Confess. This is a safe thread

Confess. This is a safe thread

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jerked it to my sister being slutty again

Father, how do I expose the Catholic Church for the global pedophile ring that it is?

I cheated on my gf by jerking with a fem on snap and feel like shit. I'm unhappy with the relationship but breaking it off is so fucking hard I just feel like I haven't had the energy to do it.

I really hate niggérs

I've been unemployed for two years but hey I read Hegel.

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I have bad influence on people around me, what do i do. Went Hermit Mode long time ago, but i still need to make Money i.e. have to work around people.

I failed NNN but I tell others I'm still doing it

I nutted like 5 times already and it's nnn

As long as she isnt 12 years old its fine user.
Name the (((converts))) who are the pedos
If you are unhappy with the relationship you should break it off. Godspeed

I get bored easily so I've ghosted a number of women

Im employed, but i read Céline, this kills me slowly

>As long as she isnt 12 years old its fine user.
oh phew, shes 14 thank goodness

So do I.
Read Evola now and bring it up at your next job interview
What do you mean by bad influence?
Its ok anons. Get back in the saddle. I know you can do it

I've jacked to my little cousins underwear and white stuff came on it last night it felt great too.

Yeah but I still feel like dog shit about it

>Name the (((converts))) who are the pedos
You wish, stupid

Put their Focus on negative things

ex and i broke it off for real (shittily) a couple months ago. theyre seeing someone and im still alone. ive been relying on drugs and booze because of my residual feelings. i dont have drug cravings yet, but i enjoy it too much when i do it. will my fragile mental state make me into a junkie

I used to have major rape urges

I have a really bad problem with trusting others. I get really into it, but then it just fades away & I feel like I cannot trust them after that.
Mostly happens in romantic situations.

Can you not find an interesting girl?
Dont get caught and dont molest your cousin.
Focus on yourself first. Once you are better you can come out of Hermit mode
I am in the exact same boat user. I find the best thing is to keep as busy as I can
Long as you didnt act on them its fine

Was a pretty hard time, i wouldn't do it but once or twice planned to

I'm no child molester I would never do such a thing to my beautiful little cousin ,^_^

No father I cannot, and the one I did I squandered away like a fool

This happened about 15 years ago, was house-sitting for a family friend.

I jerked off into every pair of their 16-year-old daughter's panties over a week's time. And the one dirty pair that was left in her hamper I still have hidden in my closet.

I stayed late after work one night just so I could go into my boss's office where she keeps her gym bag and masturbate with her workout thong wrapped around my dick. I jizzed all over her desk, cleaned it up and put the thong back in her bag. It was tangerine colored and smelled pretty strong.

Thats good user. Its fine to have fantasys but please dont become a rapist lmfao
Just steal a pair to keep so that you can sate your desires
This sounds gay to say but keep searching user. We'll all make it. All you have to do is find one girl you vibe with and youre good
Keeping a pair for 15 years is commitment. I respect that
Based as long as she didnt find out

>be me
>26 y.o.
>married with 2 kids
>figured out through therapy and some reflection that I'm a raging homosexual

Not sure what to do Sup Forumsros. May just get a qt bf as a side piece

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I make my little sisters best friend perform sexual favors in exhange for me buying her juul pods

Around when i was 11 or 12 i was staying the night at my friends house having to share the bed with him since he lived in one of those tiny mexican ass apartments. He was 2 years older than me and introduced me to porn and taught me what cum meant and how to jerk off. It was all still a little confusing to me so he just showed me himself. We both agreed to watch porn on our own ipods and jerk off at the same time to see who could cum first. Keep in mind we laying right next to eachother throughout this. When he whipped his dick out i was shocked because of how much bigger he was than me. He asked if i could jerk him off for him to jerk me off in return. I refused but never really thought of it being weird until just a few years ago.

I want to move to a place where abortion has been banned so I can sell abortion smoothies. I think I could make some money

I want to drug and rape my mom.

I'm a jew

Jesus user. Thats a tough situation. I would advise to tell your wife and see if she would be willing to stay together for your kids. She deserves to know.
Dont get arrested and enjoy having a fucktoy.
Do you still talk to this friend?

