Name one (1) good MMORPG

Name one (1) good MMORPG

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none in west

classic wow?


FFXI was the only MMO I ever played that was really like an online RPG, it was the only one that really got the feel right.

old school runescape

EVE Online

Ulitma Online before it get trammeled

World of Warcraft? Blizzard are one of the best companies in gaming after all

once upon a time, yeah.

>Blizzard are one of the best companies in gaming
Hello! You've reached the year 2019 - the distant future from where you are - by some temporal abnormality in your computer (set tricorder to chronoton particles). Try rebooting and see if the problem persists.

O S R S 2010

They still are. Still produce great games, and just did WoW Classic.


my nigga



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Rs3 because i started with it all the way back to 5th grade only stopped because my comp died and i don't want to start a new osrs account on mobile

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I can't, sorry

Treasures of Aht Urghan was the pinnacle of any and all MMORPGs I've played to date. I miss my linkshell homies.

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osrs is the best mmo ever made in my opinion

Dubs of truth lads

i like that one where you grind endlessly to increase a variable that gives you the illusion of becoming more skilled at the game

Trips of truth.
EvE is still a true sandbox giving freedom instead of themepark rails.

Wouldnt play it forever myself but it was cool to experience.



The only correct answer. FFXI is the patrician's choice

I played wow when it first came out, the fucking Kung Fu pandas broke it

Wasn't a bad game, but I got tired of it once I got the cap

WoW 15 years ago
Everything after first expansion sucked.

Runescape 07

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Guild Wars 2

its like wow lost something when the expansions came around
and after that it just kept going further away from what made it good

As much as I love the fallout series, fo76 just sucks. How can you take such an amazing game idea and fuck it up so badly and with a setting as fun as WV, where you could have thrown redneck ghouls and other fun stuff. Yes I know they threw a few things in there, nukashine and such, but they totally didn't manage that whole Appalachia feeling

The first 2 still somewhat fit into the storyline, but after that it just got stupid

aion was really really good
but cheaters and p2w ruined one of the best korean pvp mmos imo
lots of egirls great pvp/pve

Nicee one Elon...Nice one!

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That was actually a pretty good game

i don’t know if 300 naked people on an island killing eachother with rocks qualify as mmo, but it’s a great game

Not since Tencent got it's hooks into them.

Lmao it's so true. That's why you only go in with the mindset and style of casual for MMO's. Only the fat neck beards with no life and endless time to grind think that they are "So skilled" "my character is so balanced I'm just that much better than these kids"

The only correct answer. It's difficult enough to weed out a lot of the retards and 10 year olds, and allows FAR more freedom than any other mmo I ever played.

I just don't have the time to play a game that involved or I never would have stopped

The black death is gonna be great if it ever gets finished. I've played beta for a while now. Never many players on, but I don't mind, it's fun to play alone too.

WoW TBC and Lich knig anything after was cancer.

Yall a bunch of faggots

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twin saga

same, that's when i called it quits. i don't understand how these were the same people who made burning crusade and wotlk

champions of regnum is kind of fun for awhile

No man's sky is a great game if you aren't looking for constant action. It's multiplayer. You can just exploring for hours. If you played, but haven't been on since the last update, give it another try. It's a huge sandbox exploration world

i miss that game

its not, blizzard just became more into jews by catering to casuals and pushing hella microtransactions, its rly sad

no mans sky is a very comfy game

old school Lineage 2 anyone?

Started EQ in 99. Finally started finding it boring a few years ago. I've tried WoW and DAoC, the latter of which I found way more enjoyable than the former. EQ will always be my first, though.

Fugin aspies

candy crush

Your moms Bush biggest MMo there is.

Hope you get pink eye

no u

Star wars the old Republic

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Not an mmo kys


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lets add another question to the thread,
what do you all think is the worst mmo of all time?

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dwarf fortress

tera and all other korean mmo's

Fallout 76



why not?

Lego Universe


Old School Runescape

does that even count as a proper mmo

i feel you
i grinded so much in it
was xform cler so op
met alot cute girls
good days

>what do you all think is the worst mmo of all time?
Any of the asian p2w-grindfests. Some of them you couldn't do anything expect walk around in circles in a hub city unless you spent hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours WEEKLY.
No wonder the chinks cheat as soon as they hop on a western game, they have to in order to play their native games.



i especially despise korean mmo's and anyone who plays them

I got 2 imbued hearts yesterday. My RNG is ruined for the next 1000 years.

I think I'd have to say Sup Forums is my favourite MMORPG.


Overrated dumpster fire.

Sex with your mom

Albion Online

always wanted to try out albion
is it still a subscriber model in beta?

classic wow is the best one right now

no it's free, and on steam I believe. I didn't enjoy it myself, but you might.

It's F2P, but if you want to get the full experience you need to pay a subscription.

I liked the combat for Tera, but everything else was shit.

any chink mmo that isnt ffxiv that one is decent

the combat was mediocre at best

>korean mmo's
the fucking worst. i just don't understand how people can dump massive amounts of cash just to be relevant AND grind their asses off on top of that.
Koreans MMOs are the paki phone scammers of video games. They just need a few gullible, lonely people to operate.

Yeah, I wanted to like Tera, even forced myself to play it for a while, but it's just boring.

It's a good time if you've got plenty of time on your hands, similar to oldschool RS where as it's mostly grinding.

is it p2w too much?
like can you grind it hard and get a chance at pvp?