Is being a totally straight man with a pathetic dick and severe anxiety enough reason to kill yourself?

Is being a totally straight man with a pathetic dick and severe anxiety enough reason to kill yourself?

I’m ashamed of my dick size because countless people have remarked saying it’s small. I’ve never had sex and Im really insecure that I’m not good enough.... I can’t help but feel a lot of pain from the comments received when I’ve posted it in threads on here and soc. Nobody ever liked it. I never would have posted it if I thought I was too small. I was never insecure with my size till after learning that it isn’t up to anyone’s standards

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Have sex. You can bitch when bitches tell you it's small.

Just answer the question dude, please.

Nobody wants a guy who’s small. Ask fucking any girl you know. The girls I know irl care a lot about how pleasurable the sex is.

Literally go have sex with your girlfriend dumbass.

I don’t have a girlfriend. I have a few friends that are girls but they are not interested in me.

Then go get one. It's not that hard.

How much in Cm x cm ?

When you have crippling social anxiety and penis insecurity it’s actually pretty much impossible

Why don’t you just judge it based on the picture. You don’t need specifics to decently assess the size.

What is your size? Or sage

Have sex dumbass

Stop watching porn not everyone's hung like a horse. People are gonna make fun of your dick if you post it on here not mater what stop being a faggot.

Just fucking look at the pic and come to your own conclusion on if it’s big enough . The angle is fine. It’s well over 5 inches but people are calling that small

pathetic post. unironically kill yourself

Literally go have sex. Jesus fuck

I’m literally afraid. I don’t want to disappoint
Every other dick that gets posted gets complimented. Just go to any fucking cock rate thread and see for yourself

Get the fuck off here then and go have sex.

Nobody wants to fuck me and I’m way too shy and insecure and not confident with my body to even make any moves.

Why are you basing literally any of your self worth on people on this here. Stop being pathetic and grow a pair. you're so deep down the rabbit hole of self pity its pathetic

Go out and fucking try cry baby.

listen there are definitely girls out there that wanna fuck you just be a man go out there and face the "disappointment" you think you're gonna get. see what happens after all that and then go cry about it.

Because I see every other dude being told their dick is suckable and wanted and I’m sure it feels good to hear those words about yourself. But I got a horrible feeling from when I posted. I care cause I know I would have been told nice things too if I wasn’t gross or something.

Dude gay guys will sleep with any slob. You'll find a guy no problem.

>it’s small

OP its not small, def not big, just average.

Make sure you eat the pussy till she cums, then fuck her.

Trust me, you wil have no complaints.

As a gay guy I can tell you this is far from true.

Gay guys are even pickier than women.

>def not big
This is a negative comment

If it’s not big it’s small. If the person doesn’t like it, I’m shit..

I’m not able to change my sexuality and besides, It’s mostly male anons saying my dick isn’t good enough....

Hey OP, attached is my dick.

It appears dimensionally similar to yours imo, about 5.5 in and thick ish.

I got the same self conscious way as you some time ago, and I asked my girlfriend of many years who told me almost maybe 4 years ago, after we were already dating for at least that long, that mine was the shortest she's ever been with.

But we still have sex and she still enjoys it. I've also cheated on her with one night stands and nobody there ever complained, girls always cum.

So it really is more about what you know than what you have!

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BS. Google micropenis.

That is a reason to be insecure.

Then go have sex.

Also, as a gay guy I can say you're pretty average and aesthetically I'd give it about a 7.

Well why would everyone be saying it looks too small to be enjoyed if I was good enough?

Anything less than an 8 is pretty meh my dude. You’re not helping :(

You sound like a size queen.

Size isn't everything. As long as you don't nut in 30sec you're fine.

Girls like confident guys, being insecure doesnt get you laid. Stop thinking that its to small to fuck a girl.

You should reply to this one, it is small and has dubs.

I’m not. I just rate anything I like an 8+

I’m also OP

I’ve literally overheard women talk about size and remark that it only matters if it’s small? So if people are saying I’m small that’s a fucking worry, ok?

Oh, sorry, I thought you meant anything less than 8 inches.

Also, you're being too hard on yourself. Your dick looks better than you think.

thats not fucking small. stop watching so much porn where everyone has a horse dick and grow up. youre pathetic.

Stop being insecure you fucking pussy. Its gonna ruin your life. Go work out. Do MMA. Get pussy and stop being insecure. If random people dont like you then fuck it. Theres a lot of people in the world

And now you have heard the opposite, so what is your point?

You ask for advice but don't let your mind be changed. I have a friend who has a way smaller dick than you. He fucked a lot of girls.

Just get laid. Don't let anybody talk you down. Enjoy life.

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