Would you like trump supporters better if they stopped hating women and immigrants all day...

would you like trump supporters better if they stopped hating women and immigrants all day.especially considering their presidents wife is an immigrant

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Why do liberals and dems think this? It’s just bizarre how infantile the liberal mind is.

you're stereotyping trump supporters as racists
if trump were so bad he wouldnt be elected


People would like Trump supporters more if CNN, TYT and Hollywood stopped lying about the President.

that's not logical

nah Trump supporters suck cock
media coverage of Trump isn't gonna change that

This. I don’t think trump supporters are trash because I’m told so. I have observed enough of them to know it firsthand as a fact. Same with trump, he a corrupt, degenerate, whiny bitch.

*your president

You're not getting more illegals and the ones here are going back. You're not getting the guns. You're not getting rid of free speech. And you're not getting communism, in any form. White people own white countries and you're just going to have to deal with it.

Just because we value a infants life over a women when the infant has its whole life and child hood ahead doesnt mean we hate women go hang your self

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You're stereotyping. Not all trump supporters are racist. I love everybody. I just think people should come here the right way. I know not all libs are crybaby, feminazi, dykes.

Those people literally only watch fox news and those are their only talking points. Also they are quick to use those idiotic trumptalk clickbait terms like maga, snowflake, etc and to resort to racism and violence.

not a liberal or a democrat,i just call it like it is.maybe if you morons would stop chanting build the wall and bitching all the time about mexicans people would think differently

would rather have mexicans in this country then useless meth addicted white rednecks like trump's average voting base

It'S nOt An InFaNt If It'S sTiLl iN tHe WoMb

Being sarcastic, I agree with you 100

Would you like to have a conversation with me? I'm a trump supporter but I don't watch the mainstream media. I think you might find that we have a lot more in common than you'd think

Could you cherrypick any harder?

I'd rather just kill all non-whites and part white subhuman.

It’s not your choice to make, frogfaggot.

>you're not getting the guns

trump has passed more gun control right now then obama did

>you're not getting rid of free speech

coming from the crowd who every other week,whines about another sports player or the media

>you're not getting communism

i dont care about communism,i care about presidents attack on my freedom of the press and gun rights

and talking about deal with it.how about you deal with donald trump's impeachment,since its very fucking obvious by your threats of a civil war if he's impeached.your just a big manbaby like donald trump and arent dealing with shit

Trips of absolute projection

cherrypick what? im sorry if your to inbred and stupid to understand why 95 percent of america hates donald trump.maybe that lump of shit you call a brain will get it when you lose the senate and presidency in 2020 to go along with the house majority that cadet bone spurs already lost

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I didn’t say racist, I said trash. Their views on everything from economics to religion to foreign policy to immigration... trash. Yea, a lot are racist but that’s just one blemish on their Rocky Dennis looking souls.

What is your opinion on Trump's response to the impeachment inquiry?

I don't hate all immigrants, only the ones that come here illegally, and I don't hate women either I just believe in roles of men and women, that's not hate, that's tradition, see the difference?

You can't math very well. Nearly half of the country voted for Trump solely bc your candidate sucked.

Good luck in 2020 when your best candidate is a pedo pervert who makes up shit about some corn pop

I support trump. Im mexican and i have agirl friend that i respect enough for her to actually want to be my gf. This is either shitty bait or you're actually retarded. Could be both tbh. Dumb nigger

> wanting people to come here legally
> putting our people first

fuck you you degenerate

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I don't believe Trump supporters are trash because I'm told that, I know they are trash because they are trash

1) Trump is incompetent - Unlike Trump and Trump supporters I don't accept or cheer incompetence

2) Trump is a shitbird - Just a straight nigger which is obvious to anyone with a brain

3) Trump supporters say things like "He pisses off libtards" which is fine for a faggot stand-up comic you really really like but see #1 about incompetence


Tbh I'm not real sure what his response was (don't trust any msm anymore) but it sounds like the left is pulling at straws just to find anything they can. All the time and effort investigating his collusion and they didn't find anything. They can attempt to impeach but nothing will come of it.

7 pm EST, another Trump rally.

We all want people to come legally. You want fewer to be able to, including rejecting asylum seekers from countries our drug war has ravaged. We would like a pathway for legal immigration for hard working semi skilled people who have helped build and maintain this country.

You aren’t putting “our” people first, you are cherry picking.


That user is actually correct. Kill yourself.

Who do/did you support?

