Sup Forums travelfags What's the best country to live in other than the US? Similar to rights, ammenaties, economy...

Sup Forums travelfags What's the best country to live in other than the US? Similar to rights, ammenaties, economy, stable workforce etc.

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England, UK.

if you want to live in big cities, none
if you are ok wth living in rural areas then
Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand

See, I was thinking Australia but I've read that it's really hard to find drugs over there. I don't want the UK cause you can't own guns and I'd rather at least try to shoot someone who's throwing acid in my face. Germany doesn't sound too bad

german here, ama

You can own guns in the UK.
Handguns are usually in .22 LR, .44 or .357.
For semi auto rifles you can have a .22 LR, for a similar action to bolt action you can have the usual rounds like .223 or 5.56.
For bolt action rifles you can have up to a .50 BMG.

Alright, how are gun laws, is it relatively easy to find work over there? Is it difficult to find drugs? Excluding heroin or meth I don't give a fuck about that shit. How's the population of degenerates? Do you feel as though the people are properly represented by the gov?

>arrested for cursing a tea bag

Is it relatively easy to purchase firearms (no previous records of violence)


Yes, depending on where you live it may take longer for your application to be processed but if there are no previous records of violence and a doctor says you are fine mentally then it’s a pretty straight forward process.

costa rica

Gonna be blunt, Americans don't have a lot of rights, its a fairytale.

But 90% of the world have the same rights, but different cultures is all.

Also America doesn't have a stable workforce or economy either, again a fairytale.

But Denmark or Norway, you will be taxed normally, but so does corporations and you benefit more.

How's the economy doing over there, is it difficult to find consistent well paying work? Is housing ridiculous or manageable? And how's crime? Having a midget soon so it's gotta be somewhat safe for the little fucker.

Mexico City, MX. I love it here. Respect is mutual and everyone keeps to themselves, but could be incredibly social if you initiate it.

I am Scottish and specific guns are only allowed, hunting rifles and shotguns with proper licences.

You cannot own others.

Unironically, South Korea.

I like this post, and agree. The US is on a real quick downward spiral and has been for a while now. I feel like in order for me to feel at home in the US I should have been born mid to late 1800s.

I don’t have a fucking clue about the economy but if you’re good enough you can find consistent & well paying work.
Crime isn’t really a problem, the people who are mainly the victims are other criminals and super flashy people who wonder into the bad areas.
If you wear a suit or even some jeans & a jumper, you won’t be bothered.

I was referring to England, I should have made it clearer.

I meant wander.

>how are gun laws
Not comparable to the us of course but you can own guns for sports, hunting and even home defense, but home invasions are generally not a big problem here. there is quite a bit of paperwork involved.
>is it relatively easy to find work over there?
this of course depends on what kind of work. if you're ok to do basically everything, you can always find low paying jobs. if you want to earn more, go to factories, they always need workers.
>Is it difficult to find drugs?
weed is relatively easy to come by. don't know much about that one because i only drink alcohol. alcohol is cheap, beer is great.
>How's the population of degenerates?
in cities you have, depending on area, concentrations of foreigners or descendants of unintegrated foreigners that can be quite a nuisance. but it's harmless compared to americas nigger problems. you can also find native low iq population, but again, depends where exactly you live. rule of thumb the more rural the better the social climate.
>Do you feel as though the people are properly represented by the gov?
thats a difficult question to answer. you get representation on 3 different levels, city/county like, state and also federal. whats strange about germany is that people always have opinions about federal politics, but not about local ones although it affects people way more. political representation is about ok, but it could be way better if people started to actually care.

Mexico. Surprisingly not that different

>Can't own anything other than shit tier guns.
>Brexit is killing them
>Food sucks
Dude, what?

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How are the guns we have shit tier?

Yeah but then you'd live around Englishmen. At least the Scots and Irish aren't fucking pussies with a false sense of entitlement.

sporting and shotgun, thats all you fags have and its quite boring

Trading Mexicans for muslim Turks.
I'm good.

>Other the US
Visited the US. Never going back. 3/10 garbage place.

I like to shoot and own guns other than bolt actions and sporting shotguns.

Those are uses, not guns themselves.

turks are not even comparable to your mexicans, they're harmless wannabes.

where'd you go? America is fucking huge.

We have semi auto in .22 LR.
It’s not much but at least it’s something.

>Guns really aren't necessary for people in the UK.

> It pretty much hasn't affected anyone really, it definitely hasnt affected me or anyone I know.

>You decide what food you eat.

There are none, not if you actually value your freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

go to north ireland they have more rights

I'm from Germany. I moved to America and would never go back to that hell hole. Turks are way worse than Mexicans. At least they know their place.

The USA obviously. You don’t have to waste your time, all other countries come to you.

