice shape,has a rubber textured surface for pinky and thumb,lights up ,looks cool,has a cloth braised cable.

the cons are wheel in the middle squeaks and it's way overpriced.

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>still using a mouse.
Your mouse matches the aesthetics of a wood burning stove and oil lamps.
Technology has progressed, you haven't.

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i had a copperhead and apart from it not even functioning properly, i hated the buttons. wayyy too long and clicked with almost no pressure

I use the old rat 3. Its solid. Does what I need it to do and had taken a beating for over 3 years now.

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this one, sweetie

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based but that is the shit version. get an MX Ergo

Logitech G Pro

best mouse on the market at the moment.
if you dont own one, go get it.
i would have never thought id switch from wired to wireless, but this mouse is insane. no downside whatsoever.

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I have a G502 but this one is my fav. Wireless, lots of extra buttons. My hands are big, so the little blue trackball logitech makes for your thumb isn't very good for gaming.

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i guess ill never understand

wouldnt a track pad be better?

logitech m510. its not to small or too light. i dont care for anything else

I mean I use both. I find mouse acceleration works really well with trackballs. You basically adjust your DPI through speed.
I wont lie though, it's not easy to get used to at first. I used the old large logitech trackball, but it didn't have a scrollwheel for years.