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any lurkers with requests?

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If you got any dog mom or other girls thick like her I'd be appreciative

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almost done, just gotta do the dishes

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Anyone got moar bats? And thanks again, fellow batbro, if you're here

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fast thread

it's been a while, i hope you're doing well, sunshine

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not too bad, still readjusting to single life i guess
how've you been?

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aww that sucks as long as you're coping well, i've never been great with the whole understanding emotions thing but i bet it'd be hard

i'm not too bad myself i guess though
life has had its ups and downs recently, but for the most part i'm doing okay

hopefully this cold will pass soon enough though

i don't come here often anymore, it's nice to see these threads still hanging around even with discord looming overhead

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Heyy..nice Elon Musky..

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thicc posting fuckers

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I was never a fan of discord, kind of misses the point of these threads anyway

I guess it is the season for colds and the flu and stuff, with luck you'll be better before you know it

and I'm holding up alright with the breakup, just missing the physical intimacy tonight
job is stressful, a bit of human affection goes a long way

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