Big stuff in small holes

Big stuff in small holes....

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the opsite is geenie in the bottle

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big stuff in even bigger holes

bigger stuff in even biggest holes?

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That really can't be healthy

Of course not, soda is very bad for your health.

True. Should have used coke

Both disgusted and intrigued at same time.

that is not a small hole

Just think of all the little fags who thought their 4 inch dick would split a girl in half,kek knock knock who's there, it's reality bitches


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Bruh my 8 inch dick don’t even do the job what you talking about

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Any chick who regularly inserts oversized objects into their anus to the point where it becomes easy, it going to be wearing adult diapers to catch the fecal matter flowing from their damaged sphincters from the age of 40.

the arsehole is designed to expel waste matter in sausage-sized objects. That is its sole purpose. When you abuse the function of that part of your anatomy on a regular basis it's gonna fuck you up

Wasn't her asshole.

that's one way to make pepsi palatable.

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Kek, +1 to you good sir.

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24 hours dancing

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interesting! she looks like she might actually be a hottie.

That's enough Sup Forums for the night

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God, is there more of this chick? Fucking anal insertions are the best.

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how do i find a gf into depraved shit and insertion like all these semen demons? am i better off taking a normal girl and corrupting her?

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Keep it to yourself, pastor.

Count them...

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Look at all that lip chapping. It's like the 10 yr old crusty rubber band you find in the back of your desk drawer.

This guy works at the Subway near me

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If she walks into the village café, will they fling morsels of food directly on that plate?


Tfw no self stretched loose gaping pussy gf.

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Got more?

Is this the Pepsi Challenge?

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Somebody took 60 seconds to write this, sad.

What could go wrong?

Big log in your throat

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Got more of her?

I wanna see a dude fuck that bottle while it's in her.

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That would be good to use as the Pepsi super bowl commercial

She's gonna be a burden on the healthcare system

go to sleep, Dr. Kondraki


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