>You can own guns in the UK.
only if you leave them at your local gun club, to be kept locked away.

how about you refrain from making retarded thread like this one untill you actually go abroad?

hat dich achmed in der grundschule ausgelacht?

Who wants to live on that tiny, inbred island? No thanks.

You don’t seem to know the law, you can keep them with you in your home or travel with them to go shooting.

I have an Automatic 9mm, 45 acp, and 7.62 Nato.
I have a .22, 9mm, 40 s&w, 45 acp, 357 sig, 5.56, 7.62 nato, 12 gauge, and 300 aac in Semi.
Also, 6 Bolt action rifles ranging from .22-50 bmg.
Only autos are registered.
I'm good.

Stay in your country then.

Ummm an AR-15, AK-47, SKS, Glock, 1911, etc..... yeah I don't think so.

You can't carry a gun in your car for protection.

Who gives a fuck you yankee cunt

We have AR’s & AK’s.
Guns here aren’t used for self defence, we don’t have every single thug and sicko running around with guns so we don’t need them for self defence.

Ich mache mehr Flocken und habe mehr Freiheit.

That's a good thing. It means other people can't either.

The whole of England is a tiny inbred island.

Yeah law abiding citizens, the ones I'm not worried about.

England isn’t an island, it’s connected to Scotland and Wales.
If England is a tiny inbred island, that means you have to include Scotland and Wales too.

you're a toilet

Everyone is a law abiding citizen until they break the law.
If someone follows the law it doesn’t mean they will continue to do so.

people just stab you to fuck instead

no one asked for your input you limey fuck.

I don't break the law but criminals do. Therefore they aren't afraid to own an illegal firearm. Why is this hard to understand?

please dont shoot me with your big gun

I am.

then stay in the u.k. and continue sucking the E.U.'s cock.

You don’t seem to be making a complete and coherent point.
Criminals in England don’t bother using a gun on law abiding citizens so you don’t need to worry.
Possession of a gun is 5 years & anything related to using it and/or killing someone with it is 20+ years.
They aren’t risking that time for a nobody.

The peoples democratic republic of china.

>Can still own guns you just don't need them for anything other than sport.
>Brexit hasn't affected anyone yet and don't believe the hysteria that we'll turn into a third world country.
> Food is great because we have everything and even classic English food is good.

You obviously have never been.

Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada (unless you're Indigenous--First Nations, or a U.S. Indigenous Nation).

OH, and Australia

just lol
actually decent

"Democratic Republic of China" is an oxymoron, moron!

It’s not decent at all.

Great place to get an acid attack or stabbed by some shitskin.

You clearly think what the news shows is what happens every single day in every single town.

No they just walk around with a stick up their arse and an inferiority complex.

Went to Scotland once and the whole news was just them comparing how worse off they are compared to England. Embarrassing self pity.

The real joke is you believe to have more control than them. Google just started a pilot project for introducing social credit by privatizing the city through one of their sister companies. Basically can't use services without joining the hivemind and you collect likewise good boy points for rights to use shit. Think was toronto.

The Dutch are scum.

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I've lived in Canada, but only for a few months--I was there on business, first in Toronto, and then in a little town in Quebec called Sainte-Agathe des Monts, NNE of Montreal. It was good there, except that you can't work on your own vehicle--like changing the oil, etc. You have to get a qualified mechanic to do it for you. That sucked. Otherwise it was OK for every race except the Indigenous people.

I have several friends who live in Sweden, and it's pretty much like 1960s and 1970s U.S.--think Monkees' song "Pleasant Valley Sunday", and they LOVE Indigenous people and Canadian First Nations. On the other hand they treat their own Indigenous people (Sami) like shit, relegating them to a remote area and putting them in charge of managing their reindeer population--which is okay if you're Santa Claus.

I also have friends in The Netherlands. That is probably THE most laid-back country on the planet.

Australia welcomes Indigenous people from the U.S., but treat their own Indigenous people like shit. The people also have a stick up their collective butts when it comes to some other issues--freedoms that Americans take for granted. I won't elaborate except to say that as a general rule they come off as a bit arrogant and prudish in some areas.

Sweden fucked up their own indigenous people same way canada fucked up their native indians. You won't find much talk about it but they managed to be shizo about this. Literally same case of native group with long history where the kids got stolen from their parents and robbed from their identity.

WOW. It's like you could say the EXACT SAME THING about America!


Kek. Sure dude.
Shit climate.
Shit gun laws.
Shit food.
Shit people.

Do you know how easy it is to get a gun in the U.K. with no rifling record? I'm no criminal but I have a few friends that carry illegally because of the stabbings.

Travel the world and work it out for yourself. Plus you seem like a fag and probably do drugs so good luck finding a place that wants you.

