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Not gonna lie, wasn't expecting Phantasy Star on Sup Forums today.

Enter the Travis

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also, we're using the honor system in this thread. As a gentleman, you agree to acknowledge that you have lost if and when you do lose.

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Cool pics you got of yourself op

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You aborted this thread like a black mother, good job

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there is no way! I fucking lost to this crap

kek travis strikes again
i found all these in an old harddrive from 2014 and wanted to share with Sup Forums

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I was scrolling through and thought "wtf is Alys doing here?"

Hello, third person I've met in 10 years to play Phantasy Star

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Yo who is that fat legend??

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Weird facial measurements is this an Evangelian game?


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thnks i'll add this to my collection

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ee smeernybork borkborkborkybork

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Wonder how Travis is doing? Does he browse here?

god these are so weird

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I haven't seen fluffy pony shit in forever.

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ah hha hhha

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moar travis

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What are these called? Do you have any that aren't shit quality?

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i rused

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shitposting discord



Fluffy ponies. Shitload of them at fluffybooru.org and those are actually some of the better looking ones.

fuck off faggot

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Sup. Like yer dubs.

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Like all the ylyl before, and all the ylyl after this one?

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you can lead a Sup Forumstard to a ylyl thread but you can't make him lose

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did someone say.... log thread??

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This one got me.

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Mmm... Indeed... The Game...

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then vader says "no faggot, I AM your OP"
Luke: I'm a huge faggot please rape my face

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hope you can do this in the remake

fuck it. shoe cart


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Lost. That's a good one.

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Dragon Ball Weave works better.

PSIV was my favorite game growing up.

It doesn't belong in Sup Forums.

But that's not a duck bill, looks more like a swan's bill, or seagull's


Shut up

i thought the same

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That is clearly mountain dew

Watched all the way to the end expecting some fucked up shit, was not disappointed

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Not funny

Didnt laugh

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This pic is powerful