We love our President

We love our President

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No we don’t

I’m proud we’re on a board that accepts the mentality challenged

I love Amurika.

It's important to be supportive of the senile.

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Yes we do

Putin is technically your president. fuck off to /pol

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Take this shit to pol Cletus.

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Makes Turnbull look like a midget

If only Democrats were half as smart as they keep telling us they are they might be able to win an election.

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This man right here single-handedly took on the Chinese and fucking won the trade war he started.

This man literally saved the free world from Chinese economic exploitation.

This man is the greatest man of this century.

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Delicious tears are still falling

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Boo hoo hoo

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This thread is literally a failed troll posting boomer memes about “crying” liberals

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you think

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