>was bluepilled for a while when I was dating a trans girl

no I don't think she ever found out. But another time she brought her young daughter to work, and she gave me her ponytail so I could use it as a rubber band to keep some papers together. I kept it and still put it around my cock and balls sometimes when I jack off, thinking about her and her mom.

Yeah all I want to do is murder someone and its gonna happen some day on accident. Let me rephrase that, I don’t necessarily want to kill someone, but I'm so angry that I know if I get pushed far enough ill beat someone to death.

I'm a male, was very sexualized and aware when I was younger, used my moms vibrators and had a sexual relationship with a teacher before the age of 9. I ended up liking it a lot.

Not sure what to make of it, I'm bisexual and over 30 now.

Go for it
Do not go for it
Can you smell quarters from a mile away?
Yikes user. Long as you understand now why that was cringe
Based, Enjoy it
Do you mean in self defense or like you just wanna murder someone?

Helped an ex cum to fucked up porn. It was the most turned on I had ever been. I masturbated multiple times afterwards and my ex would fuck me whenever he heard me masturbating. We fucked through the night.

I found a 4 year old girl's panties in the house i moved into. Using letters that turned up at the house, I found the family on Facebook and now i fap into her panties while looking at pics of her

I've gone back to hookup apps, even though I'm in a relationship. I truly feel like I haven't slept with enough women to be in a relationship. I get looks from girls on the street and I'm sure I could get laid.

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I find it hard to start conversations with people/keep a conversation going mostly because I've grown too scared to fuck up. I lived a hermit and/or a retard for too much of my life, which is probably why I'm so socially inept. I think this inability has hindered me as a person. I now live in a new town and I want to get out in the world for once and find new friends. I don't want to become an incel.

Interesting. Do you think it fucked you up or nah?
What do you mean by fucked up porn?
Cant specifically avow because 4 year old but you do you
Dont cheat on your partner fren. Let them know what youre doing or stop
i had the same problem as well until I started doing NoFap. i know its a meme but It cured my social autism

> What do you mean by fucked up porn?
mostly loli and hyper realistic renders of that stuff

Can you elaborate on nofap? I'm the user who talked about potentially cheating and masturbating daily is what keeps me from not cheating. I have social autism but the women have dated me for my looks and because I'm kind.

I post my own face in trib threads. I just love to see dick on them

During my childhood on 3 separate occasions I got kids younger than me to sit on my face naked, I believe I was 8, 10 and 11 when this happened.

Hot. Wish I could see you do that

I mean I think we're all fucked up on our own ways, and it probably fucked me up somehow but it isn't something I've noticed really.

I think what's fucking me up the most about it is that I expect myself to be fucked up, that is have a lot more issues and disliking it more than I did.
I'm not sure if it's because I've developed some form of coping mechanism that's very effective at hiding it or that due to me being fucked up enough to enjoy it, that it didn't do much damage.

No one ever found out about it, my parents were never around anyway so it kinda was a parental substitute for me, some form of affection where I previously had none.

As long as you were cool with it and they were cool with it I am happy for you!
My version of NoFap is just cutting out all masturbation. Sex is still fine. I have no clue how or why but I find it way easier now to actually look girls in the eye and talk to them
post face

I used to creep on my cousin. We stopped after a while, and the got back into it when she suddenly took up smoking and needed someone to buy her cigarettes.

Started off getting blowjobs and went to vaginal intercourse. I came inside her all the time.

I miss those days.
She married a dude that's the same size/shape/personality as me back in those days lmao

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Dude, same.

show pic

Maybe youre one of the few cases where the early sex didnt have an effect on you
You mean you bought her cigs in exchange for sex?

I don't want to give myself away. I try to blend in and just look like another horny guy posting a girl's face in train threads

While I was a minor (16 I think) I got a 27-year-old college student to have sex with me. It happened a few times, I would tell my parents I was going out with friends or something & I would be picked up by her at either my local library or my local post office.

This lasted almost two months, at least twice a week.

I still have her info & everything I think on that old phone, I am kinda tempted to see if she still has the number & talk to her again.

Probably yeah, I just don't really know why it didn't effect me.

