Loli thread

Loli thread

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konata thread you say?

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and then silence

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have a loli

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cause all these images suck

your argument is void. you did not post a picture

cant provoke me to post more

there is no reason for me to post in a thread if im not getting images i like back. too much effort when i can just go to gelbooru and type loli into the search bar

Kagami is the best.

which one is that? i cant tell twins apart

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if I had a small notebook full of complaints that called me a faggot when I opened it, I could leave this place as well
go forth, and may I one day find the same satisfaction of life you already have

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any blacked?

Can somebody tell me the sauce for pic related?
nhentai numbers or anything will do

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Hah, look at this degenerate.

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Moar Kanna plz



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are you sure you know what the word ""loli"" means?


10/10 opening image

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The longer haired one.

what a terrible thread


Nicee one Elon...Nice one!

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this one?

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Sup Forums is so full of white knight nigger-worshipping cuck and trap-faggot assholes it's no fun anymore. I hate this China-destroyed shithole now.

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No, no, the longer haired sister. The blue haired one is konata. You should check out the show if you like slice of life stuff, it's solid.

it's fun to explore :^(

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Anybody have pics from the artist bubukka?

Forgot my one pic

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Why? You away from your computer?

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is that pic from him. i have seen similar ones but better quality... so this bubukka is just an imposter?

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What is the age of consent in anime world?

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Dude, draw your own stuff. The edits and recolorings of existing art are terrible anyway.

It is his pic. And nah i just desire more of his artwork

wut is this from?

However young you want

I have seen your dubs while scrolling the fronts mien leader CH€CK'D

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looks like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Looks like Corpse Party. I only played the game though.

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thanks guise

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Thank you and please keep dumping

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3 Hours

I have seen sperm cell rape.

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Not as hardcore as a Serbian Film then.

I love this girl

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