DeepNude thread

DeepNude thread
nude wizard is back, im taking requests
>needs to be a bikini pic or small croptop
>cant be black and white
>works best if they are facing the camera
if i dont reply to your post its because it didnt work for that pic

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thank you!

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This one works?

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Nice af. Thanks

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Please and thank you

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I know it's harder with two people, but if you could give it a try, I'd appreciate it.

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Please and thank you.

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This top work?

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or this?

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shes at a weird angle, it isnt working

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didnt come out the best but here ya go

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slightly better one

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didnt work, try brightening the image

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Here user.

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any chance?

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How about this one instead?

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her hands infront of her is fucking it up

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didnt i do this for you last night?

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Thanks for trying. Keep up the good work

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