Lounge thread

Lounge thread.

Mad about something? Questions regarding someone else's thought on the universe? Just need an ear? The lounge is open. Come on in.

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Yeah, cool place. Anybody got a spare smoke ?

Right here. You're welcome.

that couch looks comfy

who wants to get shitfaced and scream into pillows with me? Somebody play a tune on the piano so i can sing along horribly

Have a seat.

You like Canon in D?

I gotcha, user. I'll play Never Gonna Give You Up on loop until someone shoots me in the fucking face.

Took xtc for the first time on halloween and i dont know how to feel about it now

Might be a minute, I like the meme.

I don't know what that is, but I'm guessing it's a hallucinogen.

You should probably stay away from it in general if you're unsure or have mixed feelings. Stick to booze and/or pot.

Meant for

I am so goddamned tired of my retarded coworker.

I was going to give a long greentext, but basically she acts like a retarded 13 year old. Won't do what she's supposed to and she constantly asks me to explain simple shit she should know by now. She's bogging down the work that I do with her constant questioning "how do I do this?"
Bitch you've been here for 2 months, and I answer this question EVERY SINGLE DAY- WHY CAN'T YOU LEARN?

I hate her, and I'm finally in a job that's a stepping stone towards a life-long professional career, so I'm reluctant to start bitching about my ability to work with her.

I do 95% of the work, which is fine since I'm able to do it, but this retard has the audacity to continue to slow me down by bothering me all day long with basic shit.

I fucking hate her.

Has your boss taken notice of her inability? I'm sure there's some ways for it to get noticed.

By the way, what do you work in?

I was actually venting to another coworker in another dept (it's a small building) and apparently she's been keeping tabs on us while my supervisor is out for a while. She understood every single one of my concerns because when I'M not there, my coworker bothers this lady all the time.

So she does know, and I'll be able to talk with my supervisor about it soon. I just don't want to behave like a plotting, whiny cunt a few months into this job.

Just express that you're concerned about it affecting your ability and capacity to work, and the productivity of your department.

What do you do?

Why fo you have to make everything about porn?

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I went to an edm show on Saturday and was passed a blunt that had something a little extra in it. For a good 15 minutes or so I was so fucking gone I could only stand there spaced out. The show was fucking lit after that though


Who knows. Ive never done PCP. Almost felt like MDMA but without the teeth grinding. Also never done anything that's spaced me like that for that amount of time

I'm extremely distraught
a very close friend of mine came out and told hes going from MTF
him and i both come from very christian families his being catholic spaniards and mine being protestant germans
he has abandoned his faith and has only come out to me and some other friends of ours and his
I dont believe he has dysphoria as he only made this change after some very terrible events in his life
I believe he has done this as a way to cope and even though we still talk today i dont agree or understand why he chose this path just to cope with his loses
i dont call him by his new name or new pronouns i jut avoid using them when i speak to him
he thankfully decided not to have any life changing surgeries
my problem is i love him like a brother and i feel like he did this change not because of him really thinking he was a girl stuck in a boys body because he was just pushed off an edge mentally and broke
i want to desperately understand and just accept hes a girl now but i just cant it goes against everything i was taught and everything i believe

sorry for the poor spacing and the wall of text i just needed to vent thanks Sup Forumsros

anyone even here anymore?

I need a bottle of vodka, please.

I'm tired of this shit. I was posting on /r9k/ just an hour ago and I got banned for "pedophile bullshit" as they called it. In reality we were having a thread about Greta, me and some other guys started posting pictures of her and saying things like how beautiful her little body is. The thread was deleted and, I assume, we all got banned. Meanwhile 90% of that board is filled with threads about "femboys "and anons larping as f*manons. And the worst part is that my real life is so shit I keep coming back to this place, to mindlessly scroll through threads hoping to see a funny meme and finally get a little bit of enjoyment...