Where the hell is the video...

Where the hell is the video? Can't find it on Bitchute or Kiwi Farms and LiveLeak takes it down whenever it's discovered. I don't wanna look it up on my Tor browser because I wanna take screenshots

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Which video?
The faggot in Halle? Or was there a different one I didn't hear about?

>the faggot in Halle
That video would be on the comedy channel if no one died. I mean Brenton Tarrant's stream

If you cant evwn find that you're useless yo cuck

Roll trips and i give you the link

I honestly searched all the sites that would normally have it - it's all speculation and analyses

As i said trips and i give you the link

Come on, please

All these near trips fucking hell

He doesn't have the link, don't bother.

Oh I completely agree, that guy was a massive faggot I was embarrassed for him watching that.
Anyway here you go, don't know how long this will be up for

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mega dot nz/fm/g0wgVYKZ

I can't believe I posted that and forgot the link and had to make a second post to actually post the link kekekekekekekek

Fucking bestgore
how the fuck have you not found it you retard

sorry i just got home from work im a little tired
im sure you're doing your best

Thank you!

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It's okay, I also haven't thought about bestgore as I'm a tad sick. But thank you for getting my brain working again
Wish you a comfy night

no problem fren, don't forget to subscribe to pewdiepie

It's hard to find nowadays I guess, I tried uploading on vimeo first, and it actually somehow recognized what the video was and blocked it from publishing

not working

sorry it's my first time uploading on mega
mega dot nz/#!tpAB1QRR!bvn37MacPlo6HolO989K44yblE21T9q1W81FZYLpXzw

should work

sub to pewds

Top kek

Thanks. Reported

Get cancer

hahahahahah - your tears are delicious

Aaaand it's gone.

Kudos to Mega dot nz and fuck you

Oh no whatever will I do now

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Well, not watch the video. Masturbate to traps being fucked in the ass by BBC, perhaps? it's probably about your level

Glad to have been a minor irritation to you

Oh, you haven't been an irritation at all. I got my screenshots and found the vid somewhere else.

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Which is why you have to post continually to show just how much of an irritation I have not been to you. Cope.

Post caps and link

This faggot is mad, lol.

Incels: Believing the Chad incel is a guy who gets laid as much as he claims.

this picture is so fucking autistic i don't understand it

Bloody heroes. Taking the fight to the enemy.

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mega dot nz/#!diEN1OWf4aggo8Tan8DwE1hAVe55adE8a71deAl989dOt4mp4