I'm a trans individual who has been on Sup Forums for years...

I'm a trans individual who has been on Sup Forums for years. I've yet to see any definitive proof that anything which is largely accepted by the trans community is bad for them, and I'm here to address these issues.

Let's get a hot topic out of the way first: gender reassignment surgery is as necessary for individuals experiencing severe gender dysphoria as chemo would be for a cancer patient. Yes, some people still unfortunately kill themselves. But, every single person who undergoes surgery who doesnt is a person whose life is saved. It is not cosmetic, it is life saving.

Secondly, estrogen is not bad for your mind or body in any way as an assigned-at-birth male. There is zero scientific evidence that it is. This is baseless and only serves to scare people away from taking the medicine they need

Third: it can be "too late to change". I am 37 and I only began hrt 5 years ago. Within two years I was visually passing and now my voice sounds indistinguishable from any other woman's.

Finally, that it is bad for children to transition. Most children have no issue with this and think it's cool to know a trans individual. And giving children estrogen does in fact make it easier on them psychologically to go through their lives as a woman. There is zero evidence that any child has experienced adverse effects growing up compared to non-trans children.

I will talk to anyone about any of these things. I'm just sick of seeing baseless bullshit spewed about us on this board. Seeing that stuff early on in my transition made me think about some things I never want to think about again. And anyone who posts pictures of girls who are having trouble passing is participating in psychological abuse.

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You can watch the documentary "I want my gender back" on youtube.

You might also read about "bodily integrity disorder" and its similarities to the trans phenomenon. Faggot.

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Telling people with disabilities to kill themselves and calling them subhuman is sociopathic behaviour
It's time to stop and reflect on your own words and deeds

Being a tranny isnt real. Its a sign of severe truama and mental illness.

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'gender reassignment surgery is as necessary for individuals experiencing severe gender dysphoria as chemo would be for a cancer patient.'

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1. Gender-neutral toilets are transphobic.
2. The desire for privacy is transphobic.
3. Snapchat is transphobic.
4. Having a “genital preference” is transphobic.
5. The NHS is transphobic.
6. Talking about prison reform is transphobic.
7. Women’s rights are transphobic.
8. Every dictionary in the world is transphobic.
9. Biology is transphobic.
10. Transwomen writing about trans schoolchildren are transphobic.
11. Liking someone’s tweets is transphobic.
12. Retweeting a poem is transphobic.
13. Debating proposed changes to the law is transphobic.
14. Telling parents about their child’s sex change is transphobic.
15. The word “bisexual” is transphobic.
16. The words “gay” and “lesbian” are transphobic.
17. Writing about “men” and “women” is transphobic.
18. Saying men and women are different is transphobic.
19. Making jokes about genitalia is transphobic.
20. Writing books with transgender characters in them is transphobic.
21. Keeping foxes out of henhouses is transphobic.
22. Holding public meetings about feminism is transphobic.
23. The entire British media is transphobic.
24. Drag queens are transphobic.
25. The phrase “ladies and gentlemen” is transphobic.
26. Thinking you know if someone’s male or female is transphobic.
27. Friends is transphobic.
28. The Daily Show is transphobic.
29. The Colbert Report is transphobic.
30. 30 Rock is transphobic.
31. Mike And Molly is transphobic.
32. The Cleveland Show is transphobic.
33. How I Met Your Mother is transphobic.
34. South Park is transphobic.
35. Family Guy is transphobic.
36. Two And A Half Men is transphobic.
37. Doctor Who is transphobic.
38. Pink woolly hats are transphobic.
39. Cupcakes are transphobic.
40. Lesbians are transphobic.
41. Dogs are transphobic.
42. Facial recognition software is transphobic.
43. Bank security checks are transphobic.
44. Airport security checks are transphobic.
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45. Chocolate bars are transphobic.
46. Nice weather is transphobic.
47. Climate change is transphobic.
48. Mumsnet is transphobic.
49. Mothers Day is transphobic.
50. The phrase “Mother Earth” is transphobic.
51. Martina Navratilova is transphobic.
52. Paula Radcliffe MBE is transphobic.
53. Sharron Davies MBE is transphobic.
54. Dame Jenni Murray is transphobic.
55. Dame Kelly Holmes is transphobic.
56. Dame Edna Everage is transphobic.
57. Germaine Greer is transphobic.
58. Meghan Murphy is transphobic.
59. Feminism is transphobic.
60. The Vagina Monologues is transphobic.
61. Cervical smear tests are transphobic.
62. The modern remake of The X-Files is transphobic.
63. The modern remake of Tootsie is transphobic.
64. Academic research into transgender issues is transphobic.
66. Psychiatric research into transgender issues is transphobic.
66. Trans people talking about trans rights is transphobic.
66. Saying that women get abortions is transphobic.
67. Saying that women have periods is transphobic.
68. Using anatomically-accurate language is transphobic.
69. Investigating the circumstances of child rape is transphobic.
70. Wanting to have sex with trans people is transphobic.
71. Not wanting to have sex with trans people is transphobic.
72. Gendering cats is transphobic.
73. Calling girls in an all-girl school “girls” is transphobic.
74. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is transphobic.
75. Crocodile Dundee is transphobic.
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84. Paddington is transphobic. (Yes, Paddington. Shut up, transphobe.)
85. Correctly defining the word “castration” is transphobic.
86. Ships are transphobic.
87. Goths are transphobic.
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88. Bud Light beer is transphobic.
89. Protecting young children from abuse is transphobic.
90. Not being allowed to call women “scum” is transphobic.
91. Female sport is transphobic.
92. Including transgender characters in videogames is transphobic.
93. MPs talking to women’s groups is transphobic.
94. Graham Linehan is transphobic.
95. Ricky Gervais is transphobic.
96. Frankie Boyle is transphobic.
97. The director of Queer Up North is transphobic.
98. At least 37,000 people on Twitter are transphobic.
99. Google is transphobic.
100. Wings Over Scotland is transphobic.
101. Transgender writer Miranda Yardley is transphobic.
102. Telling young children their bodies are fine is transphobic.
103. Supporting a trade union picket line is transphobic.
104. Debating women’s issues is transphobic.
105. ScotRail is transphobic.
106. Acknowledging the medical condition of intersex is transphobic.
107. Philosophy is transphobic.
108. Birth certificates are transphobic.
109. Being imprisoned if you commit a crime is transphobic.
110. Working in a gender clinic is transphobic.
111. Body hair is transphobic.
112. Medicine is transphobic.
113. Peaceful protest using stickers is transphobic.
114. Deciding that you’re not transgender after all is transphobic.
115. Not tweeting about corsets is transphobic.
116. Being pansexual is transphobic.
117. Pregnancy is transphobic.
118. Childhood is transphobic.
119. Questioning gender identity is transphobic.
120. Banning men from women-only spaces is transphobic.
121. Women modelling women’s lingerie is transphobic.
122. Facebook is transphobic.
123. Shakespeare is transphobic.
124. The NSPCC is transphobic.
125. Reporting a court case is transphobic.
126. The alphabet is transphobic.
127. The post is transphobic.
128. Children are transphobic.
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This is how FUCKING STUPID these mentally ill "TRANS" people are.

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>posts legitimate stance on trans issue on Sup Forums
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