Celeb bread

Celeb bread

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someone tell me who I should cum for

the game is almost on

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what kinda game

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college football :)

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Michelle Obama

That other guy finally gone?

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Who built the USCSS Nostromo Bison-Juggernaut M-class starfreighter ?

>this is my mommy
I think she is yummy

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i would like to impregnate my mommy

Oh right, I think you mentioned it before. I don't really know anything about that other kind of 'football' tho
Hope you enjoy it either way

nah I'm still here

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it's normal and fun, the school i went to is playing so obv i need to support them :]]]]

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I don't know If I am talking about you

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she's my favorite, over the top sense of humor

would impregnate and be a stay at home father

Oh that makes sense, they any good?

You don't need to spare my feelings. I know how it is ;___;

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weyland corp??

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May the Force be with you

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thank you, i will name the baby after you, friend.

lockheed martin

Little room for a dick

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they are okay, not as good as we hoped. should be a nice win today. =}

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wait... time out

thats not the ship from alien?

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laneya > meika > jade > illy

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best of luck :p

me on the left

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Why the long face?

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i am expecting an easy win to be h with you

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Christ, her next boyfriend is going to have his fuckin mind blown through his balls

what other teams do you like bridebro? pats and san fran giants if I remember correct?

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sounds like trash talk tbh

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>tfw the waifu will never send you a selfie with the caption: the smuggest waifu

i dont want to doxx myself regarding my college team but i like the caps re:hocky and i don't care about basketball
kind of but also that's what the experts are saying
you will find an even qter waifu one day :)

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this is my girlfriend

hole is hole

You don't even know her birthday without checking...

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interesting choice of teams qt
pats 6-0 tho :3

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Henry Cavill?

we just started dating, give me time pls


smh are you gonna let that cheeky bugger touch your bride's chest like that?

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> (You)
> (You)
> (You)
> (You)

No you didn't

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there are better or worse reasons for my team selections :D

and we'll see what happens with the pats, but the offense is not super inspiring
elvis was there before me, nothing i can do about it

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Then she's in for a terrible disappointment: Superman is faster than a speeding bullet.

for me its all about the smugness

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This is kinda nice

i did! she said she likes me a lot.

You are way older than her

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i know, but she said she doesn't mind

Stop lying

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i am being very honest :)

sounds like a threat if you ask me

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dont hate me, i could have not told you :(

always trust tommy and bill, especially when the D is playing so lights out
cute bride b t w

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>cute bride
No u

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what day is today?

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Heyy!...he was behind of this...

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yeah, they'll find a way. very easy schedule too, but it will be a good season i think.
no threats, i am confident in the sanctity of my relationship ;i

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>average kek

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thats good, I'd hate for something to happen :3

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my very beautiful gf


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nothing to worry about, elvis and i get along just nicely

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you cant deny our love forever

hmm I still don't trust him, it's those shifty eyes

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There is none

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merch went lil Ari walking through the
retaildepartment store!

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well it is a bit early for that, i agree. but we certainly enjoy one another's company

i will introduce you and we can all be friends

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kek that sounds quite nice actually :p

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i will cook us all dinner :)

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she was shopping for nails that she felt a cucumber stock of a carpwnter or woodenwright, a truye master of makers! lil Ari eyes rummed through the aisles but really she was looking for only those tiny nails for hooking up picture frames! ughm, she turned from aisle to aisle and finally got to the rigt one! as she pulled throught the nails of the right size a man came up and siad he wants her bum~!

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today is weekend btw

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Hey boys

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I'll bring a bottle of wine :3

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but actually, no u

c-can I come

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well dang merch! lil Ari thought, was it her white snow boots that was making that man so mad for her bum!

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hello sophie, i think i love you

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of course, all anons are invited!
it better be a nice one, ana is a bit of a wine girl!

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Aw that's so sweet

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i think about you a lot :)

You don't think I'd show up to dinner with you and your qt bride with a cheap bottle do you? What do you take me for?

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I think about my sweet fans like you alot :)

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i am just making sure, i don't want you to face ana's wrath!

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hey guys

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