What are 2 legitimate reasons to punch a woman in the face ?

what are 2 legitimate reasons to punch a woman in the face ?

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if they threaten your safety
or she is out of the kitchen

>Self Defense
>Mental Disability/Debilitation

You need a reason?

She punched you in the face.
She threatens you with a deadly weapon.

>she has anything less than D cups
>she calls herself a queen

Harms your child


1. Late with tendies
2. No honey mussy

If she's attacking you and has a weapon.

1) She is female.
2) You have a fist.

reason 1: You have a fist.
reason 2: She has a face.

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She poses a credible threat or she spills shit in your Fiero.

1: She does not respect The Cock
2:There's nothing good on T.V and as a man you need to blow off some steam.
3: To watch her cry a whine like a bitch.

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>if she threatens you or your kids
>and lots of other reasons


Find her in your bed cheating or bitch attacks you

If she has a weapon or participates in a riot.

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Brutally beat if: She farts or she starts getting fat.

Comes at you with knife or she voted for Trump

Incelanon had an erection while posting this.

to prevent her from hurting somebody who doesn't deserve it

I sometimes kick my wife's handbag. She's never caught me. I stamped on it last week and her make up crap broke

why would you key your own car?

She gets poop on your dick

She doesn’t get poops on your dick

1.if she cheats on you bash her face in with a belt. Don’t be a mega cuck and beat the shit out of the man she’s cheating on you with, instead punish the root core of the problem which is her. I guarantee you that she’ll never cheat on you or any man ever again after that. You’ll be teaching her a major life lesson that her daddy failed to teach her. You won’t do time as long as you don’t leave her with severe facial deformities or stitches.
2.if she spends your hard earned money on a baby that isn’t yours, on another man that she’s cheating on you with, gives away your money to people who you don’t know or don’t like, waste your money on useless shit.
3. This one is the most important one. You can’t reason with a women. You’ll never understand them no matter how much you try. They are mindeless emotional over grown children in adult bodies. If they hit you always hit them back. If she curses you out and disrespects you hit her back. Only beta cucks go to jail for “mememestic violence”. Only literal retards go to jail for taking it too far by overbeating their women. I guarantee you that your women will respect you 10 times more if you put her in her place.



>Be white
>Be straight

LMAO!!!!! fascist bitch trying to take someone's Freedom of speech away gets k.o.'d.

She is threatening the safety of another woman or girl.

she wants it
you want it

Felt like it. Wanted to.