Let's have a /aco/ loli thread. Post your best western cake

Let's have a /aco/ loli thread. Post your best western cake.

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Damn I miss 8ch again

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me too brother. any other good places to share wth people you know of?

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I got a major crush on Star Butterfly

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Sadly not. This is the only other good place to post this stuff that I know of. But anyway at least my 8ch req was sick as fuck, I asked for color but this chad actually animated it.

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Bumping for star


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But yeah Star is awesome

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Western "lolis" are gross and should be purged from the internet.

Did you hear about 8kun?

Fuck yes Sup Forumsro, can't wait

when is it coming back?


Penny is and always will be #1.

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>talk about dead website
>get banned
calm down the fuck down

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I've always kinda fantasised about being the girl in this kinda situation actually

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OK, I've had my fun.

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Huh. Always thought peeps would find that weird.

Personally I always self insert as the girl.

man ya'll don't even have good taste, I aint fapping to this.

I often do that with porn, in fact tbh I do that every time

Nah, the appeal of being used/force fucked to exhaustion or anything else in the reluctance/outright non-consensual space is pretty obvious if you're fucked up enough in the head.

Wow, great contribution.

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Yeah man. I want to be the girl in anything where she's been held down or tied and getting fucked hard

Shaping up to be a good thread

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Totally. To be a little girl, having all of your holes violated and crying around the cock in your mouth would be an interesting experience.

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yea me too

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I've seen this character before. Who is she?

thanks the gay gods for creating all of your wonderful fags

No clue. Just found it passing by.

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That text is screwimg with me.

If i rewrite it, would you edit it in?

But I think loli Vick is underrated

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Now we need thebstory where he has two parallel families running, one woth tootie, and one with vicky

I love it when the dicks have big fat veins

Nigga you gay

Way to fucking ruin the thread with this nigger bullshit. So tired of you faggot ass cucks.

I didn't make the pic... so no.

This is so fucking hot. Would love someone to write a backstory to this.

A fellow lover of erotic fiction. Based. Where do you read it? I like AFF. I used to read stuff on ASSTR, but that site is pretty much dead.

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this is so wrong, and funny, hot... and now I feel like a bad human being

Once upon a time, some guy touched himself whenever he thought of incest. Also being a fan of children's cartoons and a bit of a pedophile, he paid an online artist to draw pedophilic cartoon pornography based on one of the children's cartoons he enjoyed.
The end.

its a drawing

Not him, but I still use asstr and sometimes literotica. All of my stories are on asstr and dammit I still have to continue three different series I have.

got moar?

AAF is one of my go-to sites. Also TSSA and CSSA are great. ASSTR isn't totally dead yet. There is still great content there, even if a lot of hyperlinks don't work. dot org/~LS/index.html

Any Mable Pines or Vanelope? I'd contribute but all my lolis are drawn by japs

I'd snickle her pickle if you get what I mean


This artist is awesome, I definitely recommend his stuff

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her whiny voice and bitchy attitude always made me wish I could throat fuck her and use her like the guys from FacialAbuse.com

>He thinks I don't know about LWS
Hahaha, I'm familiar

What is TSSA and CSSA, if you don't mind answering?

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Hell yeah love this tiny slut, any throat fucking?

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Dumping my folder. We'll see what I have...

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Sunny day? Shimmer and shine?

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