It's wrong to call normies npcs. They have personalities, pain/pleasure...

It's wrong to call normies npcs. They have personalities, pain/pleasure. The only difference is nowadays it's all completely the same and predictable. the faceberg/instaham hivemind is all most know. answer these questions and prove your not one of them:

>what really happened at 9/11?
>what are mass shootings?
>who is actually racist?
>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
>how many genders are there?
>what's the purpose of climate activism?
>what is bluebeam?

good answers will prove how much Sup Forums has truly devolved.

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it isn't wrong to call people names if they make you angry user

>what is bluebeam

lemme guess you like UFO stuff huh?

>You're an NPC unless you answer these questions the same way i do
ok NPC

I didn't answer any of them though.....

no but you are determining who is a NPC by if they give you "good" answers, meaning they align with your own beliefs

why does a good answer have to align with my beliefs? any answer will reveal level of knowledge. you haven't answered any of them. therefore you probably know little to nothing about these questions, therefore

>or normie
>probably both

Shove your faggy redpills up your ass where they belong. You are just another sheep.

Some fucking weirdos kill people to make a stand

>mass shootings
literally any time when someone shoots some place up

everyone is fucking racist, nigger

>germany ww2
they got fucked on when the americans came in, mostly because of the way the allies started not committing to the laws of war (whatever it was) and started mass killing civilians to make them fold

it's a motherfucking slider bar, in game talk, that shit is whatever you want, but your sex is one or the other, dick or pussy

>climate activism
some shit about people truly understanding what is happening to our planet. best fix, kill all humans in india, south east asia, india, africa and middle east, americas (north and south too)

a massive circle jerk from hillbillies to make it seem like they are interesting when they are some of the worst scum on earth

how'd i do?

maybe so. But I know a few things. It affords a few advantages, but not many

Being a misinformed, pretentious twat has no advantages.

I'm not impressed but better than I expected

or i dont give a shit if some edgy high schooler cares about me
go back to Sup Forums

>Live in western Yurop
>general idea about US politics here is "Trump=bad"
>I ask them why
>they all lose their shit because they have no fucking idea
>tell them hillary was probably a worse choice
>call me a racist sexist bigot
>mfw I don't even care about US politics

maybe I take pleasure out of their pain...

okay then. have fun shopping for that next car, or device, or whatever you're running on the wheel toward. who knows, maybe you'll eat something interesting tomorrow and post a pic of it. what a life....

shit fuck, what'd i fail?

germany and 9/11, also mass shootings

yes posting on b about NPCs so you can feel superior to random people is such a much better life
fuck off pretentious faggot

Pretty sure you're overestimating the impact of US.
Also, in hindsight, WW2 is an economical win for Germany. It pretty much launched them into the industrial age.

Will do. Enjoy your constant rejection and life long solitude.

>Sup Forums

hello rabbi

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god damn
i dont know shit about 9/11 or ww2, and i dont live in america so i dont even understand mass shootings, but probably comes from depression, stress, bullying, shit like that

get laid all the time. It's called manipulation my dude. I LARP as a Marxist and just have a good haircut, works everytime. You mundanes are so easy to mess with

Oh for fuck's sake.

>An excuse to get us into an endless Middle Eastern War for control of oil. Wars have only been fought over 2 things. Money and Pussy.

Mass Shootings
>Parents failing to raise their kids with moral compasses. Or, red flags to enact gun control. Remarkably cringey to stand on dead bodies pushing gun control.

>Ironically, minorities. White people have been beaten over the head with this so we shockingly don't do it as much.

>Plea deal with Hitler. He's on an island somewhere. There's a whole documentary about it.

>Two bitch. Get a sex change and guess what options you have. 1.

>Cash grab

>Google says it's a harmless business started in 2002. I got nothin.

I’m not your dude, and no one will ever be your girl.

