Who here’s /killingself/?

Who here’s /killingself/?

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i'm about ready to give up on living. if therapy doesn't work out i will do it.
what are some good techniques?

You can go "Freeclimbing"

probably fat af anyways so its a nice alibi

idk what that is. does it not work if im not fat?

get good help, not highschool counselors/ free college psychiatric help. The problem isn't that life isn't worth living, its that you don't have the capacity to recognize why it is.

When I was younger I always had this idea on how I was gonna kill myself, I would walk out into the woods, and just keep walking. Eventually I would realize how fucking retarded I am for killing myself and turn back. But if I really wanted to do it, I would eventually collapse from exhaustion and then starve. At least my body would go back to nature. So that's a good thought.

don't worry ill be paying a lot of money.... and don't you worry your pretty head, my life may very well not be worth living.

i think about innawoods a bit, but i don't think starving to death is a very good way to go. if im going innawoods i'll at least want a solid rope, or something that will actually do the job.

Well my head isn't pretty and although I can well comprehend the fact that you're a shitstain, your life is still worth living. The outcome is based on who can get you to acknowledge that truth.

Life ain’t worth living user. Never really known love, not familial nor romantic. World hates me. Might as well just give in.

Yea those are shitty goals anyways, if thats your limit you've probably been heavily sheltered

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why kill yourself when you can just kill dan. the dan the man god didnt plan.

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also "world hates me", what kind of bullshit makes you think people across the world even know you, if you need a excuse to go, at least make it sound, not echoing some bitch boy green day lyrics. deal with what you've got. you're already close to the edge, so make the best of it

>shitty goals
I have no desire for power user. I’ve tasted it and I just couldn’t care less. No desire for money either. I don’t have a drive to live beyond my means. A finically secure life is all I could ever need or want. I don’t value things. I don’t even really value people. I have no desire for legacy either. History books are as valid as stories in a sense. Alexander the Great is as real as Kira Yoshikagi. In fact, I know more of the ambitions of a fictional serial killer then I do some great conquer. I know his habits, aspirations, favourite attire, etc etc. The thing is he’s fake. Yet I know more about him then a real historical person. So legacy means nothing.

I I crave is a partner. That’s it. I want to have a stable, strong relationship. From there I wouldn’t mind building a family, giving a child what I never had.

But it isn’t going to happen user. I see no point in it all if that’s the case.

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I've been reading up on cyanide lately. Theyre in apple seeds and since its fall my mom can buy them for me since i have to money. Does anyone know how painful it will be? I've done some research and it can kill within 10 minutes if you consume enough.

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well you reaffirmed the sheltered aspect. figure out what life means to you beyond your conception of unattainable ideals. Then you might see how you sound like a fucking idiot with too much comfort to reach out and explore.

your life is just a blip that phases in and out between blinks of god so what would he have ever noticed of you to him, you are nothing, not even existent, barely a trace to be had in the first things, infinite power comes with a list of irresponsible bullshit no one on earth deserve, money is the one thing that drives people to the eclipse of their own reality to get more of but the fact is if you don{t make enough you just arent it. Power, God, Money, it all fucks you over and the last of it being that you would have yourself give in to some faggot with a complex is rediculous, fuck you you faggot fuck you and your stupid need for attention, too unbelievable that in a world where killing yourself is the only real choice you would toss salad with your anime boyfriend. HAHAHA I bet you dont even know the ending of it.

user I’ve spent 22 years alone. I’ve tried and failed again to find a relationship, let alone a stable one. I have yet to get one. I have yet to find a partner. I have yet to even have my first kiss. And it isn’t going to change.

I’ve got a year and a half of college left. I’ve spent a full two and a half of it unable to find a relationship. It isn’t going to happen. I’m tired enough as is.

What exactly are you on about? Are you a mad robot?

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If you got a relationship and it wasn't up to your standards how would you react? You think that it will solve any of your apparently numerous problems? If you thought waiting until college will make you into a better person, think again. Try making an effort for once. Instead of getting "tired" beating off and expecting for things to change without effort.

I'm not even a /fit/ shit, I'm just pissed that you'd rather off yourself than give an effort

And what effort is that user? I have tried. And I have changed. Seems to prove diddly squat.

I turned my life around from being some nolife loser bound to die in an alleyway to someone who will probably have a decent job. I’m more social then I once was, and I pursue my hobbies. I’ve changed my personality so that I’m no longer as bitter. I’ve become more bubbly. I had even lost weight and got a bit fit.

Yet it has amounted to nothing. Nothing that I’ve desired. I’ve always wanted to kill myself since high school. I’m just considering it seriously at this point

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Get out of your sheltered idiot mindset. Great that you got out of being a shitty loser, but if those qualities determined self worth, we'd have fewer college suicides. Point is, life is what you make of it, if you haven't made anything yet, you've got plenty of room to improve. If socializing, hobbies, and personality aren't important to you, don't try to force them to be. Figure out what you like, seriously it's harder than it sounds and most people are satified with complacency. If that's not your thing, explore. There's plenty you don't know about.

i'm pretty sure i can feel my body dying, i think a cancer is growing in me somewhere and i'm just going to let it take me.