Ask a black introvert anything

Ask a black introvert anything

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how do you steal without going outside?
or is it all internet piracy?

why do so many cucks overrate your race when you niggers aint better than the worst white obese feminazi out there

All internet piracy, I've never physically stolen anything and I most likely never will

Might as well say a few things about myself

I'm a 21 year old male, never had sex, I have social anxiety, still live with my parents, and I spend most of my time playing games or browsing social media.

What's your plan when you end up in hell nigger?

To torture as many white people as I can

Hey man, how are you doing?

I'm doing fine

Why are you missing out on what has to be the greatest era in history for black people? The world literally worships your race and culture.

It's not exactly easy for me to go out and socialize and I prefer keeping to myself most of the time, but at some point I would like to change things.

Converting this into a random porn thread

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yo wassup my niqqa? how it be doing in da hood stay safe big up peace.

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Try and take advantage of it, force it if you must. I'm very old and have seen swings in cultural norms come and go. The last 15~ years have veered totally into idolization of black/hip hop culture. Even if you're not into that stuff, act like you are and watch the society smile upon you.

It might not work for me because Everytime I talk to people I always say or do something cringy

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holy shit what a boomer

you are so misguided and deluded

People see the world in such a silly, superficial way. Don't let people tell you to be happy, or any other way than you already are, what a joke it is to say black people can't be miserable in this day and age. I've been miserable my whole life, nothing to do with race or politics or history. it's the one thing I'll never let them bastards take away from me.

Why are you such a pussy? Just get swole and stop being a pussy.

who is she?

>never physically stolen anything
Hand with timestamp. I will not stand for this larp.

I'm only 5,8 it would look weird for a below average height like mine to get swole
I wish I knew
Here ya go

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The symbol of Saruman

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found her
abby marie

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Are both your parents black?

Can you speak jive?

What kind of life are you living?

1) yes they're both black and partly native American

2) sorta

3) I'm not what most people would call financially stable

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Thanks user :)

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Comparing yourself to black kids your age, what do you think contributed to making you different from the rest?

underrated post

I was homeschooled so I didn't have to go out much, I used to have a couple of friends when I was 12 but i somehow screwed that up and went back to being a socially akward introvert

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it doesnt even make sense you faggot

What 3 things would you like to change about yourself?

My social akwardness, my asthma, and id add a couple of inches to my penis (it's 8 inches but I want more)

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What are you currently doing to improve those 3?

why do black people always make it about their blackness

These threads have been helping with the first one, and I can't really do anything to fix the other problems because medicine hasn't evolved that far yet

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8 inches is a good sized cock. Hard or soft?

No conforme. Para que sepas lo que es un puto.

Wouldn't hell be your fault and on you?

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Still damn good.

It is but I still wish it was a foot long like those interracial comics

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Do you get bullied?

I don't but my brother used to when we were little

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Do you hate trump?

Yes I do

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God damn

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That's still one of my favorite porn scenes of hers

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Mine too. It was great seeing her put those tits to use.


whats so special bout being a black introvert compared to any other introvert?

Im back from the dead mofo. Do MMA. 5’8” a good height for that. Dont be a pussy bro. Be a chad. I wont call you the word because you seem chill. But stop being a pussy.

I'm not joining your spam discord you bot

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I probably could do mma if I get into shape but my asthma might make it difficulty for me to last more than a couple of rounds

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>burn off all the fat in your body in the gym
>get tits implants
maybe just stop trying to buff up to look like a man in the 1st place, so u wont have to surgically alter yourself to look like a woman again?

Theres nothing wrong with a woman wanting to get buff

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there is - they stop looking like women

You mean to tell me you wouldn't let her choke you unconscious?

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yes - i wouldnt

So you don't want this riding you?

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Your not a REAL nigger if you have both parents around. Its also why your probably not completely dysfunctional. Thank them

yes - i dont want dry-titted, man-looking uggos around me

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More for me then

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This is fair enough tbh

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Let's get back to the topic

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Still here

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Dead thread :(

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you're mom

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Since when is flapping balls of fat together "pornography"?

I admit that it's obscene; but what it is NOT is pornography.

I'm guessing this is more to your liking?

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> you're mom
"You're" = "You are"
No I'm not! I am NOT your mom.

She is! did you know I like ginger?

Lucky guess

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Might as well spam redheads while this threads still up

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this is almost everyone here. kek

You're right, I forgot what website this is

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Looks like it's the end of the thread

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