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I keep having dreams about fucking my sister. Weird, because I hate her in real life.

I want to see my Bbw slut gangraped

so do you hate fuck her in your dreams?

should be relatively easy to put together. what's keeping you?

I fantasise about my sister being abducted and abused and having it all filmed

Kik: brokencompassion
Wickr: iskarli0

I have two black friends. In college we went down to Mexico for spring break and there was a hot bartender willing to fuck us 3. As we were fucking she pushed me aside and told me to take a break and fucked my two friends. They came inside her and in her mouth and she wouldn't let me finish on her

Id love for her to walking to her car in a parking lot at night and just get gangraped before getting into her car

post a pic nigga

i post my straight friends nudes online

oh you said gangrape i thought you said gangbang, my bad. yeah i dont think anyone is going to gangrape a fatty unfortunately

They can gangbang whatever they want

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I'm bimbo training 2 sluts with money my grandparents left me. My parents think I invested it but I just paid for their surgeries. I make them cam to make some money and want to pimp them out but don't want to get caught

i hold a public company by the balls, they are violating HHC +hippa+gdpr, i could shut them down in a day, but then those dickholes would find new work, and i'd rather not have those fucks trickle in where i work now.

fair enough. can she take a fucking though?

Yes she can take it

love seeing my gf and friends posted on b but it doesnt happen enough
i'll even chime in if its a wwyd thread

My girlfriend and I make custom beastiality videos to sell on the dw

you want black guys to be the ones raping her?

I nearly killed a kid during a cub scouts event by pushing him into a lake because I lost a rock throwing contest

When I was 14 I used to take my aunts husky out on it’s daily walk. I jacked it off every time and licked its sperm. Never got brave enough to have it fuck me

I've been going down to mexico since i was 12 to visit family. When i was 15 my cousins showed me who i could fuck. its a poor part of mexico so all the women in the village are basically at my disposal.

I developed an attraction for my cousin.

Got high for the first time before college started, was trying to stop beating off at the time so i put my cousin in there to "avoid" beating off prior to this.

Well I ended up nutting to her now i cant stop beating off to her. Hardest I've ever nutted too when I did nut. I wanna fuck her so bad now after that and I have no idea why.

I don’t care who does it,I just want her to get it

how much money? how much have you spent? what site do they cam on? how often do you fuck them?

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what does this mean for you though?

I made a thread of her called Bbw slut

I ride over to the local hotels at night. Look through the windows trying to see people fucking.

nein nein nein nein

do any of them know they're on here?

how much do they go for? what constitutes "custom"?

it means i could ruin a racist ass companies rep/bankrupt. they laid off EVERY non white employee 1.5 years ago. also they knowingly violate these laws, i warned them and they laid me off.

how many women have you fucked in total? what does your family think of it?

oh yeah I wouldn't mind seeing her getting railed while screaming


After my girlfriend cheated on me I fucked a girl i found on tinder that coincidentally lived in the same dorm as my girlfriend. Proceeded to have a 3 year affair with the other girl before eventually breaking up with her and became official with the mistress

gf and one friend know theyve been posted

also the fact that i could do this gives me a RAGING semi

a couple thousand in crypto each.

custom means as personalized as possible. basically my gf and animals are actors, buyer is writer, director, producer.

good luck winning that legal battle if you ever decide to do something about it. what's the company in question? hints? clues?

So does the FBI instantly close these threads when they get some good evidence for and investigation, then immediately start a new thread?

16 and they don't know i dont think. usually they leave to go sightseeing and get drunk so im alone 99% of the time down there

not my fight. Govt Vs. corp ... hint is that they work in healthcare
>in b4 Sup Forums starts shorting stocks

lurk onion board, otherwise i cant give out info on clearnet

who did she cheat with? did you cheat better?

i can imagine thats a lot of power

You ever go for the "younger" girls.

what animals are available? what kind of "scripts" do buyers come up with?

pretty much. share yours

how hot are the women you go after? how do you do it?

Did you see her pics

yeah i saw them. i want to see those tits swing

So you're not blackmailing them. You're not getting anything out of this. You're just going "but could if I wanted too"

of course. ive had 11-18 year olds

meh, im not about to be a whistleblower, plus all the people there are fucking cancer, the one black employee shat on all the minorities just to keep her job despite being a fucking stereotype (40 yr old black grandmonther), i got yelled at once for trying to stop identity theft of our employees in plain sight, everyone lost their ID's and nobody will remember who knew who did it. CEO would do "bed checks" to make sure everyone came in on time, i was always early, but was warned about my tardiness....

yes, the cancer in that company is not worth allowing to move to other companies, i am the chemo curing corporate.

