Should I go to Japan and bang a few 300 dollar whores, go to south america and have a buffet on 30-40 dollar whores...

Should I go to Japan and bang a few 300 dollar whores, go to south america and have a buffet on 30-40 dollar whores, or go to Greece for the history?

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Thailand for the men

Cambodia. yeah you'll get aids but they are hot and cheap

you won't fuck japanese women, even for 300$, they don't fuck foreigner.

I mean if you're already fucking nasty Asians go to Thailand dumbass.

lol ok kid

pale > brown

Ukraine, better whores than Japan(trust me), no s.t.d.s, and the history is as good as Greece but without the shitty food and annoying people.

Go to Japan and bang a few $300 whores. Here's the thing, the Japanese are into fucked up sexual shit so their whores can take whatever you can dish out. Need someone to take a shit in your mouth? Japan. Need someone to scream "fuck-u this-u chink-u pussy"? Japan.

Go to Thailand and you can bang children.

he's right unless you want Korean trash that claims to be a jap. You don't get a nice looking Jap whore for less than $1000 a night.

Ukraine sluts are hot but I won't feel like a spartan

fake news

Go to the acropolis


what if I want to shit in their mouth

No one thinks this looks like charlie sheen on the right?

I'm going to Thailand. Nana Plaza to be exact. I fucking love sitting in the bar and watching the 30 or so girls and picking the one I want. Or going to the next bar for another beer...great place.

There's whores in Greece you fag

Yeah they're nice but I prefer asian, and they're not as cheap as south america.

lived there for 20 years user, it's true.

Thailand does sound amazing, where else can you get sexually harassed by a qt trap on a casual stroll?

and they are all ugly Macedonian mutts with kike shaped noses and hairy buttholes.


i COUNTER WITH Mine own Ideation

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nice try steinberg

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those are niggers in atlanta


Yes, I've had that happen. Basically got sexually assaulted but it was all in good fun, more or less. :) Some cutie ladyboys for sure.

>hairy buttholes
I wasn't expecting this
Are the girls all hairy over there?

yeah and the norse are the worse. If you hate hair go to brazil. wear a condom though.

not the little traps in midtown.

I'll probably go to peru or chile tbh
bestgore taught me to stay out of brazil

pics proof

that's the Favela shanty town. Rio is safe and the whores actually bathe, unlike Peru. Chile is very religious and the men hate foreigners fucking their women.

seriously just walk through midtown.

Go to Nevada's legal brothels, drop 300 on one of the porn stars that headline every month. Better than risking getting robbed by Asian pimps or tossed in prison by corrupt chink cops. Plus Nevada brothels are required by state law to test the girls for disease every 30 days, so you don't have to risk getting some fucked up gook whore disease that'll rot your cock

South America for the fiesta user

YO I find it disturbing how much trump looks like Mattis with a beard.

Fuck Greece and its "history", whatever the fuck that is. Place is a fucking cesspool infected with inbred apes.

Go to Thailand and bang a bunch of ladyboys. Then go to Rio de Janeiro and shoot a couple of scenes of you banging shemales.

Be a fucking man for once in your life.

you still have to wear a rubber and they rarely do anal. not to mention the time limit on just $300 or the drink minimum. Those headliners cost like a grand minimum.

Greece. The pleasure of sluts is temporary, the pleasure of art is eternal.

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Greece is ok, food is good etc. Economy is shit, lots of abandoned and run hotels, tourists treating the place like garbage and riding dying donkeys, cock roaches pretty much everywhere too.
My advice is to go to any of the pebble beaches = not a lot of people, quiet, clean and chicks generally will sunbathe and swim naked.

Any Ukraine stories?

Gary motherfuckers that Are to lazy to walk riding donkeys that weigh far less than them. Pathetic. I'd tell that fat fuck to walk their assess if they wanna see shit.

moar boar wants moar

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kek makes me want to fuck their women even more
not much they can do about it when I get room service anyway

take your meds

there's nothing exciting about porn stars to me, devalues them really 98% of the time
I like finding girls that look like locals, the type of girl who's selling herself and wouldn't want her friends and family to know

Whores carry diseases

>getting robbed by an asian manlet

You sound salty, which rival country of greece are you from?