You do you user. Is it the fact that you know that guys wanna fuck that turns you on or the fact that youre turning on guys makes you horny?
You must have been spitting some absolute FIRE game to land a 27 year old when youre 16. Congrats

I also took creepshots of my boss's ass and tend to look at those when I wrap her daughters ponytail around my balls.

The fact that my face can make guys hard and they want to put their cock on it.

I fucked my ex in the backseat of her car a week before she got married.

.I browse this site and should stop. I've decided to stop. Thank you for the sign

I really want to get fucked, but cant muster the courage

>ust have been spitting some absolute FIRE game to land a 27 year old when youre 16. Congrats

I think we met at the book store? I was looking for something & she worked there. We started to talk and eventually she asked if I knew about sex. I said yes, and she said that she wanted to know more about me, said something like "I wanna know more about what you know." or something to that effect.
She asked if I wanted to come over to her apartment & talk about the book I was getting (Some Stephen King novel, can't remember what novel) and it started small at first. She would give head or hand jobs before she asked if I wanted to fuck. I ended up cumming inside of her a few times and she would have a complete transformation from soft femdom to hardcore mommy femdom if I came inside her.

Honestly really miss that... I rarely feel valued in any relationship I get into now.

M or f?

Take a guess

F. What's stopping you

Be careful lol I think creepshots are illegal in most states
Does her husband know?
If its something you wanna do, then do it! Just be safe about it
>hardcore mommy femdom
user im so freaking jealous. Thats a dream of mine

No her husband doesn't know. That's why it was in the backseat of her car

It still is a dream of mine as well, OP.
It has always been a dream of mine.

Keep the dream alive user. I know im still holding out hope

I've slowly become more and more reclusive.
I lost my entire circle of online friends over the past week.
Now I have no one since I'm a loner Irl.
Maybe I was too clingy about talking to them.
I don't have 1 on 1's with anyone anymore.
Things are looking pretty bleak.
But I guess being alone isn't too bad with distractions.
Therapy hasn't helped.

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If any of you want to know more of my College Student Femdom GF, add me on Discord.


Trust you anons to ask me some really good questions.

post face then faggot

Sorry I was under the pretense it was illegal. I remember reading about a proffessor in my state who took creepshots and got arrested for it. He may have very well done somethign else tho i dont remember
user if you ever need someone to talk to or game with hmu

i was drugged and spit roasted by 2 of my roommates back in uni


Just nutted to the feeling of the inside of my sisters vagina.

Uh with your hand or dick

I shat diarrhea in my cousins shampoo

with my sister :(


Can you elaborate?
Based coomer

Yes, inside her.

>be me
>like a girl
>cute emo girl
>find her facebook
>message her
>day 1 : no response
>she messages back
>says i'm cute
>says she wants to go out
>feel joy
>at night
>nervous af
>break up with her
mfw never got another relationship again
mfw suicidal now

When I was a kid I had an older cousin who abused me. She was very curious and kinda used me as her test dummy and so she and I were each other's firsts.

I want to fuck and marry a rifle

Why so autistic?
How old were you and how old was she?
Fellow /k/ommando?

jerked off while my sister was sleeping in the same room while staring furiously at her ass the whole time.

11 and her 15


I'm even more autistic than you think. At the time, when she said "I didn't say anything, did I?" I thought she was being sarcastic for some reason, but only a couple months ago I realized that she was legit concerned for the relationship. Never wanted to live since then

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Gotta do what you gotta do.
Thats so fucking tough user. Your autism is next level serious. So did you just ghost her after that?

Yep. She ghosted me back

Deleted my Facebook too

>Be 15
>Get into relationship with girl year younger
>First relationship
>First date is overnight skate ring
>End up putting my face in her breast by accident
>Kissed her that night
>Fast forward to second date
>Third date mural oral
>Fourth date, she talks about wanting to have sex
>Breaks up with her a week later
Dated for 3 months, next girlfriend last 3 weeks with only a kiss. Haven't dated in almost 5 years.
Can't get a girl to look at me now and online dating isn't working.

I wanna consensually kiss and fuck the shit out of a close friend of mine who’s really nice and said she’d model for me even though I hardly know how to draw.