Trying way too hard.

They only hate illegals. Most of them love and respect women, especially in their family.

No arguments here, they really are ignorant trash. If you can listen to all 50 mins of trumps speech when al-bagdadi was killed and think he is anything but a senile piece of trash, you are indeed trash.

Just like in both parties you have true believers in the propaganda, but past that the shills and the ones pulling the strings know what's actually going on.

Basically when illegal aliens get here they have children and their children lean democrat on average. The primary reason California went blue is because of amnesty -- everyone knows it. So for the dems it's about importing votes.

For the repubs, they're trying to stymie that flow of imported votes.

Now dems can wax on about how it's "racist," but the simple fact of the matter is that it isn't. It had been Canada that got fucked economically and it was white as the driven snow dem votes coming in from the north instead of "racism" we'd be hearing xenophobia.

Similarly, the repubs talk about securing the boarder, but the shills and manipulators couldn't give a shit about any of that. They just don't want to get voted out of office.

That's basically what it boils down to: votes and the partisan hacks that attempt to justify their hackery.

That user is a MSM drone.

> We would like a pathway for legal immigration for hard working semi skilled people who have helped build and maintain this country.
We already have a path to citizenship. When people sneak in, they get captured and returned and *we're* the bad guys

Calm down, Eugene.

Our people are humans. Not white American people.

His response was to call it a witch hunt and a hoax and it sounds like you agree. However this being just an investigation prompted by multiple whistleblower complaints means it should be treated as a legitimate concern, and investigated, for a result one way or the other. The administration's insistence on denying the legitimacy of the investigation is what I want to ask you about:

Do you believe that the president should be able to deny oversight that is constitutionally authorised?

I didn't say anything about white people. As far as I'm concerned, there is only one race, mankind. Come here the right way and we'll welcome you with open arms

You might want to check up on trump and Steven Millers efforts to choke that down to nothing. Just today they choked it down to 18k a year. Don’t pretend there is an ounce of inclusiveness or benevolence in your sides stance.

I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow, Skeeter.

Over Trump: Hillary Clinton and I absolutely hate the Clintons almost as much as I hate Trump
This country needs a total remaking. Our labor is concentrated in "bullshit job" sectors in FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) and we pay out the ass for healthcare. I see nationalized health care as a way to increase native entrepreneurialism and risk taking that the GOP claims to support.

Right now we are failing to take advantage of our head-start over China and the rest of the world squandering it on empty culture war shit so the rich can continue pilfering this country's wealth instead of building a future nation that continues to lead the world in a better direction than China (usually).

Make the right way available and many will.

nah I have just bin drinkin agin, thinking about how shitty Trump is and Trumpers are

And it's not your choice to make whether someone holds a slave or not.


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furious over what? ive gotten over obama and hillary.trump supporters have not,go whine some more about female soccer players or football players trumpshit

You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

The only way the presumption that trump supports hate women flies is if one is operating from a feminist perspective and that perspective dictates that anyone not glowingly feminist "hates women."

Considering that condemnation of "hates women" is based on patriarchy theory, which is based on conflict theory, "hatred of women" in this context is merely not being a part of the "oppressed group", I.E. not being a woman.

The fact some trump supporters are female proves this false. The fact there's no reason to posit feminism or patriarchy theory as accurate makes the initial charge, "trump supporters hate women" a non-starter.

I'm with you, let them investigate. I just don't think anything will come of it. Tbh, the reason we trump supporters like him so much is because the left went insane when they lost a "guaranteed win" election. This after the left spoke of "accepting the results" which they didn't do.

Trump does act a bit childish but until they prove something, I'm with him, it's all for show. No, he shouldn't be able to deny oversight

And you realize that building a wall let's more legal immigrants in and keeps illegal line skipping immigrants out right?

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who cares,as much as id suggest getting donald trump out of there.what exactly will it accomplish? republicans are still dumb and will more then likely pick him in 2020 as the candidate.so all democrats are accomplishing is getting somebody they'll hate more as president for a grand total of a year in office

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how funny,a trump supporter lecturing somebody on math and education.you voted for a president with a vocabulary of a 3rd grader

also,good luck in 2020.you arent going to happy with the results,just like you already threatened a civil war if trump was impeached.even though you wont be finding the military and most gun owners on your side.because they hate donald trump just as much of the left does

Don't you think it's great that we have a president who can't be bought though? He's exposing corruption all around and it's pretty admirable that he left his life of luxury to be scrutinized for everything be does

No, most illegals fly in and overstay visas a wall is ridiculous. Also, you are changing the subject from being about legal immigration inequities and the flagrant abuse of our international obligations to asylum seekers.

lol! Now that’s some weapons grade delusion.

