YLYL Thread - anything meme, new, some golden oldies, lets hit some up

YLYL Thread - anything meme, new, some golden oldies, lets hit some up

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I read this in Lori's voice.

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kek hitler trips

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The older I get the more I envy Al Bundy. He has a decent looking wife that wants to have sex all the time and while she mocks you for your shit job, she would never leave you. Career women inevitably leave their husbands and divorce rape them. Peggy Bundy's not going to do a goddamn thing to ruin her good fortune of landing a straight man who provides her a home and a family and all she has to do is sit on her ass and eat bon-bons all day.

Al has a nice big home and a large circle of male friends that think like he does and even meet regularly to disparage women and recognize their inborn selfish nature.

He has two kids that are NOT new age woke faggots like most kids these days. The girl will almost certainly provide grandkids and the boy is still trying his damdest to obtain the normie lifestyle with a women and he has high standards so he won't come home with a negro or mongoloid.

And despite his getting older and having already peaked in high school he has stayed in relatively good shape and can kick some ass when called upon.

Yep, Al Bundy is to be admired. His life had just the right amount of misery to keep him grounded in the real world instead of being one of the cool TV dads that raised a generation of faggots that are now raising a generation of super ultra trans faggots.

If the world had more Al Bundy's back in the 80s and 90s we wouldn't be facing our doom now.

This is my second favorite post on Sup Forums ever. Only second because i saw my sister inlaws tits on here

Never once funny. Utterly failed at stopping YLYL threads. Not even a good troll.

It's a forced meme now. Like Andy Sixx

i shot Lori and fucked the bullet hole

This is true as fuck.
Amazing post.

Based as fuck
Saw pic above and thought the same his life ain't that great but ain't that hard

Spot on

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I love these pics

Goddamn. This mother fucker gets life.

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Damn dude, this is the most roundabout way I've ever seen someone try to rationalize "daddy didn't hug me enough".

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You didn't even mention the 4 touchdowns in a single game?
Da fuq yo?!

She has a plate of sandwiches but also consumes two loaves of bread, a day??!
Is she eating the fucking bread on its own?

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She isn't a human, you are looking at the larval form of an Eldritch being from the 5th dimension.

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you're now aware Poe raped his 8 year old niece, got kicked out by his sister, joined the military, came back from service and convinced his niece (now 14) to marry and have his kids, but she was barren so he murdered her

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Lost and checked

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how do you figure?

Ok, goatfucker

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They get some things right.

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But they're cringe

It's always good to see a holy thread start with a shit pic

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I don’t get it

None of that is true you fucking faggot. He didnt live with his sister he was adopted. He didnt get kicked out, he dropped out of UVA and joined the military to get away from his adoptive father. He was only in the service for 2 years, so your timeline is wrong. And he married his cousin and she was 13. And she died verifiably of tuberculosis. Sure he was a fucked up creep into pedophilia. But you are a tremendous fucking faggot. Make sure you know what the fuck you are talking about before you spout shit out of your inbred mouth.

Ow the edge

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Why did I lose to this shit

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Also don't forget that he was an awful, awful poet, english can't poesy very good

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Theres always one dialating faggot

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lost are your nice quads

Sucks to be Khalessi Rodriguez

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Talk about fucking old...

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