How fun was the 11 year old and would you go younger? 8 is probably my limit

Do you want to?how bad her name is hollie

>how much money?
a couple million

>how much have you spent?
less than a quarter mil

>what site do they cam on?
myfree and chaturbate

>how often do you fuck them?
a couple time a week. but they fuck other people as they please with my approval

You've got delusions of grandeur buddy. Noone would even listen to you.

my girlfriend cucks me with my roommate

I did better. Mistress ended up being a lawyer

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anthro is kinda hot

dogs, cats, pig, horse} male/female available

snakes, insects, small rodents} male/novelty critters that are available

usually they come up with stories that humanize the animals almost in an anthro kind of way. there's just fetish stuff too with no story and just instructions

its also worth mentioning their master admin password was 3 characters.... the name of the company.

No, in my dreams I'm her shota. I wish these dreams would just go away.

You're dad is not a roommate.

they can get pretty hot as latin women tend to be. i like them dirty now though so if they're mother of 5 with a husband slaving away at the fields, im all for it.

i walk around and talk to as many as possible. i tell them im from the US and compliment them, usually enough to convince them

God help me I would make the kids watch...

the 11 year old was a little hood rat so she was already starting to act slutty and shit so fucking her was fun and a nice power trip. ive seen and recorded younger girls showering too

what's the living arrangement? how do they get your approval? what did you spend the money on?

Shit I'd love details on the experience. Thats right in my favorite age range

how often do yall shoot and sell a movie? what's the most a buyer has asked for?

I once hooked up with a former Nickelodeon star.

Was his dick bigger than yours?

the milfs with kids try to act embarrassed but they enjoy it the most. i want to line up their kids and make them watch me fuck their mom and watch her body twitch and squirm uncontrollably...maybe someday

I did it. They can't prove it.

I'm addicted to blue collar cock.

Tradesmen, painters, miners, truckers, forklift drivers, i've blown and ridden them all. Iove it when their workgear is dirty, and their bodies sweaty, also really get off on cockcheese, fuck showering. I've gone through hundreds i'd say, it's been a wild ride. Most of them have been straight too, but i'm not a girly acting faggot so we get along.

we have an apartment in the city.

if they want to go out and get fucked they have to ask me for permission. if they find someone on an app i screen them first.

tits, lips, nose, clothes, costumes, and toys

I was walking around looking for someone. there was a group of girls watching people and acting grown, or their best idea of grown rather. i asked for food recommendations and tried to make small talk and one of them started flirting with me, definitely saw someone do it and tried to copy them.

i asked them if they went to school and they said no because they already knew what they had to know. came back half and hour later and saw the girl walking back from somewhere and I stopped her. asked her more bs questions then asked if she had fucked already, she said yes, and i told her i would buy her something if she let me fuck her.

we went to her house and she snuck me in, no no one was home but still, and took me to a room. i took off her clothes and it was obvious she didnt know what to do although she wasnt a virgin. took it slow so as to not hurt her and came on her face.

fucked missionary, cowgirl, doggy, and lifted her

a couple each month at least. one guy wanted for us to walk around town and fuck stray dogs so we drove to another town and filmed us finding stray dogs and bribing them into a van we rented. bath them all, covered their paws, and let my gf go to town on them

what show


My wife is a hotwife and I lend her out to my buddies and strangers. I've gotten minors to touch her, finger her, eat her out, etc. Love to see her get recked by black guys

minor or major role?

we know you did it oj


Mid level.


Going on a date with my ex this weekend, if it does t go exactly how I want it to, you will see me on the news.

Was it the "punk" girl that wasn't Victoria or Marianna?

how often do you lend her out? what do your buddies think of it? where do you find the minors?

I used to fap to my stepdad raping my little sister.

Never told on him to anyone either.

water you gonna do

No, it was daniella

I'm a high school teacher that's currently flirting with a student athlete. He's been sending me shirtless pics of himself in the locker room and such.

Thats fun to imagine. Its tough to find fuckable little girls in the states. 99% of the time they are either being watched like hawks or are fat brats

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