Like what?

that's your only argument and it's a logical fallacy

that's the worst part is having to listen to some husky 250 lb white doughy fundamentally ignorant turd tell you about how he's defending white culture and history when the number of times he's even listened to opera on the radio is ZERO and the number of art museums he's attended number ZILCH and number of books he's read equal AS FEW AS POSSIBLE and his only idea of white culture is bacon-wrapped and served with a lite lager. Nah. They need to settle down now

> 95 percent of america hates donald trump
Probably closer to 50%... . Its only 95% in your liberal cities. That's why I said you suck at math

Islam is right about women?
I don't dislike immigrants, as long as they are legal ones.

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Based trump supporter, then, I respect you and your right to your opinion.

However as I see it, he does much worse than 'act a bit childish', he LEADS childishly and claims credit where none is due all the time. He wants us all to believe that the economy is booming because of him, that job markets are soaring because of him, but five minutes of browsing the BEA and BLS show that isn't the case (job growth trend has not changed significantly since 2010, GDP annual growth likewise, trump still hasn't hit 3% annual).

What, exactly, is it you support about him?

NO one fucking hates "immigrants" we just want people to come here legally, and follow cultural guidelines, Like Jonny Rebel said in his famous song, it's not the big lips, it's not the nose, it's the attitude stupid, we don't owe you a thing, Assimilate or get fucked.

Assumptions are fun.

Trump supporter here. I do not hate women nor legal immigrants.

When will the left get illegal means ILLEGAL. Laws broken. 1,000s come here legally & have no issues.

Trump is the epitome of buyable:
shitty businessman and narcissistic to always be bullshitting about how great he is when he's a clown
runs a casino into bankruptcy
sued all the time for chintzin out on his bills like poor white trash
heavily in debt, can only get loans from deutschbank secured by russian oligarchs on the other end
nigga is u this dum really

I like this guy.

I care, about oversight. I care about a president who thinks he can throw a hissy fit and convince people to ignore subpoenas which have the weight of law.

I know full well that if Trump is removed we get Pence. I still think that Pence will play ball better.

illegal and legal immigration are two different things

You forgot Black unemployment? See, you're cherry picking by overlooking his accomplishments

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tf are you talking about white culture for?

and who hates women that's the stupidest shit ever, nobody hates women, we don't respect them becaue they are mentally children till the day they die, and the only ones that aren't are total sociopaths, stoicism, from which respect eminates is not a skill females can genuinely have, they can try to fake it, but will weep in the bathroom later, and they can be fucked up and unable to feel emotions, but neither is worthy of the respect due to a man who can keep his emotions in check to achieve a greater goal for those around them.

This entire country is nothing but generations of bastardized multiculturalism that’s been assimilated into a melting pot. We don’t have a culture, dumbass, and judging by your statement we could use a hell of a lot more culture interjected into your region in particular.

>i care about presidents attack on my freedom of the press and gun rights

hahahaha sigh ahahahahaaa

Did you care about freedom of the press when Obama kicked out Fox news & had their journalists wiretapped?

I doubt it.

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You keep gay porn memes. Take all the time you need to process that fact.

You're definately a commie, nobody hates mexicans,w e hate tons of heroin and children being trafficked across the border, and we hate the left using hordes of illegal immigrants to cheat our elections. The wall will have a door, please keep that in mind, if you're legit, we will gladly let you come in.


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Also an improvement that started under Obama, literally five minutes on BLS.

What exactly did trumps voter fraud commission find again, and how long were they impaneled?

Tolerant left

As opposed to those clean cut tiki torch wielding gentlemen on the right.

Why do lefties care more about illegals than they do about unborn babies?

Why do right wingers support the government making decisions for female citizens?

I'm pretty clean cut. I like trump. I do agree he's a bit childish but I also think people should come here legally and I support unborn children and our homeless over some people who denounce our president but sill want to come here. Hmmm. Probably bc they can't speak that way about their own leader.

Also why didn't anyone move to Canada like they promised?

Case in point

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Because they made those same decisions for slave drivers in the 1800s. It's in their nature to protect innocent lives.

Gloablism is retarded, and a conglomerate of third world shitholes is not going to tell us how to run our shit,.