Incest stories?

Incest stories?

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I saw an ant once.

Oh, never mind.


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Not close incest but I fucked my cousin about 10 days ago for the 1st time she wasa little drunk so I took advantage. She must of liked it cos just this past weekend she got a little drunk again and made it obvious she wanted me to fuck her again so I took her to an hotel I fucked all 3 of er holes repeatedly as we had some molly and it just made us fuck for hours and doing shit that was just amazing.

Anyone got the greentext of the blind sister?

Not sure if incest but I had a three way with my sister, mom,and my aunt last summer .

Shit was cash af

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Last summer my family (mom n sis , dads dead ) go to Vermont to our family cabin. Last summer Aunt Jamie came too. She 6 years younger then my mom.
One evening we are all hanging out doing some crystal and drinking wine coolers when outta no where my aunt starts making out with my mom right in front of my sis and I. We look at each other and simultaneously say "well ,if you cant beat em ,join em" and we start going at it . Then my mom starts taking off her top exposing her ridiculously large (like freakishly large) breasts. My aunt jumps on those like a hungry Ethiopian baby. At this point my sis is opening my pants to reveal my giant penis . When it flips out I hear a loud "booyoyoyoyoooing" she licks her lips and says "ohhhh my"

Anyway, guess it was pretty standard mom-aunt-sis sex after that . Afterwards we went to denny's and i ordered a grand slam, when the food came my mom and sis both said at the same time "gee Patrick did you order enough food ?" We laughed and enjoyed our breakfast.

Sorry to hear about your dad.


that sounds like a hell of a greentext

I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower several times and it was honestly pretty fun

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I use my sister dildo and strap on

>Shit that's made up

anyone have that mega with all the greentexts?

All at once?
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I don't think you're making some grand revelation.

can someone drop me Tisha's brother? (or whatever the hell it was called)

What is this, a greentext for ants?

Learn2internets. Disable mobile browsing in settings

open it in another window retard

>doesnt get joke/play on
>tells user to l2internets


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Stay in school

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Fucked my sister. ruined our relationship for 10 years

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How did you manage to eat after doing meth?

Not him but some people are able to eat on stims, i've never been able to but some of my friends eat like they're stoned while on some coke.

i browsed pornhub one time

adopted bro, has kid, bails and leechs off fat cousin college free ticket, he's adopted so they allowed to bang/exclusive,he worst nightmare because she bangs her legit retard military cousin,adopted bruh is paranormal "3:33am wake call" bruh, so god bless him

I have never been to a Dennys. Whats do you get in a grand slam?

Grand Slam comes with your choice of four items from a list of pretty much every breakfast item you can think of, including pancakes, bacon, bis

I gave my older brother a blowjob before he deployed. We haven't spoken since.

Closest i ever got was making out with a girl minutes after she blew my brother.

Your a good brother, I hope he doesnt get no scoped

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rules are rules tit's or gtfo

Hannah 865 has got 566 you covered 8106

Is she handicapped or something? I mean after I turned 7 my mom occasionally dried my hair or cut my nails but nothing more. Is this a normal thing where you live?

Im a dude lol
Thank you, i do too

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Are you okay?

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Cracked me up

Not gonna go into detail user?

At the time she had injuries and couldn't physically do it herself

trips of hilariousness

Ok makes sense

She was really cool about it even when I was washing her pussy

anyone got nudes of their sister they stole?

here you go fam, heard she typed it herself:
>hiowoi wepuoouwuofoi esj o
> u9uio904hiosfhiodvbjke jkfd
>9u04ohif jk4 noi3tobirbodf
>9tojsf m pojegp9u geop jdf
>pu9tp urajvlkn df wpoj gl j
>0p 0psvklnfdlkje e
>i0-4j vl jfdlkj ge jore; jo
>walk the dinosaur

>be me
>be 12
>get surgery for undescended testicle
>mom has to clean the wound everyday
>get hard
>she smirks
>doesnt say anything
>happens a few more times
>she starts grabbing my dick
>cleans wound/stiches and just holds my dick
>keeps happening and she just holds it
>another ocassion, im hard
>its cleanign time
>drop my pants and sees my boner
>she grabs my dick even before i sit down
>cleans the wound
>stitches removed the next day

thats about it

got more momo?

any true-sounding father/daughter stories?

>Anyone got the greentext of the blind sister?

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Ten years later she wanted your cock again?


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