Looking for a straight bf, into trannies. leave your discord :3

looking for a straight bf, into trannies. leave your discord :3

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>into trannie’s

Pick one

>straight bf
>into trannies
you can only pick one

That would make them gay, not straight.

>into trannies
Dude, What?

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I mean I’ll drop my discord but only if you admit it’s kinda gay

attraction is based on the whole cluster of traits associated with the opposite sex... not just genitals. you cant change your sex but you can adopt the vast majority of the traits... and straight men will be attracted to you

where you live op?

No i'm pretty sure straight guys like fucking vaginas.

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if a man is playing with another persons penis he aint straight

its not gay faggot. im a woman

until you pull out a cock and they beat the fuck out of you.

if u look like sherryshen ill be ur guy

If you live near illinois, sup?

nu jersey

they also like anal and getting their dick sucked by hot trannies. you would too if you werent so uptight

more pics please?

the hormone blockers fried this abominations brain, its not their fault for being so retarded

so far away :( Unfortunate.

Oh then not gay I guess so KneeAToddler#5977

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Let's see where this goes

sherryshen on chaturbate has a perfect ass

You would make a good gf

hopin this is flirty enough...

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Imagine looking for a partner on 4 chan, cant fathom how desperate for cock u are

pretty desperate. does that turn you on?

yep and fuck u for pointing that out cunt

>into trannys
>pick 1 faggot.

Time stamp


you can fuck me if you want. but it wont be in the cunt

Another tranny here. I don't think anyone is straight and into tranny's.

Obviously not, u dont have one no matter how much u wish u did and my little bag of brown here will make me feel better than any cock thirsty tranny

I just really wanna chat with a tranny on kik or discord

Some can if you look female enough

yet i hope
if you're gonna be a real woman you need to be worth it as a piece of meat

Straight here. Nope. Only faggots like trannies.

im straight and into trannies
theyre women
ergo, not gay

how you make a dick look "female enough"

You're cute as hell! If it's really you

But you're attracted to the dick. Which is gay.

You look like my girlfriend

im sure it wont. but both together would be a good night

Send thighs pic

What can I can’t with you one cuz I am totally straight and I’m to trans people

drop your discord :P

where the date at?



Lots of discord’s dropped did op reply to any yet?


Huh. Would cuddle.

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Not sure you that that through

im not attracted to the dick moron
im attracted to the woman
there is more to my attraction than genitals

Looking for a fried egg that isn't cooked

proof that that's you and also tits or gtfo


You don't have to fuck the person and of you do make a assflap

#6559 fine add me then bitch


You're not straight if you like dating a tranny. There's nothing straight about it.

only if you send pics

call me whatever you want Sup Forumstard
im straight because i like women
trans women are women

how old are you?

【Prismic】#0343 i got that fancy name

I'm a trans woman, and I am telling you it isn't straight.

do you even hear yourself


daddy's gonna take care of you.

Holy shit, you are one fugly looking toad.

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Keith#8901 (my name isnt keith) tho

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dont let the Sup Forumstards make you think you arent a woman
you arent just a gay crossdresser

No such thing as chicks with dicks. Theirs only dudes with tits. Kys faggot.


From Philly so whoever is from Jersey lives close enough

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You're a mentally ill man.
No matter how many whoremones you take, tit implants you buy, or inches of cock you cut off, you are biologically male and always will be.

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I'm aware I'm a woman, but I have male anatomy. It's gay for a man to like trans women. Also I am gay.



God who cares, if you want to fuck a guy who looks like a girl it's fine anyway so why does the label you put on yourself matter

OP fake
move out

thank you

You're a retarded man.
He said he's into trannies, not that he is one

This man is based

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it's not gay if it looks like a girl

I guess OP fake? Shame

Gonna need a timestamp on some paper with a pic of you along with typing what kind of vidya you play and maybe I'll give it to you

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Imagine being so sad/lonely that you have to become a tranny and ask for a bf on Sup Forums

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the truth
its what you feel to be real not whats real

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>making fun of me rather than taking advantage of the opportunity
we all know your the real loser here

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Can I give you an email adress or shit? Don't wanna drop my discord here

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