What's the most comfy job?

What's the most comfy job?

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fucking your mother

Air traffic controller maybe


any job you can do from home

being independently wealthy

I unironically want to be caretaker for a snowed in hotel or isolated lighthouse.

Firewatch, you sit in a house on a tall vantage point overlooking a large area and you just report any fires you see. Unless a fire actually breaks out you're kind of just chilling out in nature all day.

hotel/hostelfag here. you dont want to work in a snowy/snowed-in hotel as a caretaker or maintenance guy. you'll be basically shoveling snow 4-5 hours a day, every day it snows.

>heeeeeeres johnny
I dont think so


Ive been working from home for past 12 years.
Shit is literal cash.
No commute.
Groceries delivered.
Drive ~20 miles a year.
Fucking bliss

>you'll be basically shoveling snow 4-5 hours a day, every day it snows
sounds glorious to me

eh, gotta die some way

Farmer probably, these modern agri machinery are comfortable as fuck

I've come to find the drive to work in the morning is the worst part by far. Would want to walka block to work or do it from home. Fucking cars are a giant expensive hassle.

Primarily anything that blacks dont want to work at.

Call center at night maybe, there arent much calls at night

Crocodile hunter

So 99.97% of jobs that involve wage/income tax forms?

I've always thouht deep sea crab fishing or whatever the fuck its called out in the antarctic.

1. get to see how the vicious weather out in the sea is, the ocean is calming for me, can be scary also.
2. you will not see much to any niggers doing that job cuz "muh fel ovur in watur. not can sweem dawg halp"
3. good money from what my friend told me.

I'd say being a software developer is pretty comfy, although I've lost much of my sanity and have become a nihilist after just 6 years in the industry.

Neet with rich parents

Air Traffic Controllers have an oddly high suicide rate.

I work security at a local casino on Indian land, and apart from the fights, which are like 30 guards on one drunk ass dude, it's easy as fuck. Pretty much just talk shit about people to my coworkers all day.

i did that for a summer, its also some of the most physically grueling, punishing work I have ever done

>What's the most comfy job?
I was paid minimum wage my first year and a half at university to practically sleep at a desk. But working at a slow job somewhere on the outskirts of town that isn't a conglomerate chain is slow enough for you to actually be a lone and enjoy yourself.

What's your job user? Plz tell

it sounds like it would be a stressful job with long hours, especially with all the air traffic.

I submit warranty claims to major auto manufacturer on behalf of auto dealerships.

drug dealer

Pictured: You, right before you larped your post here as someone who knows something about something and actually has a friend

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not as high as dentists

living on SSI in your parents basement is not "working from home" and your mom bringing the groceries is not "delivery"

professional disability haver and internet lie poster

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>and internet lie poster

I live in SJ and ~1/3 of the people on my street work from home.
Welcome to 2019 user.

You're basically responsible for juggling a bunch of fuel propelled buses in the sky. They're always right on the cusp of running out, and dropping. You have to play politics with pilots, and if you screw up it's millions of dollars lost.