I don't want a gun because I'm too afraid I would shoot myself with it. I'm not depressed now but that could change

I don't want a gun because I'm too afraid I would shoot myself with it. I'm not depressed now but that could change

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Not a bad idea, I'm from Alabama and I've loved guns my whole life, and I own a few, but I often think about how I'm gonna end up killing myself with my revolver, I don't even feel suicidal or anything but I can just like feel that it's going to happen sooner or later.

If youre that psychotic that you cant control yourself not to load a gun and pull a trigger you shouldn't own one.

Me on the other hand I just try to enjoy how painful life is and maybe it's just curiosity about how bad it can get because man my life has been awful. Next level bad. Not boo hoo she cheated or some dumb shit either

yeah having guns around might make it more likely to kill urself with them. it does make you more likly to die by one

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How so user respond or your a bitch

Lots of violence dont wanna talk bout jt

I fear the same. One of these days it will happen. Im going to purchase a gun and end it all. Fuck this world

One of these days when Im wasted off my ass, depressed, and not giving a fuck. I'm goin to load the gun and pull the trigger. Fuck it.

I'm not but who knows if that's gonna change

I don't want a dildo because I'm too afraid I would fuck myself with it. I'm not gay now but that could change.

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Having rope comes with the same risk. As does a garage and a car. A lack of guns won't stop suicide. Japan is a great example of that.

The most beautiful thing we have is choice. If things get too fucked up for what we deserve then we can always end it. I say keep fighting, but if ultimately you know you're a good person who doesn't deserve the cards you were dealt then you can always end it and your own will and that is what I will always keep in mind. Good people dealt shitty hands don't deserve the suffering theyr're enduring.

>>I don't want a gun because I'm too afraid I would shoot myself with it. I'm not depressed now but that could change

Interestingly, that's the reason why I first purchased a firearm.

I've since sold that shit (fuck Glocks) and moved on to better hardware.

Auto-shotguns are great.

I am bleeding, there is so many edgy comments to be cut on.

making suicide easier increases the risk of suicide. guns are point and shoot. tying a noose and climbing into it is a whole process

>20 shekels have been deposited into your account

Don't tell the cult of the 2nd amendment they'll flip their shit

yeah, because buying a rope from a hardware store and tying a knot is so much harder than purchasing a firearm.

did you have an accident that made you retarded or did you fall out of the vagina this way?

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wtf is a shekel?

when you have a gun laying around, you just pick it up and shoot yourself. when you have rope lying around (i'm assuming some people do) you have to tie it into a noose and go hang yourself. your dimwitted response is dismissed

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.410s are fun as fuck, but small enough that your kids can use them (with proper care and supervision of course)

hebrew dubloon

you think we all have "guns laying around"

and i'm the dimwit.

>(with proper care and supervision of course)
liberal faggot

>you think we all have "guns laying around"
well the people i know with guns do have them lying around lol. i'm glad to hear you keep yours in a gun safe. punching in a quick code takes a few seconds

did... did you just call someone a liberal for teaching gun safety to children?

Don't play dumb with me you taco eating flagger of falsehoods

>well the people i know with guns do have them lying around

you need to hang with different people.

shekel is not a word.

damn man. too close too home. This is the exact reason my friends and i didnt want my friend to have a gun. He just killed himself a month ago today. It sucks.

so if you think you might do it, dont buy a gun

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That's honestly a legit reason to avoid having one.
Most guns that are used to shoot people, are used to shoot the owner or their family.

You have to load the rounds in too, you idiot. You can have a tied rope lying around just as easily as a loaded gun.

This. It's ironic af

You're so full of shit it's not even funny

You're the one full of shit

i get what he is saying. it's easier to off one's self with a gun, rather than hanging. for the person doing the shooting that is.

depressed people that off themselves usually do it cleanly, because they don't want to be a burden on others, even after they're dead.

tl;dr: he's a weeb faggot talking above his paygrade.

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That is not accurate. Like, not even a little bit.

Gun suicide or cleanly. Pick one.
If you want to go clear, do like Vikings - go to the forest in the middle of the winter and just go further and further. Then sleep. Forest animals take care of rest. They are always hungry in winter.

It is easier. It is faster. That much I can admit. BUT, Japan's suicide rate is higher than the US and guns are all but illegal there.

It's also not something you can legislate away, and no one should be allowed to do so. Barring an argument from Natural Selection, if someone decides to off themselves, it's their choice to make and they should be allowed to make it.

If I had a gun I'd kill my self as I fucking hate Everything about my life. I don't do well with physical pain otherwise I'd have slit my wrists or hung my self. Im also afraid of surviving a suicide attempt and end up being a vegetable. Before I shoot my self in the brain, I'd throw all of my belongings away so my brother doesn't have to deal with any of it. I'll transfer my car into his name so he doesn't have to deal with red tape if he ever tries to sell it and see if I have enough money to pay his fines. Ill leave a note saying that I'm stuck, lost and don't know what to do anymore. Ill go into my room, sit on the floor and shoot my self in the head (or where ever google told me would be the best place) and hopefully die.

>Gun suicide or cleanly. Pick one.

shooting oneself makes a mess, hanging doesn't. I feel bad that I have to explain that to you.

Also, one does not go into the woods in winter and simply "goes to sleep" and doesn't wake up when critters are a nibblin.

Have you ever been outside? Are you like, being kept somewhere and fritz left his laptop open?

Do you need help?

When this is your cry for help and no one listens

> Crying for help on an anonymous website famous for being a cesspool of hatred

Bold strategy, Cotton. Let see if it works out for 'em.

Are you some an old dude because no one says that

I do. And you can't stop me either.

>not gay but has gay porn

It's Fay to sea

Buy a rope and hang yourself.
Much safer.

Most people hang themselves incorrectly

How can you botch a hanging?
On the contrary gun suicides often end up with you a vegetable.

People who don't break their neck and suffocate instead

You end up dead so still a win

It works in northern Scandinavian, and it should work in Canada as well. With -15 C degrees and light clothes of course. Even if someone is seeking you, there's no chance to find you in a deep forest. And animals will find you after your death of course.