The ecstasy just hit AMA

The ecstasy just hit AMA

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Why the fuck are you on Sup Forums

Why do E and come on this shitty site instead of finding someone to rub up against in a concert hall?

My girlfriend is in the shower

Can we ask you anything?

Please do my man

Are you gonna have her tongue punch your fart box?

Can I ask you this?

She likes to use me as her cock toy and give me prostate massages/rimjobs. We both are very clean before we fuck

Go right ahead

Why are you gay?

I already asked two questions, is this third question okay?

I’m straight

You can feel comfortable asking however many questions you please.

i wanna try mdma. can u try ur best to describe the mindstate it puts u in to me so i can imagine it?

OP here I feel surges of warm energy and a positive affect flowing through my psyche. I’m really gonna give it to her pussy tonight lol

So this fourth question is fine?

Very cool brb while I go browse /d/ and regret my life choices

Very emotionally open, very talkative, lots of energy. It’s a serotonin high. Very mild psychedelia.

Euphoria. Music and good visuals hit in a different way. Makes you open up to absolutely everyone and anyone, in a way alcohol never could.

Not sure what else to say really.

Where can I get X online?

When did Stevie Wonder start playing guitar?

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