Rate my new watch

rate my new watch

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Watches go on hands not feet.

this is my hand you idiot

Its probably more comfortable to dry ice yourself than cut the circulation like that you fat furry fuck faggot.

>"You want to get to know me better"? Where have you picked up those lines? You sound like an idiot
And it was still Haruhi

Your hand looks like a fucking pig hoof

We finally get to see where your wrists are supposed to be, OP.

you packing some serious fat on your limb

is this photo taken from a weird angle or is your hand really like that?

I am fucking shocked it's not a refrigerator

I'm fucking shocked it's not a refrigerator

Is this from an Animal Farm Remake?

Tits or gtfo

You're gonna need three apple watches to lose any weight

Let’s see them titties

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you sure?

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she said yes!!
I'm so happy!

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Humongous roast beef flaps or gtfo

Where'd you get a watch at alligator?

Why did you put a watch on a hoof?