Hello Sup Forums

Hello Sup Forums.

I am weak. Pathetic. I have nowhere else to turn.

I've been stalked electronically, surveilled, hacked, humiliated, and had my name smeared for over two years.

I've asked every agency I can find for aid (cyber & physical). No one will help. No one is coming.

I became paranoid and disconnected with my wife. Two weeks ago, she'd had enough and left me because of my suspicions that her "friend" was the source of my woe.

The same friend whom she's probably %[email protected]#ing right now.

At age 24, he has four bachelors degrees and exceptional skill with computers. All his hacks haven't been recognized as illegal. Every lawyer I consult says there's nothing they can do.

So, I'm asking you the savvy and brilliant individuals I know you are for aid.

I've made two attempts upon my life and I believe this is his purpose. He wants my death so he can console then form a strong bond with my wife.

Please, help protect and guide me.

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Watch the joker bro

Why come here for help?

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I need Anonymous.

You think we're anonymous?
I'm just some random dude shitposting 4 hours a day and playing video games.
If you want help you shouldn't come here.
Why did you think we would want/can help you?
And i'm not speaking on the behalf of all the Sup Forumsros but like dude, just get help.

My junk doesn't work very well. It's a medical and physical condition.

I own that. However, if I'd had privacy to discuss intimate issues with my wife then my marriage would've had a fighting chance.

I just think you need someone to talk to.
Get help dude or just an hero.

How does one stop a bluetooth buffer overflow attack? Or recover from every device being compromised?

What kind of help do you mean? I've been fighting incursions for over two years.

If lawyers and the police can't do anything what is it exactly you'd want us to do?

No clue what you're on about.
Just an hero, it'll be easier for everyone.

I called all my friends. They aren't interested now that I'm post-suicidal.

Is it being paranoid if things are actually happening to you?

Can you post a pic of your wife?

Maybe you're right. I just wish I knew a way to stop this guy.

My wife never lied to me until she became friends with him.

No, we call that being normal.

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I think you need to provide details of what these "cyber attack" things consisted of

yo dude tbh don't want to get your hopes up
but if this thread blows up and Sup Forums wants to do something about it something will hapen but probs not
so just try to find help or kys that's easier


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Deleting files from my phone. Using details of private conversations (only electronic devices were around). (Copying my sim?) Intercepting and preventing phone calls like job interviews or family from being received.

Deleting my save games from my Switch and altering the way Skyrim works [console commands].

That's me, the fat ass on the left.

So some guy with four bachelors degrees wants to ruin your life.. by deleting your switch save files and messing with your skyrim game?

$#%@. He got me again. He'll show this post to my wife and she'll freak.

I knew it was possible.

Well, I'm double %[email protected]#ed. Nice knowing you all.

It's called gang stalking. They find any means to make you doubt yourself. Those were mine. Thanks for the additional judgement. Lulz

In all seriousness you sure you're not just hallucinating things?

You don't realize how necessary privacy is to your sanity until you don't have it.

>save games from my switch
>from my switch
lol that explains

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I know how it sounds, bruh. Every eight hours a mini drone placed inside the wall of my appartment bangs against it. I can't just open it up and recording it is problematic.

>Every eight hours a mini drone placed inside the wall of my appartment bangs against it.
you completely lost me from there

Ikr. Max archery perks plus stealth attack should kill. Not when I play apparently, arrows reflect and deal no damage.

A loud noise from inside the wall @ 12pm, 8pm, & 4am

I meant that now i got why she cucked you.
But ye the switch is p awesome nonetheless.

Reminds me of that one reddit post where that girl was imagining a drone was spying on her constantly, then they found out she was hallucinating from CO poisoning.

Is it always these exact hours?

Varies across the hour in intensity and duration.

Ye, true.
Maybe it's some sort of substance you (un)willingly take that makes you paranoid/hearing things.

I wish. I have a radar detector and whenever I travel if I go above the speed limit it starts reacting with an alert.

The only other device in my car is my phone.

>I wish. I have a radar detector and whenever I travel if I go above the speed limit it starts reacting with an alert.

The only other device in my car is my phone.
lost me, again

I prep all my meals. I have to. I'm allergic to gluten.

If I taunt the phone with the guy's name my radar detector explodes with multiple warnings.

