Just tried to hang myself, got too scared, should i tell people so i get medicine then km with overdose?

just tried to hang myself, got too scared, should i tell people so i get medicine then km with overdose?

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pic related?

nut up and kys with the rope, people with a future need that medicine

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OP at least do one last selfless act by live streaming it. You'll become a legend and you know it.

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could i od on depression pills is my question

>get medicine to help with suicidal thoughts
>overdose on said medicine to kill myself

Something tells me that you are retarded op... Better use your rope to off yourself.

it's possible, but unlikely since your first scrip would probably be low enough that you wouldn't get enough total mg to reach the LD50. you'd be better off using the strongest acetaminophen painkillers you can buy over the counter, and chase it with strong liquor. should kill your liver pretty quickly.

im pretty sure you're retarded, if i od on the meds ill die. i dont plan on taking them properly because i dont want to live

oh, and for the love of god, don't buy them at the same store.

could i complain till i get a larger dose, also how much would i need to off myself

No thay are the second moSt used drug that people try to kill them selfs with that dos not work that rope you got has a much higher % at geting the job done

everybody's different, I don't know your physiological makeup or responses to toxicity, but typically a dose of Fluoxetine HCL (Prozac) is about 25-50 mg, and they might start you off as low as 10mg/day because the more prevalent danger is that you respond poorly and they switch drugs on you.

If you're trying to kill yourself, the LD50 data is here. It's in metric, but it's about 7mg per kilo of your weight, which I'd guess is somewhere around 75-80 kg. Do the math, you'd need about 550mg at once to kill yourself. Given that you'd likely only get a 30 day prescription of 10mg, you'd get close-ish, but not really.

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Not all meds are easy to OD on thou. If your doctor prescribes you something that you can effectively OD on he is fucking stupid. If drugs that are meant to stop you from killing yourself can be used to easily kill yourself they have failed their purpose. Besides:
>if i od on the meds ill die
Chances are you become a vegetable and survive with severe organ damage. Maybe it will be bad enough that they keep you alive in a hospital with enough awareness to understand your situation but not enough motor control to off yourself.


Like I said, if you want to an hero with pills, acetaminophen is probably your best bet. The LD50 is higher, but so is the availability. You can literally get 50000 mg over the counter for $15. Buy two if you're not sure, plus a fifth of whatever, and you're good to go.

yes :)

If you get that. Much in your. Your. Going to get fucking sick and start to vomit it up and suffer slow from liver failure and.

Last advice, take a road trip to somewhere you would normally never be, tell no one, and find a secluded place to park your car before you do it. The longer the meds can wreak havoc on your liver, the less chance they have of saving you.

what is acetaminophen, and whats it look like

I mean, that's kind of the point of intentionally ODing.

It's Tylenol's generic. Really any painkiller will do, but try to get the highest concentration you can find in a capsule, 500mg or more is probably sufficient.

ok so, if i throw up am i done for? also would somebody be able to help me at that point

Why go through all that just to pussy out again? Be a real man and live through the worst parts of your life.

And like I said, don't be a numbnuts and buy everything from the same store. You need ID to buy the liquor and you don't want to fuck it up before it even starts by having somebody refuse you the sale because they think something's up.

cant buy liqueur, im 18, i need the pills and the meds both?

I've never tried so I wouldn't know, but I'm guessing if you get to the point where you're throwing up, there's already enough in your system that you're experiencing severe liver failure. As long as nobody intervenes, you're probably dead. Alcohol helps.