My girlfriend committed suicide 3months ago and I can't get over it...

My girlfriend committed suicide 3months ago and I can't get over it. I was in a "Hospital for souls" for almost 2 months now
I even started with selfharm again
Any tips user?

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Fuck someone else.

Take your antipsychotics or get some if you don't already have em. seroquel is good

Keep yourself busy with unimportant bs until you eventually die like the rest of us

I take them everyday since I got them
Still feel devastated day after day

Why keep it up man? It's all bullshit anyway.

That's the point
I don't see any reason right now and thought maybe Sup Forums can help(I know that alone is sad)

Call suicide prevention dude. Seriously.

Seriously. Go fuck someone else. It doesn't have to be the love of your life, it doesn't have to be some AIDS infested hooker, but go out and get your dick wet for Christ's sake. Your brain is capable of some crazy shit. Release a few chemicals to the right receptors and you'll be amazed at the transformative results.

Quit being an emo faggot

shit like this makes me grateful to be a sociopath. never did care

All hail the wizard!

Take a shower


Fuck it. Do a backflip!

two questions.
if you loved her and are so hurt...why are you alive?
if you loved her but not enough to understand the need to move on with your life...why are you sad?
obviously you dont love her that much (youre still alive), so why don't you accept the calousness hidden under your mediocre and egotistical pretenses and move on. just move on. you don't love her. you didnt stop her. youre not dead too. you dont love her. you dont have to feel guilt or obligated to sadness because obviously from your very existence you dont care.

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How does Love=suicide? The dumb bitch offed herself. Why should he have to follow her to the grave?

Search for some suicide prevention, if you really think about any kind of selfharm/selfkilling.
There are people out there on a specialized level that can help you guide yourself through this time, so you can process the depths of your life.
Please guide real help, and don't let this kind of talk between us be a replacement for this!

Suicide is terrible, cause it leaves so many people behind.
Literally everyone the person knew is talking to themself, what else they could've done to prevent that.
I actually have some experience with a psychologist about this.

A small analogy to process this might help:
Would you complain to her parents or best friends, why the frick they haven't done more so that she might be still with us if done so?
Nearly all cases would answer that with a no.
If so, ask yourself, why you are so hard and judgemental with yourself compared to others.

It's really hard to accept what happened, and tbh I don't have the slightest clue what you are going through now, but look ahead and accept that you cannot changed what already happened.
Don't let your future be decided by your past.
It's another chapter of many following in your book of life that will form you as a human beeing and maybe to even be a lighthouse for other people that will seek your guidance in the future.

I really hope the best for you man, and hope that you will do well.
There are people who love you man, and it would be a shame for everyone around you, that your potential is getting draged down by stuff you cannot change anyway.
Don't let this stop you to live your own life and make the life of everyone around you better cause of you.

travel back in time and kill that bitch for what she did to you.


what she did was selfish and not your fault, dont become as selfish as she was. try to move on. meet new people, maybe even someone new to love

I suspect your the reason she topped herself.
"Hospital for souls" get over yourself pissant.

Be strong user. We believe in you!

Do some manual labour and listen to audiobook or podcasts to keep yourself distracted while you slowly work it out

yeah op, listen to the people who freely admit they dont know your pain and move on lol
have sex with someone else lmao
marry some other girl haha
in my opinion, every day youre alive insults her memory and spits on whatever you two had. but you should stick your dick in some other hole hahah the magic of the brain lol

Its been 3 months bro. LIke seriously, get it over it. Find someone else and fall in love again


some people are just pathatic

Get out live your life your young you don’t know we’re this relationship would’ve ended if she didn’t die
So either way you need to look into the future

I would look for a therapist. I am terrible at dealing with emotions on my own.

It's just your perspective. Heaps of guys would be overjoyed if their gf killed themselves. Go live your life and be happy that some stupid bitch isn't holding you back.

Oh, and don't get in another fucking relationship. Sex is just top tier masturbation, do not get attached, it's fucking retarded and you're just gimping your life when you have to drag a bitch with you.

Have you tried NOT being sad?

Stop being a faggot plain and simple

sorry OP, but this was kek

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Crazy bitch wasn’t worth it and its not your fault. Ive whipped myself with a cat o’ nine tails to the point where I have scars on my back. I was not ready for a relationship back then. Trust me I know what im saying. Go fucking work out, get swole, clear your mind, and find a slut to have sex with. Then after a while if you’re up for it start dating.