At what age did you outgrow your sex drive?

At what age did you outgrow your sex drive?

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the fuck are you even trying to say, did you get neutered or something?

>mfw he still has his sex drive

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I'm at 30, still have it. GF's kicked in a couple years ago, it's better than ever

I'm 43 and suddenly don't feel much of a sex drive over the past 2 months. I can still get hard and cum, but it's like work. I just have a frustrated feeling in place of it. There's many possible reasons for this, but I think it's because my wife is a passive aggressive cunt.

Almost 40 and it’s stronger than ever. Go lift some weights and eat meat.

40 and I cum at least once a day. Usually twice.

Lmao, meat actually lowers your testosterone, and ED is one of the first signs the cholesterol from meat and dairy is building up on your arteries. Don't take my work for it, look up all the medical studies.

Wrong, dumbass. Excessive protein *may* decrease it in sedentary people but when coupled with resistance training it increases it tremendously. Go look at “medical tables” that aren’t cherry picked data points from your soyboy cuck brethren.

LOL...Provide links or STFU.

Claim ... [x]
Evidence ... [ ]

>and eat meat

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The vegifag hate is strong today

Cause it doesnt belong in a civilized society

Even if I did, seeing this whore would bring it right back. One of my favorite abuse taking sluts ever.

Ugh nothing sadder than holier than thou cucks

She was such a worthless piece of shit it was hot.

19 starting to lose it.


45 married for 22 years and I jack off at least once a day. Wife hooked me up this morning in the shower.

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I turn 42 in a few weeks and I feel it coming on. Could be I’m barely attracted to my wife though. Might be totally different if I was single.

I haven't sincerely given a shit about sex or masturbation since I outgrew my adolescence

A single AA battery can power an entire home for three weeks. It's true. Want proof? Google it. I can't be fucked to spoonfeed you sheeple.

>samefag here

To be honest, I still cum way too fast to be my age though. Like i've had the sex drive of a 16 year old which is cool, but the fucking pre ejac stayed with it...


Shit when I started working long hours
and sleeping less

I almost stayed in a sexless marriage with the wrong person because I thought my sex drive was out of control and I needed to rein it in.
Got together with someone who actually has one on par with mine. Life is good. I'm 42. I don't plan to ever "outgrow" it lol!

That's not about your sex drive. You need a side chick.

Get a side chick.

27 and I haven't had one for years m think I need a new girlfriend