You have 10 SECONDS to name a better energy drink

You have 10 SECONDS to name a better energy drink.
>protip: you can't.

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Coffee, truck nuts.

>Bang master race

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5 hour

Is there a prize?

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Fucking learn to appreciate coffee you kid. And learn to brew your own you lazy fucks and stop drinking that starfucks shit

ok boomer

Kek someone who drinks monster is calling me a boomer fuck off you wigger



I work for coke and I've never seen that one


Fuckoff brad



Ultimate energy drink. Required to live

Not my name you cockhole I'll just call you Chad

That's because it's just antifreeze in a can.

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Why would you call him Chad? Do you want him to mount you or something?

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Even niggers think you're retarded.



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Takes a bit of mixing.. but empty out that nasty can. Pour in 1/2 red bull, and there other 1/2 jagermeister.

You end up with a much tastier, much more effective energy drink


Wilkin's Coffee

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All energy drinks are made from nigger semen and amphetamines

female piss strait from the puss, I get a belly full and I have enough energy to fuck all night