Okay what?
>One of the highest rates of aids in Europe

kek wtf is this meme

Holy shit Trump would look so much better if he went bald with a beard

I've never been to a beach with naked girls. This sounds like a dream

Nice internet lingo kiddo

true, he would look boss

Kid-poster in denial.

Go away already. Your schtick wasn’t funny 10 years ago, let alone now.

Go fuck yourself albaniafaggot you've been exposed

>In a 2013 poll in Albania, Greece topped the list of countries perceived to be a threat to Albania (18.5%), although the plurality of respondents (46.4%) agreed with the statement "No country is a threat to Albania".[23]

>latin Countries
>good food
>cheap flight if americhad
>good because it keeps eurosnobs away
>best beaches
>people are fun and nice
>have souls
>can smoke pot and not worry about life in jail

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You have the honor of talking to a Americhad. Now bow down eurocuck.

I've already been to japan so go eat a dick you sad weeb

so tempting m8, and the flight is comfy over there. I've been to asian countries multiple times over the past few years so as much as I want to go again I feel like doing something new. Have been to chile before though

exercise, join bumble and stop being a fucking incel and banging whores will be free.

tfw I'm american tho

As an American whose lived there for work for a year, I agree.
Worse shithole of a country with the dumbest fucking people I have ever met.
I have been to or lived in 13 different countries for months at a time. Greece is the worse.

eat my asshole and I'll think about it

are the people shit?
Is there surrounding islands that would be more nice to visit?

Go to Mexico. The strip clubs double as whore houses and you can buy coke for $20 a gram. Good fucking time. If you want history, go to some Mayan ruins

get the more expensive one

The Peru ruins are nice though, would be cool to visit these. Girls are also pretty hot and cheap too and tend not to be fat

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ok zoomer

why not go to thailand and bang jap looking whores that are 30-40 dollars?

totally agree

Took a trip to Cancun and saw Chichen itza. Spent the night with a super hot stripper. I think I gave her $150 or $200 for the whole night.

Dubai then

>Chichen itza
sounds like a good trip

Just find an crack hore and rubber up and get your nut off for 20$ s you travel for fun not to fuck hores what a fag

You've clearly never been to Japan

did acid here in my teens its a massive fucking trek be warned

I don't really bang whores in my area anymore, i just put that money towards a flight. Girls in my area are boring, and it helps me keep my dick in check to just save my money and only bang foreign girls

Yeah my body doesn't respond as well to long walks anymore sadly

Been to Mexico a few times. Always good weather and you can be a degenerate. I once gave a cop $5 to get out of trouble when he ssw me doing coke off my hand

Then why not just stay in U.S.

It's all fun and games until the cartel kidnaps you

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...dude, just go to china, do stuff that's absolutely FILTHY

>go to china
china is majorly jewed plus the cops probably follow you around in china

stay home, save the money. greece is shit. and whoring is a lose-lose proposition, either you lose money, or you lose money AND get AIDS

Dont be a pussy. Foreign whores are some of my fondest memories. Its fun as hell

>not wanting to go larp as a spartan in greece

whores aren't too bad in moderation, as long as you only buy them when you can afford them or save them for a special occasion

this is true

This interest me alot, please elaborate your experiences

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it's not about the money. it's about risking a death sentence.

Did you fail your philosophy class?


SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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better stick with Laos and Cambodia.

>feel like a spartan
the spartans only fucked women to reproduce, otherwise they lived in dorms with the other men and fucked each other you total fucking faggot

Are you implying that you want me to fuck you? little bitch

I have and its pretty true. Most of the escorts there (even mid-range) cost a pretty penny. They don't to QV's either, only hhr, hr or overnights in most cases.

It's actually pretty ironic considering they have a birthrate issue over there. You would think since the men are not impregnating them they would like foreign men from over the world but that's not true. Japanese women are very high standard and will probably be bred out of existence soon