I wanna fuck Gaga so hard. Who's with me?

I wanna fuck Gaga so hard. Who's with me?

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Hell yeah I'd do stuff to her

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i bet she's a freak....

fuck yeah.

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Gaga will always be in my top 10 humans that i want to bang

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lol nope

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i would force feed her my sperm, if you know what i mean

I'd love to make her choke on my cock. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK

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>force feed her my sperm
>make her choke on my cock

why so aggressive anons? don't you know how to treat a woman at all?

Yeah, I get you.
She has always been my type too. Although our boobs are a bit of a mess.

>giving a fuck about tits

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i know how to treat a woman. and that involves force feeding her my tart yet savory sperm

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have a balloon user

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Lmao this virgin

damn dude you really showed me

pfft... they may not be perfect, but I would marry those boobs.

>literally doesn't even deny being a pathetic virgin LOL

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>not understanding the sarcasm

>still not denying being a virgin LOL!!!!!!!!!
maybe one day a girl might touch your penis user. hang in there LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes. A lot. Hard.

does this virgin nigger even know what sarcasm is?

Moar of that ass

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Oh fuck yes user


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Gaga making me hard

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>virgin detected

trying to hard. deflecting your own virginity much?

not interested in your reply virgin

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Would not pull out

still mad hey? cool

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Kik user?

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nah kik is for faggots

Trips for a gorgeous Italian ass.

Such a fat ass

I reckon I would eat her shit.

you're gross

I think she has mange

that's because you're an ignoramus

Poast Gaga deepfake links plox

Her face is looking extra weird these days.

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ITT: Fags pretending to like women to boost a musician they like

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