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Damn, 9/10 got every single one but bluebeam. Not even sure if that's actually a thing tho, So perfect score

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>what really happened at 9/11?
Insurance scam with planes and controlled explosions
>what are mass shootings?
Government controlled
>who is actually racist?
>what really happened to germany
during world war 2?
Tried getting out of the banking system that was crippling them
>how many genders are there?
>what's the purpose of climate activism?
>what is bluebeam?
Something about a fake alien ship being shown to help people get used to the idea of aliens.
Might be wrong on the blue beam one. Just trying to go from memory.

ahhh yes nothing gets a girl hotter than talking about marxist politics
honestly have you ever left your house?

sitting in your dorm room abusing Anons won't get you any closer to losing that weight. Why not just work out? why continue to be a pawn and let your abusers turn you into one of them?

you just proved my point

I don't talk bout that with normie girls. All they care about mostly is pets and fashion. Some are foodies. I also like art and poetry, know both pretty well. in example my favorite artist is claude monet, I'm a big fan of neo impressionism

Missed by miles. Your guesses give away your circumstances, though.

>what really happened at 9/11?
Some planes hit some buildings, which fell down, damaged buildings all around them, some of which also fell. They did not fall straight down into their own footprint, there was no sound that would be required for controlled demolition. There are complete and functional models of all the collapses.

>what are mass shootings?
Situations where people with problems feel like they can solve them by shooting a lot of people.

>who is actually racist?
Literally everyone.

>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
A man who couldn't win the presidency and his cronies used arson and assassination to illegitimately take full control and engage in a war with most of the rest of Europe and push an ideology of racial supremacy. They did remarkably well mostly due to the sheer aggression which other nations hadn't been ready for. There were indicators for a war that people were used to and those didn't come up, it was like the real world equivalent of a zerg rush early on.

>how many genders are there?
Doesn't matter, gender has become a differentiated term with both old colloquial meaning (synonym of sex) and modern meaning (personal identity of what sex you wish you were), and has lost its original meaning, which was exclusively grammatical. There are of course only two biological sexes, which are determined at conception by the male gamete's configuration.

>what's the purpose of climate activism?
Generally speaking, to try and make changes to policy to prevent the government allowing corporations to fuck our planet up for our continued habitation.

>what is bluebeam?
A conspiracy theory started in '94 to try and make illuminati conspiracy fit with the accelerating information age. Has surprisingly few sources and relies a lot on postdiction (searching specifically for past material that seems to 'predict' its future - our past - and adding that to its list of evidence.

>everything he knows about females is from lurking on FB and Instagram. ROFLMFAO.

worst score so far

I'm so glad I don't meet a retarded conspiracy theorist's approval. Tell me, which, specifically, of the conspiracies do you believe are 100% true like a retarded sheep?

>>what really happened at 9/11?
USA lost its erection
>>what are mass shootings?
Based and Redpilled, fuck humanity
>>who is actually racist?
>>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
They got BTFO
>>how many genders are there?
>>what's the purpose of climate activism?
To get boomers to shut the fuck up
>>what is bluebeam?
My ass fagot
>good answers will prove how much Sup Forums has truly devolved.
You asked for it user, now do us all a favor and join the 41% of trannies gang.

Not assuming femanon…. hmmm. gay college furfag? dude? this is fun. Why do you hate the truth?

This is the truth

again, you seem particularly dedicated to making me look awful. why?

what really happened at 9/11?
Jews wanted americucks to fight muslims
>what are mass shootings?
Glowniggers backed activities that only makes things worse for us
>who is actually racist?
Everyone, make a lib angry and they'll become more racist than even the worst Sup Forumstards
>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
Jews started the war because there can't be any independent strong white country
>how many genders are there?
1, everything else is property
>what's the purpose of climate activism?
Kys americuck

I wouldn't keep this up. everything you will onto another person comes back on you user, especially if you're in the wrong. is it really worth it? I don't assume your very happy.

you seem to be doing that without his help

wouldn't give joos so much credit, they're just like everyone else, but pretty much spot on

Btw I could monologue and explain all of those, but I won't because 4C isn't worth it anymore.

