Why the FUCK are there no rekt threads

why the FUCK are there no rekt threads

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Because all the homos who post them are too busy getting buttfucked by their boyfriends

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It's a TRAP!


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Makes me miss the days of rotten.

Lucky chink got off on the right floor.

>Chinese elevators

Try the wayback machine and experience the 90s again. Back when the web was pure and there were less faggots.

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Retards turned them into gore threads

Wtf is up with bestgore? Glad there is this thread at least

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fuckin lost.

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tf did I just watch

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i'd pull his heart out for being black

Ngl that's actually really cool

Where are his ribs tho

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who is snatch?

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Better than I thought it was going to go

what the fuck with that second guy

Fucking niggers!

Hes laughing you fucking retard

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Careful, sweetie

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dups make her stronger only quads can stop her...

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Not anymore!

Nice trips

What lurks in the hole?

Holy shit.

Fuck it

Wa wa wee wa very nice

A grue.

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Circumcision device

nice dead little nigger

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Aliexpress typa quality

Do you talk like this in public? Oh wait. You don't leave your house.

Fucking title killed me

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Nicee one Elon...Nice one!

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Please can someone post the wemb of the kung-fu movie where the guy gets his jaw punched in?

Also what film is it from?

Video of someone putting their dick in this, when?

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he walked through the glass, retarded cunt i'll gut you and burn your eyeballs you fucking bastard

Doesn't matter, any thieving nigger deserves death and nothing less.,

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santiago de chile, kkkk

I reckon every person deserves a reasonable punishment based on the crime.

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those nervegas bombs i keep hearing about must be so fucking intense, user

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This, give someone a fitting punishment for their crime. Not just because of their race.

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I gibs rob rex

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you mean this one...

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Hey, nice Congo line.

Triples accomplished

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Yay, thanks

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fucking kek

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I feel most people here just pretend to be racist, if you genuinely believe black people should be punished more solely on theiir skin color, you're fucking retarded lol.

Fuck you nigger

Nigvers fex

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Pretty sure it's some fake deep Web shit.

Buddy, a few words, buddy. What can you tell us about your lynching?

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why the arm looks so long?

does anyone have the one of the asian guy that kills his family and does the funny walk?

Liberal faggot. Tell that to these people. Nigger lover

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niggers niggering

Nah, very right actually, not a huge fan of the monkey acting black people but if they act normal then I take no issue.

Street smart 101. Watch hands as he opens door. Hidden behind shirt. No prints. Hand would be on Glock, but das rasis

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>that takedown and rear choke
game over

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as the great chris rock said:
"theres black people, and then theres niggers, and niggers have got to go"

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This is a statement I very much agree with.

Only good nigver is a dead nigger.

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Where can i find this with sound? Link?

Niggers rex

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Jesus christ fat people. Fuckin' ankle never stood a chance.

>trying to an hero
>expecting results by jumping infront of a train going 5mph

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This is equal parts retarded and cute as fuck

Dude got shit aim