Lots of criminal acts are committed with legal weapons. Like the pregnant cunt in Tampa who shot the robber in the back as he fled. Murder.

One thing to dispute is climate. Not for everyone but i take -below freezing&snow easier than asphalt melting temperatures.

Otherwise slavs can basically work in scandinavian countries for a decade and retire rich in their east block home country because of the high wage contrast.

I lived there for 11 years and left recently because I was sick of it. My work made me move there but I quit and went back to America.

I take it you have never been to anywhere rural in the United States.

Smarter gun owners.
Temperate climate.
Fish made with lye.

Well yeah, i think you can guess where i'm from. But what's the connection to rural us places here?

I neither belong to nor participate in any hiveminde bullshit. I don't use Google or Yahoo for anything if there's any possible way around it. I certainly don't use Google Chrome browser. That's just a data-gathering software disguised as a browser, and there's no way to get around their snooping when using it, even in their "private browsing" mode. It's bad enough that Mozilla's Firefox browser has evolved into something very similar--and Mozilla's browser, and later its Firefox browser were originally created to combat that very thing--snooping without the users' knowledge or consent. At least with Firefox, you can disable and counter at least some of the telemetry functions of Firefox. Not so with Google Chrome--and you can forget about using G-mail if you want even an illusion of privacy in your email. Google can--and does--access your G-mail accounts at will, and shares that info with who knows who.

As long as Dickhead -- er -- I mean -- Donald Trump is in the White House, the U.S. is going to be a shit government that shits on its citizens and anyone who comes here from a different nation. The nations I mentioned are more tolerant and treat their citizens better than the U.S. treats her own at this point in time.

I'm making my assessment from experience, not second-hand information from questionable sources or some misguided notion that I'm omniscient.

He broke into her house. That's stand your ground here.

because they can be free of asphalt melting temps and the scenery is gorgeous. Plus, no fucking slavs.

Meh, if you want a temperate climate there are plenty options seaside. Don't really see the appeal of inland unless you want only mountains and avoid beaches.

That's what I said. The Sami are confined to a small area of the country. Same with Norway, since the Sami are Indigenous to both nations. Every nation where white people dominate has treated its indigenous people like dirt. That's why I consider Swedes as hypocritical, just like every other nation. I don't know about the Netherlands. I don't know if there ever was an indigenous population there that was displaced or annihilated like they were in Sweden, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Hypocrisy is a way of life for them, just like it was with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust--and long before the Nazi regime rose to power.

Truth be told, nations are comprised of human beings, and because of that fact, no government is perfect. Each one has its pros and cons. That's how it will always be as long as the planet--or at least humanity--exists.

OP's original question is a matter of choosing the least of several evils.

As the Eagles noted in their song, people in general have a "frail grasp on the big picture" when it comes to listening to or reading the news media and taking their spin to heart as being accurate and the unbiased truth. "Journalism is, indeed, "dead and gone"--at least for now.


Thanks Sup Forumsros, op the faggot here. I was playing a round of league while the responses piled up. Seems like somewhat of a tie between rural Germany, Australia. Surprised nobody mentioned Russia, honestly. I fucking hate shit skins though, but there's probably less kikes in Germany... Plus no spics and less nigs.. It's a hard trade.

Russia works well if you want to fuck off into a remote place and get large farmland. Land is dirt cheap. I think most wouldn't recommend it for the climate though.

>Gonna be blunt, Americans don't have a lot of rights, its a fairytale.
>But 90% of the world have the same rights, but different cultures is all.
>Also America doesn't have a stable workforce or economy either, again a fairytale.
>But Denmark or Norway, you will be taxed normally, but so does corporations and you benefit more.

Next thing you are going to say is Venezuela is amazing and China respect humanitarian rights.

Go ahead and tweet song lyrics with nigga in those countries and watch all that freedom send your ass right to court.

1800's was much worse time, you would be born on a barn with 12 siblings and married to the girl down the street without choice or be born in an industrial city with 7 siblings working in milling/textile 12+ hours a day making less than 5¢ a hour with no over time pay and no rights unlike today's world. That's all of you was a white non Irish or non southern Italian, if you was either ones then you was treat like Asians. If you want that, move to China and work in a sweat shop.

>Gets stab by Muslim immigrants
>Watch daytime rape on underage native girl by African immigrant being held at potatoes peeler point
>Home invasion by lifetime buglars while family had no way to protect themself
At least they don't have guns because guns are the problem, right?

These shit heads take things for granted.

We all do but those two are lying to themselves and discrediting everything America has even with it flaws. Overall Americans is the most liberating place to live right now and every country including America has slowly becoming more like a dictatorship because of people like those two.