Hi, i hope you all die of cancer or some shit, bye

Hi, i hope you all die of cancer or some shit, bye.

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Okey fag

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Shut up faggot

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>This is my boyfriend, since we are having this dinner I took the opportunity to introduce him to you and mom
So said the teenager girl to her parents, besides the hobo looking guy

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you are an absolute degenerate and i hope you die

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u 2 fam :,D

shut up kike fag

you are a mistake and an insult to humanity

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Hey,buy me a new cellphone. The one I want costs about 1000$ in the store over there

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shut up retard

i will buy a gun and commit a fucking mass shooting on your family


Thanks fren

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off to sucking cocks with yer arsehole already? bye then.

why'd you link me to a furry discord you faggot

Oooooh. Edgy.

Swedish ultrafag detected

kill yourself faggot

>or some shit
I can help

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I'd like to, really

then do it, pussy

Hey,send me 50$ to buy some meat

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This site IS cancer and dead.

i'll shove that 50$ up your ass