>youre an NPC if you dont belong to by Sup Forums hivemind

im making some damn popcorn for this thread, this is the shit

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Nothing implied he was from Sup Forums, and that place isn't even a hivemind retard, cope harder if you can't asnwer any of them.

dubs of truth, it relly isnt

>Nothing implied he was from Sup Forums, and that place isn't even a hivemind retard, cope harder if you can't asnwer any of them.

Everything you have said here is not only incorrect, name of the firm assertion that it is in fact degrading our brains as a result of you posting it.

>Nothing implied he was from Sup Forums
have you even read the thread?
>and that place isn't even a hivemind retard
proceeds to use pol meme

Your monologue isn't even an argument, go waste someone else's time.

OP here, not a Sup Forumstard. although they can be very interesting sometimes. Sup Forumstards are very knowledgeable about psychology sometimes

>Pol meme

>They have subroutines that simulate personalities, pain/pleasure.

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if not overweight vegan feminist.... who are you?

>come on Sup Forums for porn and shit on good threads

I'm going for overweight libtard...

>Separating normies from newfags

Kek, at least you're aware 4C is infested with them, but besides that you're not the sharpest tool in the shed

Forgot to mention I'm not overweight either, fat fucks shouldn't reproduce.

granted, I know theres a far wider group who would shit on me for saying such things. I can't really guess who anyone is, that's the beauty of 4c. You could be just another user messing with me, and that's fine too.

>saying 4C

Triggered much by words user?

911 >Saudis
mass shootings >a mix between nut cases and false flags
>anyone who feels sorry for people of another ethnicity is racist and treat them like pets instead of people using there storys and a cross to bare
> Hittler lost the war through indecision and incompetence
>2 genders 2 sexs for the human race
climate activism> excuse to sell carbon bonds
Blue beam > look it up fgts

>A terrorist attack
>A product of mental illness and a misguided sense of entitlement
>The person who say and do racist shit.
>They failed to conquer the world
>2, with a lot of gray area within
>Shit son, dunno

Both are me, don't worry, why would some autistic fuck wasting time defending some absolute nobody?
(NVM I've just answered my own question)

first 10/10 A plus user



Missed the climate activism one

>Mostly exactly what it says, activism for a better climate...with a number of exceptions.

>what really happened at 9/11?
State sponsored terrorism

>what are mass shootings?
State sponsored terrorism, with non-negligible help from big pharma

>who is actually racist?

>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
Jews, according to Patton when he witnessed Dresden's bombing in situ

>how many genders are there?

>what's the purpose of climate activism?
Creating a profitable diversion from legitimate socio-economical claims, made by jews.

>what is bluebeam?
Obsolete jewish mass hallucination program, dropped in favor of the socially engineered npc growth we have today.

Note that the opinions of conspiracy theorists is worth less than the shit under my shoes.

Agreed goyim


Oh come now, give OP some slack. We've all been teenagers, angry and filled with halfbaked ideas. Kids will be kids.

also good answer.

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HOW DO YOU STOP?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Oops, I meant to make a new thread. Sorry for being off topic

No idea, and frankly, I don't care. We are still suffering from the cultural fallout of it however, which I would very much like to end. As far as I'm concerned, as long as we keep shooting ourselves in the foot out of paranoia, whoever was behind it is getting what they wanted.

Mass shootings are the inevitable result of similar cases being glorified in the media and our schools being run like prisons.

Racist is as racist does.

They were prettymuch fucked from the start, germany was basically fighting off the whole world by themselves.

Gender is arbitrary and any meaning the word once held is dissolving away. Wether we like it or not, marraige is on its way out, and people don't need to reproduce as much, so gender roles are serving less and less of a purpose.

To save humanity's collective ass from the fire pyre we've built for ourselves.

No idea, please, enlighten me.

