Eternal trap/CD bread

Eternal trap/CD bread

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why would you invite low quality into the thread

CD and twink are life you faggot, just accept it

i like cds too uwu

literally all traps and trans start out cross dressing

imagine getting pissy because (insert your favorite trans porn actor here) use to like to CD

No that's big gay, make your own threads

Here we fucking go

i'll fuck or get fucked by any cis/trans girl cd, sissie femboy or twink, sorry tgirls but a lot of your fans are pan or bi

CDs are people too!

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sure, but more than 99% of the time they don't pass, hence not traps. See for example the dude in your pic hiding his man face

Trying to get around this by including them in the OPs and piggybacking off the popularity of traps is just dumb. There's no reason to not make twink/femboy/cd whatever threads a regular thing for the dudes who prefer that and don't pass. Forcing it here is just fucking up what "trap" is supposed to mean.

I know this makes you bois angry, but it's the truth

post cock

Evie here; I tried

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you succeeded

Best quality since Jes.

>Junking a Corvette cause it's not a Ferrari.


This is OP?

Who keeps posting this in these threads?

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You it seems.

What the fuck are you doing here ? You do know these are boys right ?

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Sure, traps who are boys are fine. Some guy putting on socks though is something else. Trans girls are the good ones

not op but OC

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Haha yes you are funny.

I am asking because someone told me someone had posted it a few times in response to pictures of me and said that I was "Taken" so I was just wondering who that was

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Kik me jyrdan101, I wanna eat yo ass and lick your balls

Does anyone happen to subscribe to babymaddyxo or Elunestear ? Would really like to see their nudes if anyone's got them.

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lol at that hair trail

More of this one

I've been here all day. I didn't see that.

Good on the 'bootin. You top?

Very much not OC

An easy fix. Lazy. Not a deal breaker. Good fundamentals

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I’m starting to think she’s a ghost. Or maybe I’m a ghost.

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more webm pls

Any ass shots?

Where are my flat chest pics?

Femenine buttholes & penis

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right here bruh

Got this cage today

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omg who is he

Hm okay thanks. I'll have to go through the archives and see if I find anything

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Fantastic. Perfect for fucking

is that you?

nice ass gurl

Nah, just my crush

now is my crush too

>tfw you will never wake up to kalindra sleeping peacefully next to you

Holy shit. This is the problem. I never would have gone in hm even on a bet. I super don't like man face. Not a problem with you. I can muttle through with most of that helix shit, but my dick's heart ain't in it. But that is fantastic. Don't be shy about that chest. Well within the trap aesthic.

How tall are you? Fucking lanky bitch?

most threads in /hm/ are fucking gross, i want cute boys in slutty womens clothes not some gross old hairy dude fucking homo dude

Welcome, it’s a small club

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not lewd enough for the trap thread

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post unedited Kalindra pics if you have any

& she is a trap or you only post a picture of she

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Sorry, I wish I had lewder

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Got any cumming vids Evie?

Agreed, we need more like this

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lets do a kik group & send pics & vids of traps

I think she did on erome way back

>ywk wake up to Kalindra, with her manbreathe and unedited man face and 200 lbs 6 ft tall sweaty body

i wish i could fuck you

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Don't suppose you know where I might find them?

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I’m not her but I’ll fuck you if you want buddy.

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I remember this hottie from previous threads

Who ever fucks best gets her 1st

Looking to cock smooth trap ass kik tributessssss

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>implying you could tell middle aged white trannies from midde aged white women


keep coping hon

Who is this???? Need more

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Would still be as gentle as a doe. Kids all bitch. You can see it in her eyes. Her sad, soulful eyes.

I’d do a WWE cage fuck fight to impress her

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wtf is cd? Where are the cute femboys? Why won't people realise femboys are superior to trannies? All genuine questions to which I require answers.

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also post more milfs

Its almost like there should be a board for that.....

closeted CD femboys are top tier

Confused the fuck out of me at first. Thought it was an underage sex doll robot. Story?


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cd, femboys, trannies, traps, sissies, its all the same crap...
Just call them faggots

i swear there are a lot of cute kinky bois browsing Sup Forums, they're just shy

Passing trannies are traps
Newfag "traps" of the last few years are just skinny crossdressing twinks
Actually cute feminine femboys are extremely rare.

not enough traffic for it imo, it would be a trap thread, a femboy thread and a sissy thread at most, maybe just create /nsfwlgbt/