Sophie or Maisie?

Sophie or Maisie?

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Red headed Maisie and Sophie at the same time

Sophie seems to have like, deflated as she’s gotten older, and after seeing those sad empty tits and the inverted, cellulite riddled ass she has, 10/10 times ima have to go with maisie


Sophie. What the fuck even is that question?

Maisie all the way.

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I would marry Maisie but I would fuck Sophie.

maisie. she's more feminine and is more attractive in general.
sophie looks much more masculine than maisie and is pretty average, id still fuck her though but it would be for the sake of being able to say i fucked sophie turner

Maisie, she's a hot little vixen,

After seeing sophie nude shes got a body like shes 50 already. So I guess Maisie by default.

you made me search this up.
please tell me this is fake? how was they taken

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Team Maisie all the way.

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Not fake, but it's the curse of the British, they either have good faces and shit bodies that age poorly or ugly faces but have good bodies. Sophie and maisie represent 100% of British women accurately.

97% certain that they've fucked.

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not at all they're not representing british girls, they're representing the girls from cities and the middle class though.
they're usually a mix of too many nationalities that they're incapable of being very attractive because it's so conflicting.

ever since i moved out from the cities to small towns with almost no immigrants, where you'd never hear it's name in your life unless you're here, the women are looking like models.

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Sophie all damn day

sophie got so sloppy. glad I fucked her when I did.

I believe you

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lol. just trollin'

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darn, you got me

So, she wants to be sexualized. Good to know.

Everyone that complains about Sophie's topless photos is a virgin that's never seen a naked woman outside of porn

I'm guessing it's more about too high expectations.

no hollywood just doesn't want her because of her looks. she's saying that her appearance is too different from the typical actresses. she could get some supporting roles but a main role is not as likely for her.

the expectations are high because of the clothes she wears and her age. her tits are aged and the clothes she wears gives the impression that they're not as aged and low hanging as they are so when you see them it is kind of a blow to how you perceive her.

Always been partial to Maisie

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Maisie, every time..

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