>If I taunt the phone with the guy's name my radar detector explodes with multiple warnings.
That's.. Special, to say the least

I'm just impossibly %[email protected]#ed aren't I?

I'm anonymous
I'll help you defeat him if you let and watch me fuck you wife raw

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Shes cute. Nice rack. Love the short dress.

Looks hella cute

So, I guess he'll conveniently find this post and show my wife. She'll freak because she thinks he pathetic and needs to be protected.

Wouldn't be Sup Forums without a good trolling. #respect

yo dude my advice is gtfo your wife
and start thinking about yourself
get yourself a home, you're old but it's not over yet

hacked and stalked
it's me duh

if it's OC
I need MOAR

So, he wins...?

If at this point your only goal is "winning" over him and not winning your wife back or getting your old life back you deserve what's happening to you.

Being paranoid doesn't mean no ones out to get you

Been hiding outside the apartment. Now I'm cold and weary.

Thanks for the conversation.

Just fucking kill them both

Im am a hacker who browses Sup Forums for the memes, and reddit for the good content, we need to do a backlog cyber check matrix on your computer post your IP address so I can access the databases and find his VO plugin input and disable the RAM in his PC.

Just my wife. I fucked up. I own that and will every day of my life.

You sound like you are just looking for connections that aren't there. Why do you even give a fuck? Being paranoid doesn't help anything. See a doctor.

np dude gotchu back, kinda
just don't an hero before you kill the dude that's been cucking you

That's your prerogative. It'd mean the world to me (as in, I'd owe you a favor I couldn't refuse)

Lulz. Noice. Then myself, right?

No Problem kid always out to help a fello 4chaner
just post your IP and I will do the rest on my laptop

Nah, bruh. You'd be savvy enough to get that on your own. Thanks for the troll.

I know it's affectionate.

nice bait idiot

don't fucking ignore me op or id hack your medications subs too
post your wife's nudes now

I am legion

No, just them. Then explain to the cops why. This should help get some new laws passed about cyber security once they use their technology to trace what he has been doing to you. It’s an extreme response to the situation, but this will keep others from suffering the way you have. In time, you will be considered a martyr.

Based and technopilled

I feel for you user.

I've been gangstalked, they really will do the most inane things just to fuck with your sanity, things that even telling people about makes them doubt your sanity and reinforcing the torture. Honestly can't think of anything worse one person might do to another. People who've never been through it have no idea.

Everyone on Sup Forums is fucking retarded.

OP, you're clearly paranoid. I know it feels real, and maybe there are some issues, but this thread is almost exactly the same as talking to my cousin prior to a breakdown he had. All the same shit. Man, go to a Doctor and talk about this.

Please. And tell all the fuckfaces trying to get you to do crazh shit to go suck dicks, fuckin edgelords

No offense, but this sounds like you've got some sort of mental illness. A lot of schizophrenic people believe in conspiracies like this that nobody can do anything about.

ignore this troll
kill them

Man, I'm not trying to be a cunt like the rest of these guys. I'm being genuine. Everything you've said matches a bunch of mental illnesses. Its nothing to be annoyed about. You can get help. But brother, there is no way any of this is actually happening.

OP I think this guy is trying to lull you into a false source of security
Fair possibility he’s stalking you too

Fuck off. Keep sucking on your Mum's tits as you sit there telling another guy that his delusions are real. Fucking cheeto-dust covered fingers and a drip of drool rolling down your chin. You are pathetic.

Sue him for breaking up your marriage its the latest thing.


take your meds

love, /x/

Yeah OP, kill them and then sue his estate. Foolproof.

I begged the FBI to open take out a FISA warrant to have my NSA data. No joy.

It's a bitch. Isn't it. The whole world thinks your crazy.

Yeah. Doing that. Swallowing every ounce of reason to say give me something mind-numbing.

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If you kill them in a particularly horrific manner, they will probably take you a little more seriously

I've a sister who went bi-polar. Know how crazy sounds. Thanks for the Armchair psych. Lulz.

If he wasn't such a pussy, then he'd tell me face to face what he's been doing. Instead, he'll be "tattling" to my wife about what a mean man I am. How tf he can explain finding my post when he shouldn't know what I'm doing online is beyond me.