Hunger Games - 24 passengers

Hunger Games - 24 passengers

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the cutest bully

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and thanks


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Kizuna AI

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Red Hat

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Poop stealer

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Crap Thief

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and ready to FIST

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Hat Goomba

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Shit Burglar

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Cheeto Jesus

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Bandit Keith

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the essence of fall

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spas 12

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The harder you struggle, the harder i fight.
I'm Anita, motherfucker.
The pain you're about to go through will make Adolf Hitler seem like a sniff in the breeze!

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robb signing in

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Joseph Joestar

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GG Allin

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trumpet skelly

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Any swaps or something?

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Seems fine for me.

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y no jojo?

Hat Goomba got this.

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im FUCKING ready you filth

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robb ready

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Which of the 3 Criminals will be the best fecal criminal? let's find out

I will make you all beg for death.
I'n Anita, bitch.

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Voting for best girl

He was the last samefag but there were two anitas so he's in

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Good luck everyone!

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Ill soon make some fuss for you subhumans

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Unsurprisingly, the poop stealer isn't as bright as his other colleagues. F.

Calm the fuck down Anita!

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Shut the fuck up you stacy whore.
There is no Luck, only violence and power.

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nop is ready to this shit

Bandit Keith is up to no good again, I tells ya.

Good luck

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Better luck next time, friend!

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Aw shit! Shit Burglar is playing craps!

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No, best girl fucking died :'(

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My ears must be hidden at all cost.

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No JoJos allowed on board

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I'm not your friend cunt.
This is a competition, and i'm Anita bitch.

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Sounds like something Green Hat would do

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I want to see that selfie

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He shoulda ran.

For the lols, Fernando.

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The pictures on the first event are perfect for it

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RIP Orinrin

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Now, how did you come to that conclusion?

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It's all up to the Crap Thief. F

RIP us

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Don't bully the Thief!

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serves him right

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Now that you mention it, it feels like this flight has taken 5 fucking days.


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Sad Blue. Sad.

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The plane's staff just doesn't give a shit at this point.

Time to bet on the winner.

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Well, fuck. It was fun while it lasted.
>Shit Burglar, Crap Thief, and Poop Stealer


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Somebody should sue Apple.

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rooting for myself

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Be sure to rate us 5 stars, come back with us any time you need to travel.

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not so cute now are you

gratz spas12
thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting

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betting on bully.

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Thanks to Spas 12 for avenging both criminal's deaths

Thanks for hosting.

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Grats spas 12 (twelve) and thanks for the game KR

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shit i was late. well grats and thanks for game

Worst. Flight. Ever.

Congrats to Spas and thanks for hosting.

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Fuck niggers

is that a plane dragging its ass across the floor?

fuck off rigs

Thanks for the game Kamen

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Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for traveling with us
He thinks he's a dog.

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Fuck off nigger lover