I cant blame schlomo for much in the end though. bad business is kinda universal at this point

I'm ok with blaming basically everyone. To each his own.

basically if 3million people just walked out of their jobs, something might happen. What I'm not entirely sure, but for a real solution something similar to this would have to happen

>what really happened at 9/11
is that the store that serves slurpies?
>what are mass shootings?
call of duty
>who is actually racist?
the vast majority of the human population
>what really happened to Germany during world war 2?
sorry dude, that was before i was born
>how many genders are there?
gender is a meaningless term with no empirical definition
>what's the purpose of climate activism?
to stop people shitting in the wrong street
>what is bluebeam?
an upgrade to traditional dvds

how did i do?

yah that's what I'm going with as well.

awful, kys brainlet

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Good. If someone mentally challenged enough to start this ridiculous thread approved of me, I'd have been concerned.

seeth all you like. I completely understand

Btw, I'm not liberal, I made this comment believe me or not, but I have some questions for americans:
1. Why don't americans change their medical system? I see left and right wing hating on big pharma, there are a metric ton of easy solutions, you don't even need to pay for Jamal's abortion, just make a paid government medicare and everything will balance itself, all the cartel you're suffering from companies will end, that's grade school tier knowledge.

2. Why do you hate clean energy so much? You don't need to bend your ass to UN and "lose to China" to do it, even Brazil is full green energy, it isn't expensive.

3. Maybe your country is hopeless after all, every presidential candidate is backed up by Israel, including Trump, he had it's chances to cut ties with that crap but he chickened out.

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it's truly awful. some say the glowfags discovered free energy and their hiding it. Our medical system killed both of my parents.... I still feel some type of way bout that... but what do? I just don't go to the doctor. don't take pharma. You bring up some really important stuff that americans are concerned about too. but any time we say something we get silenced by a horde of npcs denouncing us, or if we're powerful enough.... they just kill us. we need help.

>>what really happened at 9/11?
>>what are mass shootings?
>>who is actually racist?
>>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
>>how many genders are there?
>>what's the purpose of climate activism?
>>what is bluebeam?

lol watch this thread die after pharma gets brought up

Everything dies user, but do you think it inherently has something to do with "pharma"? It doesn't make that much sense because at least half Sup Forums isn't American, but I think you should share your idea.

I'm stuck on Sup Forums sadly. Sup Forums hates anything that isn't chirstian and traditional, so I'm stuck on Sup Forums getting abused by discord trannies

>Sup Forums hates anything that isn't chirstian and traditional
have you tried larper threads?

I'd recommend you FunnyJunk, (apparently oldfags hate it idk why, guess they had bad experiences with it in the past), there are some based people there, but you won't be able to have really deep discussions, currently it is just an equivalent of a middleground between Sup Forums and Sup Forums, sadly it has been quite "shilled" after the Brenton Tarrant thing.
About the christian thing, sorry they're everywhere, unless you find some small group on Kik or any other chat that isn't filled with trannies.

low tier in my opinion but sometimes worth a read

basically the state of the internet. The autism on 8 chan lately has been quite disturbing

It's fascinating that you think you are special because you're not a "normie". While every fucking "non-normie" like you is also exactly the same. We're all "normies" within our communities and views.

>Orange man bad = Normie

>CNN &MSM bad = Creative thinker, extraordinary individual, truth seeker and fact finder etc.

No, you're just as fucking tragic.

>It's wrong to call normies npcs.
their fault
they had a million years to quit being stupid retards begging to be enslaved
now it's go time
lead, follow or get out of the way

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Good read if you're looking for a laugh I guess.

>>what really happened at 9/11?
>>what are mass shootings?
psyops: ciamossad jobs
>>who is actually racist?
>>what really happened to germany during world war 2?
kike op courtesy of hitler and his bolshevik boys
>>how many genders are there?
genders are for nouns
people, animals and plants have sexes
>>what's the purpose of climate activism?
wealth redistribution to merge world regions under one government
>>what is bluebeam?
fake alien invasion to scare people into begging for the above

knowing certainthings has made life easier to bear. understanding why people act the way they do does sort of put you on a tier, but your right in that it doesn't make you smarter

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