You have 10 SECONDS to name a better pizza than Papa John's

You have 10 SECONDS to name a better pizza than Papa John's.
>protip: You can't.

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Fuck off

my own.

Anything. Even a turd on a piss soaked paper plate is superior to that trash.

Papa Johns 2

>this time its personal


Lmao our local papa John's got shut down due to rats maggots and flies there was a HUGE notice on the front doors and windows saying how they had failed badly a health and safety check. Rats and fucking maggots man! You keep eating that shit won't you though

Lou Malnati's Pizza in Chicago. Everything else is just an imitation.

costco pizza

Lol the worst of the top three Chicago deep dish places

Pizza by Alfredo

Marios pizza caguas puertorico

Once you try pizza with chorizo u won't want anything else

Giordano's is much better imo. Lou's sauce is way too sparse

Pretty much any other pizza place. And that’s from a citizen from the home state.


I actually liked Gino's east better. Lou's was alright but Giordano's was better too

Literally any pizza, Papa John's is the bottom of the food chain

American fucking cheese. What sort of white trash moron would eat that? No idea how that fucker even managed to have two shops, let alone a chain of them. I guess just write it off to white trash not knowing any better.

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top kek.
actually those little bastards are pretty doggone good

op is a retarded redneck white supremacist.since thats the only people who eat at papa nazi john's

chicago style pizza is fucking gross,not to mention.your a shithole liberal city

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Any non-fast food joint pizza is better.

Americans are deep into the belief that fast food is good food.

Why is paying a high price for a thin ass pizza any good?

A proper pizza should be a nice soft and crunchy base, with lots of tomato base and plenty of toppings.

There is a reason why pizza boxes are designed the way they are so you can get more height to your pizzas, but yet brand name restaurants give you shitty thin shit.

he started in a literal closet and now he's worth a quarter of a billion dollars

>papa nazi John's
As if that's bad, you retard.

Oh look its Mr Moscow again.

calling other people communists when sound like a libtard with your communist buzzword support a president who believes in gun control,like the communists did

maybe if you wernt such an ignorant hillbilly you'd understand

of course the hillbilly white trump supporters dont think its bad.good thing your buddy adolf killed himself because he got beat by the communists

I don't care if papa john said nigger I'll eat his pizza. If Hitler had a decent pizza chain I'd eat there. I'm ordering a pizza not life values

Agree about the fast food, but not about thin crust. I dont feel like eating a loaf of bread when I want pizza

Thats because you have never had a proper Italian pizza before.

is your sandwiches thin also?

What does a sandwich have to do with pizza?

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Cheese Pizza

Skinny bread!


Literally anything that's a locally owned restaurant is better. Fast food pizza fucking sucks.

of the 4 nationals, Papa's is the best.
Compared to real pizzerias, its shit.

Mario's es una basura.

la pizza la queman por debajo.

Because it is bread mostly, just like you compared a pizza with a normal sized base as a loaf of bread.

So I am wondering why do you find a nice thick bread sandwich as acceptable but a normal pizza base not acceptable, when they are pretty much similar.

Hey Reddit spacing... good pizza is about the cheese, sauce and toppings. The thinner the crust the better the crust. Do agree with you that PJ is shit though. Oh, and go back to where you came from.

Prefer a panini

imo's, pizza hut, cicel witticers ,panteras, --- papa johns is mostly bread crust so there are a lot of places that are better - you get what you pay for

literally described pizza hut.... kek

You kidfags need to learn that double spacing wasn't a reddit invention.

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Pizza hut has NEVER been a normal sized base, NEVER.

Not unless you ask for their shitty deep pan types etc. Which is 3 times the price it should be.


Beau Jeau's Mountain pie, the deep dish is like 6 inches thick, they weigh like 8 pounds for 18 bucks

Donato's double pepperoni